Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you should definitely make time to celebrate Onam, Kerala’s main state holiday, which is celebrated by millions of people every year. Onam is one of the three biggest festivals celebrated by Hindus in southern India, and it is a harvest festival.

Onam, the Malayalam New Year festival, begins on the first day of the new year and lasts for 10 days. The Malayalam-speaking people in Kerala’s thirty cities celebrate a number of important festivals each year. In Kerala, the state government proclaims a holiday beginning on the evening of Onam (known as “Uthradom”) in honour of the festival of the same name.


Ten Lines on Onam Festival in English

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10 Lines on Onam

  1. Onam is a major annual cultural celebration in the Indian state of Kerala.
  2. It’s a holiday when everyone gets four days off from work.
  3. Huge festivities are held throughout the state of Kerala on Onam
  4. Onam represents everything that is good about Malayalam culture and tradition and is also recognised as tourist week.
  5. The name “Onam” comes from the Sanskrit word “Shravanam,” which refers to one of the 27 nakshatras.
  6. The southern Indian festival of Onam is considered a nakshatra of Lord Vishnu.
  7. The avatar of Vishnu known as “Lord Vamana” is honoured on Onam.
  8. It is also the day when “King Mahabali” is said to have returned home, which is reason number eight for celebrating Onam.
  9. Traditional music and dancing, high-powered games, sailing, and other activities are all part of the Onam festival.
  10. Both local and international visitors flock to Kerala during the Onam festival.

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