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By | March 6, 2023

Who is Kristina Tesic?

Kristina Tesic (born ) is a well-known American actress. Also, she is famous due to her romantic relationship with the famous American actor David Berry. 

David Berry was popular for his performance in the film Outlander and a Place to call home, for this stunning performance he get fame. Kristina Tesic worked in the movie called Turbines, she got fame after this movie which was released in 2019. 

Kristina Tesic Wiki 2022 Husband, Age,Movies, Height Full Bio

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Kristina Tesic Biography


Who is David Berry’s wife?

David berry Kristina tesic are made for each other. Kristina Tesic is the wife of David Berry.

What is Kristina Tesic Instagram

Kristina Tesic prefers privacy and doesn’t want to be a part of social media for the sake of mental peace. But you can follow her husband David Berrys Instagram account.

Where was Kristina Tesic born? 

Kristina Tesic was Born in the USA, but due to a lack of information, our research didn’t find the exact location of her birth. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

What is the height of Kristina Tesic?

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Kristina Tesic Early Life


What was the place where Kristina Tesic born? Kristina Tesic was born in the USA. There is not enough information available on the exact location in which the birthplace was.

From a young age, her parents and loved grandparents raised her.

Kristina loves to dance and also participated during school days. Unfortunately Kristina Tesic school name she kept private. But in order to have more time for her hobby, she ordered essays, literature reviews and similar written works on papertyper.net. Professional writers helped her make the paper better.


How do you describe what Kristina Tesic is most famous for? Since her childhood, Kristina Tesic she wants to act in a Movie, she participated in many dramas during her school days. 

Kristina was a successful model. But, her sole film came out in the year 2019, which was Turbines.


Due to her personal reasons, she is not acting in many movies since she just gave a performance in the movie Turbines which was released in 2019.

Though she is not acting in many movies, her husband David Berry is not only an actor but also a talented director too, as under his directorship, He directed A Place to call home and also Outlander Lord John Grey, He nominated for the Award know as ” People Choice Awards” 


Who is Kristina Tesic’s husband? Kristina Tesic is married to David Berry. They married on 2012 on beach during an intimate marriage ceremony which is held in Australia. They gave there baby boy name Alexandar.
Apart from David Berry, there is no information on the prior relationships of Kristina with another man.

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