15 Best Tools To Convert YouTube to WAV, MP3, AAC, MOV, MP4 2023

People love downloading the YouTube videos and listening to them in their free time. But mostly, they like to download those YouTube videos in the format they want. There are thousands of such formats available to the users.

Recently, people are getting around the “WAV format” to watch videos and to listen to their favorite songs.

So most people searching about best YouTube to WAV Converter online tools. YouTube video to MP3, AAC, MP4, MOV and AVI converter really amazing,

So, what is WAV and why the people like WAV format? If this is your question, we will give you the answer for it. WAV is nothing but a short name to Waveform audio files format which refers to the audio for the Windows OS rarely.

WAV is a standard audio format that has been defined by IBM and Microsoft. This WAV format is compatible both with the Mac and Windows OS.

YouTube to WAV, MP3, AVI, MOV, MP4, AAC Converter

So, when it comes to its usage, people like this format for various reasons. Firstly, the WAV format is uncompressed, compared to other audio formats available such as MP3, WAV gives has maximum audio quality. Also, this is the most common format used by many of the Radio broadcasters such as ABC, BBC etc.

But the thing is that it is hard to find that format audio files on the internet because of the large size of files. For all these reasons users prefer to watch the YouTube videos or listen to the audios in the WAV format.

Top Tools to Convert YouTube to Wav Format

Several people around ask the questions like they like to download the YouTube videos in the WAV format and they just want to do it online or with the help of the external software’s to do so. They are asks for the simple methods for this.

For all these questions, we have come up with this post listing some best YouTube to WAV Converters available both in the form of online tools or as software tools.

There are plenty of such tools to convert YouTube to WAV files and we have given the top tools having the best rating and that can give quality files.

So, do check out these best converters online / software tool and get the one you want to convert your YouTube videos to Wav format.

15 Best Tools To Convert YouTube to WAV, MP3, AAC, MOV, MP4
Best tools to convert Youtube to wav, mp3, aac, mov, mp4

Online Convert

This is one of the top rated online tools that help the users to convert YouTube files to Wav. Also one the favorite online tools which most most used by me thats we place it on first position.

There are also other formats to which the users can convert to using this tool and some of those formats include MP4, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, MP3, and AIFF.

This is an online converter which is available free for the users. As soon as the users upload the video, it will convert the file in the very next second. This converter can also convert the documents and e-books too. This online converter has good rating among the general users.


XYDownloader is one of the best-rated tools among the software tools available now for converting the videos to the Wav format.

It also helps users to convert the files into other formats such as MVK, MP4, MOV as well as other formats too.

At just one click users can download the videos from YouTube.
And other websites that share videos for the users in the format the users want.
It is very easy to use. The tool has a quick conversion rate.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube video converter, especially for Windows OS, is one of the best tools available for the users with over millions of installations.

This is best because it converts the YouTube videos to convert in their original quality to the Wav format and other formats such as MP3, M4A, OGG, and FLAC.

One of the best things to say about this tool is that it allows bulk music download and multi-threaded downloading too.
But the main drawback is that the supported number of formats in this converter is limited in number.


The docspal tool is one among the other tools which convert YouTube to Wav which is available for free and which does not require any registration too.

The file formats that this tool supports apart from Wav are MP3, AAC, JPEG, AC3, and WMA.

The good thing is that you just need to give the URL of the YouTube video that you wanted to convert and this tool will convert the YouTube file at free of cost.

The tool also converts documents as well as e-books too. This tool has got the best rating and a huge number of users tries this tool for Wav conversion.
It also supports batch conversion of files and multiple files.

Bender Converter

Bender Converter is a user-friendly tool that converts almost all the YouTube videos to the Wav format without any difficulty.

You can upload your desired YouTube video in this tool to convert to Wav and the other supported formats include MPEG, GIF, JPEG, AVI and much more.

You can play the converted files on Flash Player, iPod, iPad and in many more devices which are incompatible with the Wav.

The functioning of the Bender converter is very fast and no registration is required for this.
This converter has the features such as QuickTime Movie for animation and Mac, and video for a phone.

YouTube Online Video Converter

This Another converter tool available for free to users in the online which users can use to convert the files of YouTube to Wav.

The small ranges of formats that this tool converts or that this tool is compatible with include, WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4, ACC, and OGG.

The excellent thing about this tool is that it can easily convert the files to Wav at very high speed and download speed is also very high.

Users can also preview the video files that are converted using this before users can download them.

There is also a pause and resume options with this converter.

But, the drawback is it is not a user-friendly tool.

The key features of this tool include an internet browser, high downloading speed and video preview as said above.


Youconvertit also the popular tool. Without any installation, you can convert YouTube files using this converter in the online.

All the multiple numbers of formats supported with this converter include WAV, MP3, MPEG, MP4, and FLV. This tool is compatible with both audio and video files.

One of the main advantages of this tool is users can watch the videos online.
The key features of this tool are unit converter and file storage.
The drawbacks of this converter include, the downloading speed is not till the marks as users expect from it.
And it also supports only a few number of formats.

OnlineVideoConverter v3.0

Onlinevdeoconverter v3.0 is also the best tool. It is a free YouTube audio and video converter that converts videos and audios to various numbers of formats.

The supported audio formats of this tool are Wav, MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA, FLAC and M4A and the video formats of this tool include MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, M4V, FLV, WEBM, and 3GP. But the conversion rate of this tool is very slow.


Convert For Me is 12th place in our list. The other tool available for users to convert YouTube files to Wav is ConvertForMe.

This tool is compatible with only a few formats and they are WAV, MP3, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, and 3PG. Users can download the files YouTube to the computer, iPad, and iPod which supports Wav format.

People can download the files into their tablets that are highly portable and into the mobile phones.
The exceptional feature of this ConvertForMe tool in audio extraction and batch conversion.
But, in order to access some of the features of this tool, the users have to sign in and this is a big disadvantage for the people who want to use it. Also read watch 80s cartoons online free post,


Coolutils also giving the best result. Some of the popular formats that this supports to convert are WAV, OGG, MP4, MP3, and WMA.

The advantage of this tool over the other tools is, the users can watch the videos with no difficulty in the online.

The drawback with this tool is, it is a paid tool and a free converter.
It also gives you a limited amount of space.
The tool has very specific features if you try the trial version which will function for only 30 days.
And after that the users have to pay in order to convert YouTube videos.


This is YouTube downloader available online which allows the users for converting YouTube to Wav format directly by just giving the URL of the YouTube video you wanted to convert.

Before you convert YouTube videos to other formats that you want, the users have to register on this website as well as pay the amount for some duration of time.
Once you register and pay, you can enter the YouTube URL on that website
And click on the button “Analysis YouTube” which will start downloading the YouTube.
The output you will get in the Wav format that you want.

Free File Converter

Free File Converter is our last tool. The easy and free YouTube to Wav converter is Free File converter.

Not only from the YouTube, the tool will also allow the users to convert the files from other online websites that share the videos.

The major formats that this converter supports include WMV, MP4, AAC, MPG, FLAC, MP3, FLV, AC3, WMA, M4A, and AU.
The main features of this tool are easy-to-use program, files preview, settings that are adjustable and batch conversion of videos.

YouTube to MP3, MOV, AVI, MP4, WAV Online

All these 15 tools are the best-rated tools which can convert the YouTube audio and video files to the Wav format that users want.

After a thorough research on the web, we have found these tools useful and listed them here for your reference.

So, people who are Wav format users and who love to use that format to watch videos and listen to their favorite audio files can simply use any of these online.

And software tools free/paid and do have fun with good video/audio quality at your free time. Hope above-listed YouTube wav tool will help you sure.


Guys, Hope you will enjoy this collecton, You can see some tool’s links are not available in our post, Due to Google policy we are not adding some tools links, But you can Google if you like there features.

If you know any other tool which also known for quality then please tell us, We will add your suggestions after check their god features.

But we are personally suggesting you to try top 5 to top 10 tools, Because they are giving really best quality in presence.