Do you ever find yourself accidentally deleting a Facebook message? Have you heard people deleting important messages on Facebook and then regretting these actions later?

Do not panic when you accidentally delete Facebook messages. These digital world DIY life hacks will make your life so much easier.

Here are some ways to recover deleted Facebook messages.

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One: Through Facebook’s Data Download feature, you can recover deleted messages.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Tap on the downside arrow and click on Settings.


3. Click on “Download your Information”. Alternatively, you can also directly open the

“Download Information” page.

image 1

4. Download your messages and click on the “Create File” button.

image 2

5. A pop-up message will appear notifying you that your information is being created. After some time, you can now download your data, and you’ll also receive a mail on your registered email ID that you’ve downloaded the data.

image 3

6. Click on “Available copies” and “Download”. You’ll also receive an email notification at your registered email address from Facebook.

image 4
image 5

7. Re-enter your password.

image 6

8. You now have a *.zip file with your deleted Facebook messages in your Downloads folder. Extract this file.

Two: Unarchive Facebook messages.

Another way to see deleted Facebook messages is if you’ve archived them. Again, this will only work if you’ve archived your messages.

1. Long press the message in Facebook on your phone and archive the messages.

image 7

2. Check Archived Chats on Facebook.

image 8

3. Click Unarchive.

image 9

Three: Through the Off-the-Internet feature, you can access deleted Facebook messages.

This feature allows the user to recover deleted messages on phones using internal memory.

1. Open the “File Manager” app on your Android phone.

2. On the “com.facebook.orca” section, click the “fb_temp” option to locate deleted Facebook messages.

3. Connect your phone to a desktop and check the file.

If you need help, some assistive technology apps can help you follow these instructions.

Take note that some messages are essential, and the digital world can be tricky. You don’t need expert technology training. Hopefully, these three ways to recover Facebook messages will give you much-needed peace of mind.

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