5 Best Canva Docs Templates

You are able to create and modify documents using Canva, and just like any other sector, we make use of templates. The template library is not very large; it only has around 30 different ones at the moment, but that is plenty for getting things going.

This is the post that covers the six finest templates that can be found in Canva Docs.

FAQs About Canva Docs

What is canvas Docs?

Canva Docs is a document editor that can be used for generating new documents, altering existing ones, and sharing them with others.
It provides document editing capabilities as well as designing editing tools to generate documents with a design emphasis.

Is canva docs free?

Yes, everyone who uses Canva for free has access to the Canva Docs platform.

What is the price of canva docs?

It is free, you can use it at no cost.

Why canva docs important?

Put the power of design to work for you in your papers.

Alternative to Canva Docs?

Google Docs, Microsoft Docs

Best Canva Docs Template
Best Canva Docs Template

Questionnaire Doc

Questionnaire Doc, commonly known as the Survey Questionnaire document template, is an excellent location to begin the process of gathering surveys from both your staff and your clients.

It consists of a basic information part in addition to scales for agreeing or disagreeing with something, questions with multiple choice answers, feedback choices, and post details. It is a completely functioning template that allows you to make changes to questions and then send them to the users.

Meeting Minutes Doc

The Meeting Minutes Doc template comes up at number two on the list of the greatest Canva Docs templates. You are able to record the meeting and then distribute the minutes to your other coworkers, as the name indicates.

The template includes all of the information that is required to be filled in, including the time, place, agendas, comments, and summaries, among other things. Since the template is editable, you are free to make any modifications that you see fit.

Personal To-do List Doc

You are able to set daily activities with the help of the Personal To-do list template, and you may check them off as you do them. The first part contains the titles of the tasks as well as checkmarks. You are free to provide any and all information that pertains to each assignment that you see fit.

In addition to that, it has a minor area labeled “awards and milestones,” which will assist you in adding the rewards you earned during the day and allowing you to reward yourself with something lovely.

Study Plan Doc

The template for the weekly Study Plan Doc is an excellent tool for organizing your week in advance. It features a white and orange motif, which could appear too vibrant to some people, but you have the option to switch the colors if you don’t like them.

We are provided with a weekly calendar at the top along with some sample data. Second, there is a brief section asking “how are you feeling today?” with a selection of five icons from which to choose.

You may keep up to speed with the course by adding information on assignments and exams in the bottom section.

Onboarding Docs

If you work in human resources, you are going to really like using this onboarding plan document template. It includes everything you need to properly welcome the new employee to the firm.

You may upload images and list the members’ names in the “meet your team” area, which is located at the very top of the page.

Next, we will go through the specifics of the next team meetings, which will be followed by the systems and tools, milestones, and comments for the project. The template is one of the greatest Docs templates that Canva has to offer since it has so many different possibilities.

Strategy Plan Doc

The document template for the Strategy Plan is one of a kind since it enables the creation of comprehensive strategy papers. Charts and tables are used in addition to the text in order to easily show the approach.

In addition to this, it has a financial outlook, an action plan, objectives, and other parts that will assist you in elaborating on the plan and the goals that it aims to achieve.

Social Media Strategy Doc

The most finest template available is the one that social media influencers should use to organize their route and monitor their rivals.

You are able to do things such as define objectives, locate the target market, examine your competitor, keep track of audits, and so on. It is possible to make changes to the template.


Canva is still in its infancy when it comes to document creation, so it still has a ways to go, but the combination of its robust design tools and document customization capabilities may produce stunning results.

This brings us to the conclusion of our post on the top Canva Docs templates. I would appreciate it if you could share your opinions in the comments.