5 Best nail salons in Toronto

Nail salons in Toronto

Many excellent nail technicians and salons may be found in Toronto. There’s a salon around here for everyone, whether you favor a classic, understated style or want your nails to serve as a blank canvas for elaborate designs.

It might take many subpar visits to a random nail parlor before you discover one you like, which we want to save you from. If you’re looking for a new nail salon in Toronto, or just want to know where the locals go when they want to spend on their nails, this is the article for you.

These are the best nail salons in Toronto

5. Majesty’s Pleasure

Link – Majesty’s Pleasure

The environment is equally as attractive as the nails at Majesty’s Pleasure! Visit Majesty’s Pleasure if you want to be treated like a queen or king while having your nails done.

While the price may be a little more than at other nail salons, consider this: at how many spas can you have a drink or two while getting your nails done? Majesty’s Pleasure is perfect for celebrating important occasions or just relaxing with friends while getting manicures.

4. Tips Nail Bar

Link – Tips Nail Bar

Tips Nail Bar is well-known for providing clients with fashionable nail art that is worthy of display in a museum. It seems that they can accomplish any design imaginable. Tips Nail Bar is where you need to go if you’re sick of plain old manicures and think your nails are worthy of nothing less than the finest.

3. Loft Nail Studio

Link – Loft Nail Studio

You will leave Loft Nail Studio with nails that are nothing less than spectacular thanks to the skilled and enthusiastic staff there. Gel paint, manicures, and pedicures are the three services that are offered by this salon, which is situated in the middle of Queen West. In addition to having nail art that is very clear and uncluttered, their pricing are also quite fair. What else could we possible hope for at this point?

2. Naked Beauty Bar

Link – Naked Beauty Bar

We weren’t kidding when we said that Naked Beauty Bar is very hip; it’s a nail and skincare clinic that takes its cues from the culture of Toronto, including its music, fashion, and art scenes.

Not only do they exude an air of perfection, but so do their fingernails. Naked Beauty Bar makes an effort to preserve a natural aesthetic in any way they can.

Even though they only work with natural nails, they nonetheless manage to produce stunning works of art on clients’ nails.

1. ONYX Nails

link – ONYX Nails

Getting your nails done, but with an elegant twist on the usual routine. ONYX has perfected the art of offering its customers with high-quality nail treatments while also providing them with the most luxurious and stress-free experience possible. This salon can accommodate your needs, whether you want a straightforward manicure or like getting creative with your designs. Watch the video of their studio tour to get a better idea of what your experience would be like if you decide to stop by!