5 Lines on Onam

5 lines on onam in english

What is Onam in simple words?

Malayalees commemorate Onam, or the return of Great King Mahabali, whether they may be from Kerala or anywhere in the globe. It’s also considered the beginning of harvest in Kerala. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance over the festival’s ten-day run.

How is Onam celebrated give five points?

  1. Onam is a major festival in the Indian state of Kerala.
  2. It’s a celebration of the harvest!
  3. In honour of King Mahabali, Onam is celebrated annually.
  4. Thiruvonam, or the holy Onam day, is the name given to the second day of the festival.
  5. The celebration is accompanied by singing and dancing.
  6. In Kerala, Onam marks the beginning of the New Year’s festivities.
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How can I write Onam?

In Kerela, everyone celebrates Onam, the harvest festival. On this special day, differences in faith, ethnicity, and gender are irrelevant. One of India’s most well-attended celebrations, it is widely recognised as a national holiday. Similarly, this festival’s festivities are well-known throughout the whole of India for its spectacular magnitude and mouthwatering cuisine.

5 sentences about Onam

  1. A lot of people attend this event every year in Kerala.
  2. The event honours the harvest and is celebrated with much merriment.
  3. It may occur in the month of August or September.
  4. Ten days are dedicated to celebrating Onam.
  5. This event features activities such as boat racing.

What is special about Onam festival?

In addition to being the time of year when rice is harvested, the Onam festival is also a celebration of King Mahabali’s return to his kingdom. This celebration ushers in the first day of the Malayalam New Year, which is known as Kollavarsham, and it is celebrated for a total of ten days.