5 Tools To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

By | January 18, 2022

How to keep your kids safe online?

As a parent, it is your job to keep your kids safe. Currently, it is not only in schools and playgrounds that the kids are getting bullied. Online bullying has become a major concern in recent days.

However, it would help if you had various tools to ensure your kids’ online safety. So, what are these tools? What can they do? And how do they keep your kids safe online?

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According to the cyberbullying statistics from internet safety 101, 59% of US teens have experienced cyberbullying. UNICEF has also published a report in September 2019 that says one in three kids in over 30 countries have been a victim of online bullying.

With the world being digitized and technology seeping into our everyday lives, kids are getting more addicted to the internet. This internet addiction makes the safety of kids online a major priority for parents. So, here are the five best tools that you can use to keep your kids safe online.

  5 Tools To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

These five tools are the best you can find on the internet to keep your kids safe online. Their introduction, descriptions, and features are given as:   

Fenced.ai – Best Parental Control App

Fenced.ai - Best Parental Control App
Fenced.ai – Best Parental Control App

Fenced.ai is a great parental control app that you can find on the internet. With its cool features and slick design, this parental control solution will ensure that you, as a parent, can always monitor your child.

With the fenced.ai parental control solution helping you keeping track of your child’s online activities, you can determine whether your child is safe online or not. Moreover, fenced.ai also has multiple other features for parents and schools that help shape your child’s future in the right direction.

Some of the best features of fenced.ai are:

  • Fenced.ai helps you monitor your child’s phone activities, including their calls, SMS, and contacts. This monitoring feature helps you know what kind of individuals your child interacts.
  • The app has a feature to monitor your child’s social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, and Skype. This monitoring feature allows you to see what your child is doing with their social media account.
  • You can get the features of remotely monitoring the emails, installed applications, the application usage time, as well as the browser history on your child’s device.
  • There are several alert features of fenced.ai, such as the geofence alert, keyword alert, uninstall alert, and wifi change alert. These features help you get notified about your child’s location or the use of any inappropriate words by your kid online, Whether or not your kid uninstalls an application in his device or changes the wifi.

Kaspersky – Best Antivirus For Kids Device

Kaspersky - Best Antivirus For Kids Device
Kaspersky – Best Antivirus For Kids Device

Kaspersky is one of the prominent antivirus software companies in the world. And it has developed an application to protect your child’s safety online called the Kaspersky Safe Kids.

This application helps monitor your child’s PC or smartphone and has pretty much the standard features of a parental control app apart from having awesome antivirus protection.

While a great way to monitor your children on multiple devices, the Kaspersky Safe Kids from Kaspersky does not work well for iOS devices. This is mainly because of Apple’s tight grip on the operating system.

Some of the most prominent features of Kaspersky Safe Kids are:

  • Its GPS tracking feature allows you to track your child’s location remotely. You can also designate as are your kids can stay and get notified when they leave that area.
  • Its screen-time control feature allows you to set specific time hours for your kid’s device. You can block the device or get notified when the time limit is exceeded.
  • The feature to filter out the websites and apps of Kaspersky Safe Kids allow you to block your kid’s access to inappropriate websites and set a limit to the number of apps they can use.
  • It has a Youtube Safe Search feature to monitor your kid’s YouTube history and block any harmful adult topics, thus ensuring your kid’s online safety.

LeechBlock – Computer Blocker

LeechBlock - Computer Blocker
LeechBlock – Computer Blocker

LeechBlock is a browser extension that is used to block various time-wasting websites and improve your productivity. With LeechBlock, you simply need to specify the websites to block and set a specific period for blocking them.

It is a productivity tool and not specifically designed as a parental control application. LeechBlock can be used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and other chromium browsers like Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.

Here are some of the features of LeechBlock:

  • You can block up to 30 sets of sites and specify the exact time on when to block them (e.g. 5 pm-7 pm).
  • You can block the websites by modifying the time limits such as every 15 minutes per hour, every 10 minutes between 6-7 pm, etc.
  • It has a feature to set up password protection when you or your kid gets tempted to bypass the website blocks. This password protection feature does not guarantee to stop any bypass, but it does help eliminate your distraction by putting one obstacle between you and your temptation.
  • LeechBlock has a wildcard feature that you can use to block a broad range of websites and provide some exceptions for some websites.

  Meetcircle – Best Device To Monitor Kids

  Meetcircle - Best Device To Monitor Kids
  Meetcircle – Best Device To Monitor Kids

Meetcircle (also called circle) is a parental control and internet filtering application that you, as a parent, can use to control your kid’s online activity and filter out the internet for inappropriate content to ensure your kid’s online safety.

The app has many cool features and perks that can be used to monitor and limit your kid’s internet activities and set up restrictions that limit their online presence, thus ensuring that your kid does not get bullied online or gets addicted to the internet.

Here are its features:

The application’s Internet and Website Filtering feature helps you customize the settings to limit what your kid can view online. You can choose to block the inappropriate content based on your kid’s age and limit or block their social media activities, gaming applications, etc.

You can limit your kid’s screen time on their smartphone or individual sites and platforms like TikTok, Fortnite, etc. Limiting the screen time can be achieved by setting up the time limits age putting up notifications when the time limit approaches.

Apart from filtering and limiting your kids’ internet usage, you also have the feature to monitor their internet usage and browsing history with the Meetcircle app. The monitoring feature is applicable across all devices like PCs, Smartphones, etc. You can get the complete picture of your kid’s internet activity and make wise decisions on setting up the right screen time and internet limit for your kid.

Meetcircle has a feature that allows you to limit screen time at bedtime. You can customize the settings for your kid and make sure that his bedtime is not filled with internet browsing.

Meetcircle also has a feature of tracking your device location. This helps you check your kid’s whereabouts remotely.

  OpenDNS – Internet Protection

  OpenDNS - Internet Protection
  OpenDNS – Internet Protection

OpenDNS is an internet security firm that provides Web Security and Internet Navigation through its DNS (Domain Name System) resolution services. A DNS is an address-book for websites which shows which helps you get to the website you are seeking through its name. OpenDNS helps provide you with the DNS service in a faster and reliable manner.

OpenDNS has an internet-based free parental control solution called OpenDNS Home that helps protect your family’s device from phishing and other malware attacks. As a parent, when you have multiple devices on your home that use the internet and do not want your kid looking for inappropriate stuff on the internet, you can use OpenDNS internet protection.

It has the following features:

It has a customizable content filtering feature that helps you to filter out inappropriate content from the internet. You can customize what type of content is to be filtered.

The malware and bot protection feature of OpenDNS helps protect your and your kid’s device from any malware attacks and ensures the safety of data and information.

This application also has a phishing protection feature to prevent your family’s device from receiving any kind of phishing attack.

You can choose the option of “High”, “Moderate”, “Low”, and “None” to block all the adult related, social networking, illegal, and video sharing sites, or block all adult related and illegal sites, or only all of the adult-related sites or none sites respectively.


As the online world of the internet gets more and more popular, the need for parental control and other tools for protecting your child online also correspondingly increases. With the kids’ safety being the number one priority of the parents, the tools that help protect your child online are also becoming more and more popular.

Parental control solutions that help your kids’ digital safety are available all over the internet. However, the best five tools to protect your kid’s safety online are listed out above. Make sure that you understand the features of each of these tools and get them as soon as possible to keep your kids safe online.

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