60 most popular tags on Medium in 2022

What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform that makes it easy to have your ideas read by people interested in topics like yours. 

It’s a place for reading and writing about what matters to you.

Tagging your post is the best way to find the people interested in your content.

The more people see and read your posts, the more engaged they’ll be. Here are the most popular tags on Medium from 2015-2022

Medium content is organized into a set of tags. This is a list (generated from Medium’s public API) of the most common tags on Medium in 2022.

Tags are organized into tiers based on their popularity. Each tier represents 10% of the total number of stories by that tag.

Tags that fall into the top 3 tiers greatly impact what people read, thus getting more promotion for being high-quality content. 

If your tag does not appear in the top 3 tiers it will not be shown on any popular story pages. 

There are a lot of tags on Medium. Each article belongs to one or more categories and each category can have one or more tags associated with it.

Tagging is a good way to find content that is relevant to your interests. 

For example, if you’re interested in long-form journalism, you can follow the long form tag. Below are the most popular tags on Medium in 2022: 

What are the most popular tags on Medium in 2022?

These are the 21 most popular tags on Medium in 2022

1. Startup (301,000 followers)

2. Life (255,000 followers)

3. Politics (239,000 followers)

4. Life Lessons (227,000 followers)

5. Travel (211,000 followers)

6. Entrepreneurship (205,000 followers)

7. Poetry (194,000 followers)

8. Health (187,000 followers)

9. Education (185,000 followers)

10. Love (170,000 followers)

11. Design (169,000 followers)

12. Music (160,000 followers)

13. Writing (149,000 followers)

14. Technology (143,000 followers)

15. Fiction (138,000)

16. Business (135,000 followers)

17. Self Improvement (134,000 followers)

18. Social Media (130,000 followers)

19. Sports (118,000 followers)

20. Food (98,000 followers)

21. Art (94,000 followers)

60 most popular tags on Medium

  1. Life — 547k Stories, 167k Writers
  2. Blockchain — 498k Stories, 86k Writers
  3. Startup — 497k Stories, 181k Writers
  4. Poetry — 482k Stories, 97k Writers
  5. Life Lessons — 472k Stories, 143k Writers
  6. Politics — 407k Stories, 128k Writers
  7. Travel — 342k Stories, 131k Writers
  8. Education — 340k Stories, 136k Writers
  9. Business — 323k Stories, 104k Writers
  10. SEO — 315k Stories, 45k Writers
  11. Marketing — 301k Stories, 115k Writers
  12. Design — 273k Stories, 113k Writers
  13. Social Media — 249k Stories, 117k Writers
  14. Music — 243k Stories, 89k Writers
  15. Relationships — 230k Stories, 75k Writers
  16. Covid-19 — 222k Stories, 113k Writers
  17. Mental Health — 218k Stories, 88k Writers
  18. Sports — 214k Stories, 62k Writers
  19. Programming — 200k Stories, 76k Writers
  20. Machine Learning — 162k Stories, 65 Writers
  21. Art — 157k Stories, 60k Writers
  22. Web Development — 156k Stories, 64k Writers
  23. Finance — 155k Stories, 52k Writers
  24. Self — 155k Stories, 24k Writers
  25. Artificial Intelligence — 150k Stories, 59k Writers
  26. Movies — 150k Stories, 51k Writers
  27. Fiction — 150k Stories, 47k Writers
  28. Humor — 150k Stories, 44k Writers
  29. Inspiration — 147k Stories, 48k Writers
  30. Culture — 144k Stories, 53k Writers
  31. UX — 143k Stories, 58k Writers
  32. Personal Development — 142k Stories, 47k Writers
  33. Data Science — 134k Stories, 52k Writers
  34. Creativity — 134k Stories, 46k Writers
  35. Photography — 131k Stories, 48k Writers
  36. Psychology — 128k Stories, 46k Writers
  37. Books — 127k Stories, 51k Writers
  38. Software Development — 127k Stories, 50k Writers
  39. Digital Marketing — 126k Stories, 53k Writers
  40. Poem — 117k Stories, 29k Writers
  41. Coronavirus — 118k Stories, 63k Writers
  42. Healthcare — 110k Stories, 47k Writers
  43. Family — 109k Stories, 50k Writers
  44. Motivation — 107k Stories, 50k Writers
  45. Women — 103k Stories, 49k Writers
  46. History — 103k Stories, 40k Writers
  47. Real Estate — 103k Stories, 33k Writers
  48. Tech — 198k Stories, 85k Writers
  49. Productivity — 190k Stories, 79k Writers
  50. News — 177k Stories, 44k Writers
  51. Leadership — 173k Stories, 60k Writers
  52. Food — 172k Stories, 74k Writers
  53. JavaScript — 169k Stories, 63k Writers
  54. Health — 390k Stories, 153k Writers
  55. Love — 368k Stories, 127k Writers
  56. Technology — 363k Stories, 138k Writers
  57. Self Improvement — 353k Stories, 108k Writers
  58. Cryptocurrency — 351k Stories, 69k Writers
  59. Writing — 344k Stories, 99k Writers
  60. Entrepreneurship — 343k Stories, 120k Writers


For those of you who are thinking of writing more popular tags here on Medium, you can do some determining if that’s the right choice for you by looking at the data to see what works best for other writers. And, if you’re interested in using these tags on your own post, it’s a good idea to find more popular posts using them to find out how people are using this tag.

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