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About Humbaa.com

Humbaa.com, founded by Nikhil Pawar, offers insights on AI tools, SaaS, and PaaS, aiding informed decisions.

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Started by Nikhil Pawar, Humbaa.com evaluates cutting-edge technologies, providing unbiased reviews.

Core Values

Our values shape our commitment to empower through knowledge and innovation.


Driving force behind our meticulous evaluation of cutting-edge technologies.


Committed to empowering businesses and individuals through knowledge.


Ensuring accurate assessments for users with our unbiased reviews.


Offering detailed analyses to aid in making informed decisions.


Nikhil Pawar’s vision drives our dedication in serving as a go-to resource.


Committed to being a reliable source in the digital tools landscape.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals who drive Humbaa.com’s mission forward.

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Anna Miller

Founder & CEO

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David Smith

Head of Product

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Paul Ruth


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Emily Brown


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