Adblock Vs Adblock Plus With All Features.

How to Block Ads? Which ad blocker is best?

You all are connected to an online world where you watch videos, movies, TV shows, do shopping, play games and so many more. This whole world has become digital now, so most of your every work is done smartly online.

There are so many online platforms which are filled with ads and this can convert a good mood into irritation, Are you agree? If yes, then just suppose one thing…

Suppose, You and your friends are using Chrome and searching for something and suddenly ad-filled contents are popping up. What else can be more irritating then? It’s not just a waste of time but even more irritating when you hurry in search of something.

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This mainly happens when you watch your favourite movie or video on YouTube. You have to wait for ads to close and in some contents, lots of ads are there which definitely swing your mood on to off.

But this irritation can be over if you are using ad-blocking software.

And Today, I’m here to explain you two best ad-blocking software with full details and comparison. So that in the end, you guys will surely know which one is best for you. So these two names are Adblock and Adblock Plus

But as a Blogger, we use Google AdSense,, and other services to earn money from blogging. From to Forbes, Google Adsense and these advertisements are a source of income to them. So, we must have to respect Journalism. And try not to use these Adblocks, as many ad blockers are banned in Google play stores. This article is only for the informational purpose only. 🙂

About Adblock

Adblock is an ad-blocking browser extension which is made for Apple Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It is initially released in 8th December 2009 and developed by BetaFish Incorporated. The available platform is Browser Extension and available in 51 languages.

There are so many websites who depend on ads to earn more but sometimes it becomes very annoying as ads are getting in every content which you guys enjoy most. Every ad tries to get your attention and so, disturb you while browsing. Thus, using ad-blocking software is necessary to keep your enjoyment high always. Ad-blockers are growing everywhere to block annoying and irrelevant ads. And Adblock is one of the best ad-blocking software for a browser extension.

Now, let’s compare Adblock Vs Adblock Plus. . .

Comparison Of Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

The two most popular ad-blockers for Google Chrome, Opera etc are Adblock and Adblock Plus(ABP). These both sound similar but they are two different best extensions which developed Individually. At first, Adblock was inspired by Adblock Plus when it was only a Firefox but as time passed Adblock Plus(ABP) also become available for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

They both have good ratings and millions of users. So let’s compare them according to the categories.

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus: Features

As I already said, both Adblock and Adblock Plus are similar in feel and features like blacklisting, whitelisting, malware protection, tracking control, infected domain warnings, etc.

The same filters are used by both i.e., EasyList. By this filter, if one block ads then it will be blocked by both and if one finds Acceptable ads then both will find the same.

Are you guys thinking that, “What are Whitelisted ads”?

Here is the answer. . .

The ads which do not block by the ad-blocking browser extension are called whitelisted ads.

The thing is, these both Adblock and Adblock Plus have this feature and they called it ‘non-intrusive advertising’ which also can be understood as “Acceptable Ads”. May is it happens because some advertisers paid them for not blocking their ads or to whitelist them. This “Acceptable Ads” are also for YouTube and Facebook.

‘Options’ wise Adblock Plus is better according to me as it has simple and easy to understand options.

Similarly, Adblock has one more feature than Adblock Plus, i.e., If you right-click on an ad and select “block” and if it is not an acceptable ad so it will be blocked.

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus: Usability

Both Adblock and Adblock Plus are easy to understand and not hard at all to use. When you install them, it will be easier for you as you will definitely get default options on your screen. You can select many options to ad blacklist, whitelist, etc. But if I’m writing about options, so Adblock Plus is more easy and simple to understand as this does not have so complicated options and all options are very easy to understand. It also shows total ads which are blocked by you.

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus: Performance

Performance-wise they both -Adblock and Adblock Plus are giving them head to head competition as they both block every ads except the “Acceptable Ads” or Whitelist ads but I must say that whitelisted ads will not be so many, only a few large advertisers paid them not to block their ads or to whitelist them. So this is really not a big issue. But if you neglect this one thing, so these both ad-blocking software are just amazing in their work and block major ads.

Let’s have a look to their pros and cons to know more about them. . .

Adblock Plus


* It is very good in blocking popups, malwares etc.

* An open source project.

* It also block ads from social media like Facebook and famous platform YouTube.

* It is the most famous ad-blocking software or browser extension.

* Manual whitelisting is very easy.


* The Block element feature doesn’t detect web page easily.

* If you want to block any element, so firstly you have to use the browser extension button.

* Accepted Ads* are shown.

* There are many advanced options but doesn’t show as they are hidden.



* Known for the most popular Google Chrome extension and ad-blocking software.

* Blocks popups ads, malware etc.

* You can easily block ad element by right clicking and selecting “block element”.

* It also blocks ads from the famous platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

* Options are more to choose.


* You can get some privacy policy there.

* Options are more but very confusing.

* “Accepted Ads” will be seen.

Here,” Why you should have any one of them “?

These both are amazing and you guys are well known about both of them now. This is just so interesting to know, these ad blockers can also block YouTube video ads. Like Amazing! I know there are so many people who hate whenever an ad popup to disturb your entertainment but every problem has it’s a solution too😀. And the best solution in which I bring in front of you today.

I know it’s a head to head competition in both Adblock and Adblock Plus but after my deep details about them, you smart people can surely choose your best ad-blocking browser extension.

Thank You!🙏

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