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Hello there friends, Hope you doing really well in this pandemic; this is the New Normal. We are using sanitizer or washing our hands every single hour.

As am heavily working on the Adobe illustrator on my I pad so I was in searching for a stylus. One of my friend who is working with me on, he suggested me to try Adonit Stylus.

I was looking for note pen which must be cheap, good in quality, light in weight and which could handle the pressure of 2408 Bar level just like normal do and easy to use and I’ve to draw a lot so many of those features and that time I found this pen name ADONIT’S NOTE-UVC STYLUS.

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Best Adonit stylus on Humbaa

Adonit Note+ Plus Stylus Pencil with Palm Rejection, Pressure Sensitivity, Programmable Shortcut Buttons, Support Tilt for iPad Pro 3rd, 4th Gen, iPad 6, 7th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Mini 5th Generation.

This pen worth attention not only it looks attractive but also it works so effectively and it adjusted so easier than the earlier one

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This adroit note UVC stylus comes with the USB cable and manual guide book. The charging port is located at the top of the backside. The gentle black color gives a gentle look to Adonit’s note stylus.

  1. UV-C Light – 270-280 mm wavelength
  2. 30 UV-C light uses/charge
  3. 12 hours of stylus-on
  4. Tip size: 1 mm (replaceable)
  5. Active Stylus

All standard quality-wise probably all things are given and its design gives even more gentle look to you, good vibes, good notes, good work is done happy you.

The stylus is made of plastic, which seems not as luxurious or robust as the metal Adonit Note, but the plastic material is a lot easier to hold on to. The plastic seems to be less likely to slip in hand than the metal Adonit Note. The plastic material also makes this a lightweight stylus. Both the Adonit Note and the Adonit Note Plus weigh 14 grams. The Adonit Note, with a metal shell and a hefty pocket clip, has 12 hours of battery while the Adonit Note Plus only has 10 hours the same and that the Adonit Note Plus just consumes more battery life.


Set up and connectivity

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It’s easy to use and easy to connect with other devices and didn’t found any problem while connecting with device and application I took little help of manual guide just for more details.

So the quality-wise it is good to compare to others which are more costly than this device so we get good quality at a cheap price. It was easy to connect with the device and with other applications.

Features in detail:

  • Adonit Note+ features two configurable shortcut buttons allowing you to quickly access various features like Undo, Redo, or Erase. Palm rejection works with an extensive variety of apps. No need to set up in your device or apps.
  • You can tilt your Adonit Note+ against the screen to virtually create a shaded effect in a drawing with specific brushes.
  • Adonit Note+ uses a USB-C for charging. You can charge while you write!

What I loved about Adonit??

Overall I loved everything and I surely recommend this and for more query please comment below and for gadgets be here with Humbaa🙂

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