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Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date, Updates, plot and What do we know so far?

Akudama Drive
Akudama Drive

Set up in Dystopian Futuristic Japan, Akudama Drive Anime Series Debuted on October 8 2020 In Japan and ended on December 24 With 12 episodes of Total. Akudama Drive Anime Series Is based on Manga of the same name by author Rokurou Oogaki. The Pacing of story and all the action and science fiction combination made Akudama Drive a Huge Success, also Studio Pierrot and Japanese video game developer Too Kyo Games did a wonderful job on animation Under Director Tomohisa Taguchi.

Akudama Drive is a Japanese Cyberpunk anime Adaptation of manga Akudama Drive. Will the anime return for a second season?

Akudama Drive Plot:

If you haven’t watched the series and are wary of spoilers so please stop.

Set in post war Kansai, Akudama are the highly skilled criminals and dregs of society who are capable of carrying out any difficult tasks and are rewarded based on the difficulty of their mission.

Four S-Rank Akudama Courier, Brawler, Hacker and Doctor are sent a message with a task to rescue a akudama Cutthroat, the top-ranking criminal in the city with nine hundred and ninety-nine murders with an estimated 967 years of prison sentence who was to be executed on the same day but as events unfolded, akudamas were told that this task was just a test to see whether the abilities of these criminals are suitable for the greater mission.

There were 2 others who got caught in the commotion, an ordinary girl detained in the police station for not paying at a takoyaki store and a low ranking akudama with a hoodlum serving a 4-year sentence.

After the cutthroat was rescued, the cat who assigned the mission to akudama believed that only people having proper abilities were present at that time and so 7 Akudama – Courier, Doctor, Brawler, Hacker, Cutthroat, the detained girl under name Swindler, Hoodlum were assigned a new mission to steal the contents of vault in the Shinkansen train bound for Kanto region.

The Shinkansen station is the most heavily guarded building in the city and Shinkansen itself is considered an entity of worship by people of Kansai because after the war between Kansai and Kanto region, Kanto helped the Kansai to become what it is now and the Shinkansen was the only means connecting both cities but Shinkansen was only meant to carry the cargo between the two cities.

Akudama after breaking into the police station for rescuing Cutthroat gathered the attention and were stopped by the executioners, executioners are the elite of the police force with the main objective of capturing the akudamas.

Akudama after a fight with executioners escapes to formulate a plan to attack Shinkansen. Akudama successfully infiltrated the train and after reaching the vault they found that there were 2 Children who were biological modified immortal humans inside the vault and were offering to kanto.

Many events took place and at last it was revealed that Kanto is nothing but a war-torn city but here’s the catch, people of Kanto made technology to store minds digitally but since it required a huge amount of storage, the 2 children were modified for this sole purpose but Swindler became angry with the fact that both children were just offering and aren’t allowed to live a normal life and with the help from fellow Akudama rescued the girl and the series ended with both child escaping to a coordinate given by hacker and with the help of courier they escaped.



Akudama Characters
Akudama Characters

Swindler: An ordinary girl caught in the commotion but as the story continues she becomes a major character understanding people at their hearts and a morale booster

Courier: He Transports things as requested in exchange for money. Estimated prison Sentence 745 years

Brawler: He Loves fighting and finding the most challenging enemy to fight. Estimated prison sentence 348 years

Hacker: He is a Notorious Young Man skilled in hacking high-end security systems for his own entertainment. Hacking into government and private banks is nothing but a child’s play for him. Estimated prison sentence 589 years

Doctor: She is a tall, beautiful, pink-haired woman skilled in healing injuries and instant killing with medical equipment. Later becomes antagonist and is removed from the Akudama list for cooperating with executioners.

Hoodlum: a greedy man trying to act bold, imprisoned for theft and blackmail and was serving a 4-year sentence before being caught into the Shinkansen mess. Later becomes emotionally attached to Brawler.

Cutthroat: Top ranking criminal in city with nine hundred and ninety nine murders. Estimated prison sentence 967 years.



Executioners Operate in duo as master pupil to incite the feeling of living on so to minimise casualties.

Boss of Executioners: She Is the chief of executioners and receives commands directly from kanto.

Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date and Possibility

Since the anime adapted the full storyline from manga and manga is completed, it’s highly possible there won’t be a season 2 but if a sequel is announced, we’ll update it here.

Akudama Drive Season 2
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