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Among Us: Best Trending Game of 2020

Among us
Among us

Among Us Mod Apk

Among us is a multiplayer social deduction online game which is released on 15th June 2018. The Publisher and Developer of this game “Among Us” is InnerSloth which is an American studio for gaming.

lt is designed by Marcus Bromander and Programmed by Forest Willard. The available platforms are iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

In this article, You guys going to know all about Among Us game which is amazing but after that We will also provide you Among Us MOD APK which is way more amazing with all unlocked features…

So let’s get started…

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Game Play of Among Us

As I already mentioned above that, Among Us is an online multiplayer game, So Gamers will have fun to play with their friends and family. Three players can select to become impostors and the remaining then become Crewmates.

They having three types of maps i.e., a headquarter Building a Planet or a Spaceship. Crewmates goal is to remove the Impostors and for this firstly, Crewmates have to recognize them.

And to recognize and remove Impostors, Crewmates get Tasks to complete around the map and for this, they have to do works like maintenance of the ship and many others.

The best part of this game is, you will feel like a detective to detect Impostors because Impostors fakely blend with the Crewmates, sabotage the maps and eliminate Crewmates.

So Crewmates have to recognize and eliminate Imposters to save themselves and if in case Crewmates or Impostor die so the new avatars will be Ghosts.

Now, Let’s talk about all the powers or facilities of a Ghost…

Ghost can only be seen by other ghosts and can not be seen by every player. Ghost is a dead one so, as you see in movies that ghost pass through from any object, here you will see the same. The best part is, Ghost can also help their team Crewmates and Impostors. They have a restricted facility to get in touch with the world.

1.Winning Process of Crewmates

If the Crewmates win all the tasks and by detecting and removing the Imposters then Crewmates will be the Winner Of Among Us Game. Yes, It is as simple as you read. Among Us gives Crewmates the simple funda to win the game and trust me, If you are selected for Crewmates so it will also sharpen your mind to detect someone who fakely blends with you all and it will be so fun!

Now, let’s moving ahead to the question, How Impostors can win in the game “Among Us”?

2. Winning Process Of Impostors

Like winning process of Crewmates, winning process of Impostors is also kind of same. Impostors have to kill most of the Crewmates or make them equal in numbers and perform as a destroyer and If remaining crewmates wouldn’t be able to fix the sabotaging work within the time then Impostors will win the Game “Among Us”.

Now You guys may be thinking, How to find the Impostors? And Is there anything available to help Crewmates to detect Impostors?

So, below is the detail of above mentioned questions…

The Crewmates can call for a meeting where they discuss with each other about the person who must be Impostor. The Group meeting is called when any crewmate finds a dead body because only Impostors can do this to them.

Some tracking devices are also available there in each map like there is a Doorlog in Headquarter Building, a Camera in Spaceship and an Indicator in Planet. There, Crewmates can also call for an Emergency Meeting anytime but not when destroying or sabotage part starts.

You will be allowed to audio chat while doing meetings and no matter you are ghost or alive team member. But alive crewmates can communicate with alive ones and ghost can communicate with ghost only. Apart from meetings, gamers can only text chat with each other. And thus, when voting is done in the meeting so the selected impostor gets separated and killed.

Graphics Of “Among Us”

The graphics are well designed and enough to impress you guys. You would love to play Among Us game with your lovely friends and sweet family. Each and every character of Among Us are Cute and Having a unique personality. The overall creativity of this wonderful game “Among Us” are enough to swing your mood into another good level.

As I told you in the last, You guys will get to know about Among Us MOD APK but before moving towards it, let’s have some FAQs related Among Us. You Can use APowerMirror MOD APK No.1 App for your among us game streaming.


Why is Among Us so Popular?

It’s been only two years of releasing “Among Us” and it becomes so popular among us( humare bich😊). The reason behind this is, increasing of viewers on Twitch as over 500 channels started streaming this game on a daily basis.

Is Among Us free?

Among Us is a free online playing game for iOS and Android but to get unlocked features or content, you have to pay for this which starts with $0.99 to $2.99. To Play on PC, it charges $5.

What is Among Us available on?

Among us is available on platforms like iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Can you play Among Us by yourself?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game, so you need to play with 4 to 10 members with you. This is the reason, Among Us is a game where you can have fun with your friends and family.

Is Among Us cross platform?

To be honest, Yes. Among Us definitely cross the platform by its simplicity and features of gameplay. Any member can play on PC and on Mobile Phones too.

Can you talk in Among Us?

Communication is important in any game. So, You get two types of communication – one is text chat and other one is audio chat. You can use audio chat only when Crewmates are doing meeting but one more thing to be noted, Alive members can communicate with alive members only and Ghost can communicate with ghost only.

How do I change my name in Among Us?

– First of all you have to turn your net or Wi-Fi on to enter into a game.

– You will see “Host” option above and you will get a name box there.

– Choose any name which you prefer and that’s it.

How do I join games in Among Us?

– First of all, switch offline to online and go to the Main Menu.

– Now select “Create Game” and after that you will be able to choose a map.

– You can also edit the game settings if you like.

– Now, you will get a room code from which you can invite your friends to join you in the game.

– There is another option available i.e., “Public” and if you set this option so any person can join you.

– That’s it !

I hope your all queries are solved now. But here is the most asked query, How to get Among Us MOD APK?

So here is the answer….

Among Us MOD APK

Among Us, Mod Apk is way more amazing than Among Us and with more and more advantages. You can unlock many features and enjoy more with your buddies while playing Among Us Mod Apk.

You know what, Playing games with the overall good feature is amazing but playing game with all the features and with all the advantages is way more amazing. And Among Us Mod Apk will give you that way more amazing experience.

You will be able to unlock all the locked features like a hat, pet and so many others. And do you guys know? This is Free! Yes, you can enjoy all the unlock features and advantages without single money. So all the Android Users pay attention to please! and grab your Among Us Mod Apk because this is all yours. So below is the link given for Among Us Mod Apk for Free. So all you need to do is, Just Download And Enjoy For Free!

Visit – Humbaa Gaming

Hey Guys! If you love the article and you are3 enjoying with any of these Among Us and Among Us Mod Apk so please let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You!

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