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APowerMirror App

APowerMirror is a screen mirroring application for many devices and platforms. It can be cast for mirroring Android or iPhone Screen to PC.

It is also compatible with Smart TV, Tablets in high quality. You can control mirroring by mouse and keyboard if it is casted from Android to PC. Its features make it more special for purposes like business, entertainment and study.

You can access files like PPT, PDF and many other documents by mirroring and the main part is, you are doing all your works from your device (Android) to big screen(PC) or smart TV thus, mirroring on the big screen makes it more special.

You can also play games. In fact, message sending can also be done by APowerMirror.

We will discuss the advantages of A Power Mirror MOD APK and also a difference between A Power Mirror With Its MOD Version. ApowerMirror VIP Mod Apk [VIP] Mirror your screen on TV 1.7.20 

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But First of all, let’s get highlighted more about the Features of APowerMirror.

So, Here we go…

ApowerMirror App Review

Features Of A Power Mirror

– You can Display Android/ iOS(iPad/ iPhone) screen to big screens like Projectors, Windows, PC, Macs and TVs.

– You can Display even streaming services or live streaming to big screens like Television, Computer and others. It is supportive from compatible apps.

– You can take pictures with whomever you want to click by mirroring the camera.

– Your PPT( Power Point) and PDF files can also be casted by mirroring. Thus, helps you in Business and Education Purpose.

– There you can have Screen recordings and screen shorts too.

– You can play games on big screens like computer and Television by this Application. It makes this application more enjoyable.

– You can even play the short or long videos to big screens.

– You can send messages on Computer by using keyboard and mouse.

APowerMirror is the best application for displaying all your programs on Big Screens.

But,APowerMirror provide it’s users two accounts, the first one is the free trial and the second one is the Pro(Premium).

Yes, like any other Premium accounts you can fully enjoy all the features with all advantages, but the free one provides you limited features only.

You can not take all the features which I mentioned above in free trial account and for taking the advantages of above-mentioned features, you have to choose payment methods that its premium one.

But, here we provide you APowerMirror MOD APK. All the premium benefits are here only with zero payment.

But before discussing about it’s MOD version, Let’s have a look on How to Connect Devices?

Connection Of Android to PC

1. By Universal Serial Bus (USB)

– First of all, you have to “turn on” the USB debugging on your Android Device and then give connection from Your Device to the PC by USB cable.

– Give permission by clicking “OK” if windows ask to allow USB debugging.

– Once App is installed, Just click “Start” and you are all set for mirroring Android Screen to Pc.

2. By Wi-Fi

– First of all, You should have same wifi netwrok for Android and PC.

– Just install APowerMirror application and then scan for the available devices. Select your computer and click “Start Now”

– Your Android Screen will appear on PC. Now, you are all set for programming on big screen.

Connection Of iOS Device to PC

1. By Universal Server Serial Bus (USB)

– First of all, you have to install APowerMirror application on your iOS device i.e., iPad or iPhone.

– Give connection to iPhone or iPad to PC by USB. The application will automatically detect.

– It is all set and your iOS screen will appear on PC. Have fun!

2. By Using Wi-Fi

– Like Mirroring Android, You have the same network Wifi connection of Your iOS device and PC.

– If you already have A Power Mirror app then ok, if not then You have to install this application first on your iOS device.

– Once the app detect your computer, click on your PC name and then click on “mirror”.

– On your iOS device, go to the control setting then click on “Screen Mirroring” and select “APowersoft”. Now you just have to wait a second and then you are all set to mirroring your iOS device screen to PC.

3. Connection Of Android to TV.

– First of all, you have to connect your Android device and TV on the same LAN.

– If you already have APowerMirror app then ok but if not, then install the app on your device first.

– Open the app and click on the “mirror” Button.

– Tap the name of your TV or there is an another option of QR to connect.

– Once Android and TV are connected, the Android screen will appear On the TV.

Connection Of iPhone or iPad to TV

– Give connection of iPhone/ iPad and Television on the same LAN.

– If you already have APowerMirror app on your iOS device then ok, if not then install the app first.

– Open the app and click on “mirror” Button.

– Go to the Control Centre and select “Screen Mirroring” then select “APowersoft”.

– You are all set to mirror your iOS device screen to Television screen. Have enjoy!

Connection Of PC to TV

– Install the APowerMirror app on your PC and TV.

-You have to connect both TV and PC on the same Wi-Fi network.

– Just find the Pin Code on your TV by opening the app.

– Click “TV” on your PC and here enter the code and now, you are all set for mirroring. Your PC screen will appear on TV.

Is APowerMirror Trustful?

APowersoft is a legal software with good reviews and this makes the app trustful. You can use this app without any kind of doubt.

Now, Let’s Get Highlighted on The MOD Version of APowerMirror.

So, here we go…

APowerMirror MOD APK

Now, you all know well about APowerMirror application. You will get a smooth experience by using this app. But, as I already said that it has two kinds of membership. One is Free and the other one is Pro(Premium).

The Free Users can have only limited features but the Premium Users can enjoy all the features which are beneficial in Business, Education and Entertainment purposes.

To become a Premium User, People have to pay $12.95 per month for this. Yes, it has a payment method but there is another best option with free of charge and this is non-other than but it’s MOD version which we are providing you.

You will have all the features, advantages and smooth experience which is mentioned above for Free Free Free!

Below is the link is given to Download APowerMirror MOD APK and it is 100% guaranteed to work. So, don’t wait for guyss Just Download and Enjoy In Free! You would love this MOD Version!

Here are the simple steps to follow to download the MOD version…

– Download the above given APowerMirror MOD APK on your device.

– From your device, go to the Setting > Security and allow the unknown sources. So that you can allow the third-party apps.

– Open the file where APowerMirror MOD APK is downloaded, click on the install and allow the things coming.

– Once it is installed, just Enjoy!

ApowerMirror VIP Mod Apk [VIP] Mirror your screen on TV 1.7.20 


FAQs For ApowerMirror App

Is APowerMirror Free?

– As long as your PC and Android are connected, it is free. But you can not get all the features in free membership.

What is APowerMirror?

– APowerMirror is an application which allows users to mirroring the screen from many devices like Android and iOS to Big screens like PC, TV and Projectors. You can stream photos, videos and other media from your device to big screen. You can also send messages and play games from your phone to large screens.

How much does APowerMirror Cost?

– The Premium membership payment starts from $12.95 per month.

How do you fold inside mirrors?

– You have to press the lower side of the switch to fold inside mirrors. Press upper side of the switch to return the mirror.

Thank You!

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