Back Arrow Anime Episode 5 Detailed Synopsis and Recap:

Recap of Back Arrow Anime Episode 4 ‘Does Genius Come When Least Expected?’ :

***Major Spoilers ahead***

Shu Bi Conjures a plan for assessing Arrow’s strength and capability by putting The Four Fiends against the heroes but Arrow managed to defeat; The Four Fiends by unleashing a technique completely new and unknown to the genius Shu Bi.

This made Shu Bi join the heroes but not everyone trusts Shu Bi as he is from the Republic of Rekka.

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Briheight Of Arrow
Briheight Of Arrow

Synopsis of Back Arrow Anime Episode 5 ‘Is Today Yesterday’s Tomorrow’? :

The episode starts with a flashback of Kai and Shu who were just trainees and were searching for a Rakuho with other army members. Shu points out the location of Rakuho and they head there and kai just by himself defeats the local rebels who were also searching for Rakuho.

Upon seeing this achievement The Emperor of Rekka asks their names and praised their achievement.

Shu explains the technology used in the Granedger and is similar to technology used in the machines in Rekka. 

Shu also warns the villagers that they must hurry or enemies from Rekka will soon come or someone even worse would come and it happened.

A lone man was standing in the path of Granedger and stopped the absurdly large Granedger just by his Briheight, this lone man was Kai, the best friend of Shu and was General of Republic of Rekka and strongest in the whole nation.


He defeats Elsha’s Briheight immediately and threatens that if Shu didn’t came out he’ll destroy the Granedger. So arrow comes out and challenges Kai but even Arrow got easily defeated

Shu tells a strategy to Doctor Sola and tells everyone that only he can save the villagers from Kai and comes out of the ship.

Kai asks Shu whether he remembers the promise about reforming the crooked Republic of Rekka which they made with each other 2 years ago.

Shu tells that now he has a more bigger dream of Changing the World and not just a country and that’s why he wants to go beyond The Wall.

Arrow Blocks Kai's Attack.
Arrow Blocks Kai’s Attack.

Hearing this Kai gets angry and attacks Shu but Arrow saved Shu and fired air canon from Granedger and made it look like that it’s a blast fired towards Capital of Rekka but Kai says that this blast can’t hit the capital as its too far away from here but Shu at the same time made a explosion in capital by charges he stored there and this proved to kai that this blast is real so he left the Granedger in order to save the capital. 

Meanwhile, Shu explains everyone that this was just a bluff and everyone gets mad at him that if Kai finds about this bluff then a scarier version of him will come next to kill them.

Release Date And Time Of Back Arrow Anime Episode 6 ‘Are Pretty Boy Farms a Thing?’

Back Arrow Anime is scheduled to release on February 13 00:00 (JST) and the timing may vary if you are in the west.

About Back Arrow Anime:

Back Arrow Anime is an Anime Original series and falls in Mecha genre. The name Back Arrow comes from ‘bakayaro’, a japanese word which means foolish person. Set up in a world Lingalind where everything is enclosed within The Wall and The Wall enshrouds the land sustaining, protecting, nurturing those sheltered within.

The Wall is god for The Lingalind and gives blessings (Rakuho) in form of gifts to the people, this is what believed in Lingalind.

This Rakuho contains Bind Warpers which on putting one’s arm transform him into a Giant Mecha Robot, a Briheight which is powered by one’s will power and conviction.

The stronger the will power and the conviction, one’s Briheight is also Super Strong. In Lingalind there are two nations Republic of Rekka and Supremacy of Lutoh who controls each half of Lingalind.

The Republic of Rekka honours valour above all and The Supremacy of Lutoh takes pride in intelligence and aren’t quite friendly.

The main character of Back Arrow anime is a man who crash lands in a Rakuho in a village and claims that he most probably came from beyond the wall even though he doesn’t remember anything about him and after listening to this nonsense villagers start calling him Bakayaro so he names himself Back Arrow.

Arrow wants to go beyond the wall and also help the villagers who are being targeted because of him.