Back Arrow Anime Episode 6 Detailed Synopsis and Recap:

By | February 13, 2021

Recap of Back Arrow Anime Episode 5 :

***Major Spoilers ahead***

Shu Bi joins Arrow and Granedger in order to help Arrow to reach the wall. Kai comes to capture the Granedger but got tricked by Shu and wasn’t able to capture Shu

Synopsis of Back Arrow Anime Episode 6 :

Episode starts with Elsha driving the Granedger and she saw a board on which it was written ‘Pretty Boys Farm’ which made Elsha wonder that wether such kind of place even existed.

Driving the Granedger with her Briheight for 3 hours made Elsha very tired and so Shu who was exploring Granedger’s system, found that there’s a system which allows the Granedger to move even if Elsha disconnected her Briheight from the Granedger. Shu also told everyone that this system is called Residual conviction system which allows the Granedger will continue to move Unless impeded.

While Exploring the Granedger, Shu also found about area in the Granedger with various facilities like a armory, infirmary, pantry, research lab, open space for drying laundry and vehicles to move inside the large Granedger which amazed everyone.

Shu reminds everyone that they have left Republic of Rekka’s border and have entered Lutoh but since they don’t knew about geography of Lutoh, it made hard for them to avoid Lutoh’s main governing regions to avoid fight with them. So they decided to proceed on the path which was headed towards an autonomous province which wasn’t under direct control of Rekka.

As Granedger was moving, Suddenly a Briheight jumped on front of Granedger and warned the Granedger that he’ll attack if it didn’t stop but Elsha said that it isn’t easy to stop this large Granedger. So Arrow went outside in his Briheight and saved that unknown Briheight. The person inside that Briheight was a boy whose whole body was sparkling, he was a Pretty Boy and his name was Bruh.

Unknown Briheight in front of Granedger
Unknown Briheight in front of Granedger
Arrow saved the Unknown Briheight
Arrow saved the Unknown Briheight

Arrow and others went to Pretty Boy farm with Bruh and they also took food to the farm. Bruh and other pretty boys told them how they are treated as livestock to serve as Guinea pigs for the experiments to strengthen the conviction. To this, Shu said that it’s interesting how Lutoh conducts experiments on helpless and Rekka uses them as Slaves but everyone said how can these things be interesting.

Bruh told everyone that they didn’t want to ne experimented so they took a Bind Warper from the lab and destroyed with the Briheight and were in danger of being persued so that’s why Bruh attacked the Granedger as he thought that Granedger was coming to attack the farm

Meanwhile a group of soldiers arrived with the owner of Pretty Boy farm, Walston to attack the farm but Arrow defeated them. After that, Arrow asked Bruh about his conviction. Bruh told him that his conviction was Survive that’s why he was desperate to attack the Granedger earlier and also said that due to his conviction he was weak and wasn’t cut out for saving the farm.

Arrow attacks the soldiers
Arrow attacks the soldiers
Arrow defeats the sodiers
Arrow defeats the sodiers

After listening this Arrow, Shu and Bit went to Walston’s mansion where they told Walston that they will help defeat the pretty boy farm if he gave them the map of Lutoh. Then with many Bind Warpers, Arrow, Shu, Bit with Walston went to defeat the pretty boy farm. After Seeing how Arrow betrayed their trust, Bruh came with a strategy to use his Briheight to produce smoke and then other pretty boys will steal all the bind Warpers and their strategy succeeded. Getting scared, Walston told Arrow to defeat the pretty boys who were using Briheight but Arrow refused and told Walston that this was all a strategy to provide all the bind Warpers to the pretty boys and Shu told Walston that he doesn’t need his map anymore as he already memorized the map of Lutoh which was hanging in Walston room. So Walston and his soldiers retreated and pretty boys got many Bind Warpers which will be useful in fighting enemies in the future.

Walston surrounded by pretty boys
Walston surrounded by pretty boys

Bruh thanked Arrow for helping them out and so Arrow and Granedger departed to the wall.

After seeing all this, the chief of the village told Elsha that he doesn’t understand Arrow and Shu and told her to take over as chief.

Village chief and Elsha
Village chief and Elsha

At the end of the episode, Arrow thanked Shu for lending his smart and helping the Pretty boys, to which Shu replied that he only improved Arrow’s idea a little bit and luckily pretty boys noticed the Warpers. Shu also said that he was glad that Arrow didn’t blabbered in front of the pretty boys by giving them empty sympathy, to which Arrow asked Shu what if he did blabbering then Shu told him that, he wouldn’t have helped Arrow

Release Date And Time Of Back Arrow Anime Episode 7

Back Arrow Anime Episode 7 is scheduled to release on February 20 00:00 (JST)

This upcoming episode is titled ‘Is the wall really that solid?’

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About Back Arrow Anime:

Back Arrow Anime is an Anime Original series and falls in Mecha genre. The name Back Arrow comes from ‘bakayaro’, a japanese word which means foolish person. Set up in a world Lingalind where everything is enclosed within The Wall and The Wall enshrouds the land sustaining, protecting, nurturing those sheltered within.

The Wall is god for The Lingalind and gives blessings (Rakuho) in form of gifts to the people, this is what believed in Lingalind.

This Rakuho contains Bind Warpers which on putting one’s arm transform him into a Giant Mecha Robot, a Briheight which is powered by one’s will power and conviction.

The stronger the will power and the conviction, one’s Briheight is also Super Strong. In Lingalind there are two nations Republic of Rekka and Supremacy of Lutoh who controls each half of Lingalind.

The Republic of Rekka honours valour above all and The Supremacy of Lutoh takes pride in intelligence and aren’t quite friendly.

The main character of Back Arrow anime is a man who crash lands in a Rakuho in a village and claims that he most probably came from beyond the wall even though he doesn’t remember anything about him and after listening to this nonsense villagers start calling him Bakayaro so he names himself Back Arrow.

Arrow wants to go beyond the wall and also help the villagers who are being targeted because of him.

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