Recap of Back Arrow Anime Episode 6

***Major Spoilers ahead***

Arrow and team on their way to The Wall discovered a farm, Pretty Boys Farm and rescued the Pretty Boys from the clutches of Walston who was using the Pretty Boys as experimenting tools.

Synopsis of Back Arrow Anime Episode 7

Episode starts with Shu and Bit who were naming the Briheights of Arrow, Elsha and Atlee. Elsha asked them why were they even naming the Briheights, to which Shu replied that Briheights are manifestation of one’s will and conviction and naming the Briheight gives a more personal attachment and the more personal they are, the more they’re respected. Also, characterizing Briheights with names helps foster greater conviction.

Shu also reminds everyone that Rekka’s north guard were keeping an eye on them but there shouldn’t be any problem as Granedger was in neutral zone, a zone, where a treaty was signed between Rekka and Lutoh which prohibits fighting inside the zone.

Chief of the village told Elsha and Atlee that about half of the villagers are willing to leave the Granedger as they were about to attack the wall which is a entity of worship for people. To this, Elsha told the chief that they can’t stop the ship after coming this much forward.

Meanwhile in Lutoh, Walston was presented in front of princess of Lutoh who was the current ruler of Lutoh. She told Walston to never conduct such inhuman experiments on the helpless people and since the princes was very lenient, Walston was released without any punishment. After being released Walston was badmouthing about princess and as a result got one hand severed by the Commander Prax who respected the princess and her wishes by heart.

Soon, the Granedger reached the wall and to break the wall, Arrow unleashed his various attacks on the wall but it didn’t even left a scratch on the wall. Next, Atlee tried with Arrow but even they both together couldn’t scratch the wall. This showed how strong and tough is The Wall. Next, Shu fired the laser canons of Granedger on the wall but this too didn’t even left a scratch on the wall and instead two large tentacles like thing came out of the wall which were actually giant air exhaust and it produced a large air exhaust which pushed the Granedger towards the Rekka’s border.

The guards of Rekka with North General, Bai Toatsu who were keeping an eye on Granedger were waiting for the chance as they couldn’t recklessly enter the neutral zone, so when they saw Granedger being pushed towards them, they immediately attacked the Granedger. General Bai transformed into his Briheight and the remaining soldiers spread the decouple spray to stop the Granedger’s movement and then the soldiers broke into the Granedger.

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General Bai proved to be a tough opponent for Arrow and since Arrow couldn’t keep with the General and was about to be defeated by him but was saved by a new Briheight which was Commander Prax of the Lutoh. Bai told Prax that she was violating the treaty by entering Rekka and this could mean war, to which Shu told Bai that since commander Prax didn’t touched the ground, the treaty hasn’t been violated.

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Bai got furious at Shu and told him that a traitor doesn’t need to explain the rules. Prax told Arrow and everyone that she has came to invite Arrow and the villagers on behalf of princess of Lutoh and meant no harm. Prax told everyone to retreat and she’ll handle the things with General Bai.

Shu used the Granedger’s Exhaust to blow away the decouple spray and everyone with Granedger retreated in the neutral zone. Prax also retreated in the neutral zone and told General Bai that if he wants to start a fight in the neutral zone then a war will broke. This made General Bai more furious but was stopped by orders from Prime minister of Rekka as they can’t afford to start a war now with Lutoh. Later he told that a war between Lutoh and Rekka is inevitable and as soon as emperor of Rekka returns after subduing the rebels, the war will begin.

General Bai returned back to his post. Commander Prax again asked Arrow and villagers about the invitation and since villagers didn’t had a place to go, Elsha as the new chief accepted the invitation for the sake of villagers but Arrow refused because he’s main aim is to go beyond the wall and going to Lutoh will delay this, to this Shu told him that Lutoh is a nation of technology and science and they might have a way to break the wall. Arrow wasn’t convinced by Shu’s idea and told everyone to go to Lutoh but he’ll be staying here.

At the end of the episode Ren sin and Kai can be seen talking about the bomb that Ren sin discovered which was hidden by Shu to trick everyone that Granedger had long range canons. Ren told Kai that this all was planned by Shu and by doing this Shu was mocking her. Kai’s self discipline was over and he told Ren that Emperor will soon return and she must sharpen her fangs till the time is right.

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Release Date And Time Of Back Arrow Anime Episode 8

Back Arrow Anime Episode 8 is scheduled to release on Saturday February 27 00:00 (JST) and Friday if you’re in west

This upcoming episode is titled ‘What is the Bloodstained Knight Hiding?

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About Back Arrow Anime:

Back Arrow Anime is an Anime Original series and falls in Mecha genre. The name Back Arrow comes from ‘bakayaro’, a japanese word which means foolish person. Set up in a world Lingalind where everything is enclosed within The Wall and The Wall enshrouds the land sustaining, protecting, nurturing those sheltered within.

The Wall is god for The Lingalind and gives blessings (Rakuho) in form of gifts to the people, this is what believed in Lingalind.

This Rakuho contains Bind Warpers which on putting one’s arm transform him into a Giant Mecha Robot, a Briheight which is powered by one’s will power and conviction.

The stronger the will power and the conviction, one’s Briheight is also Super Strong. In Lingalind there are two nations Republic of Rekka and Supremacy of Lutoh who controls each half of Lingalind.

The Republic of Rekka honours valour above all and The Supremacy of Lutoh takes pride in intelligence and aren’t quite friendly.

The main character of Back Arrow anime is a man who crash lands in a Rakuho in a village and claims that he most probably came from beyond the wall even though he doesn’t remember anything about him and after listening to this nonsense villagers start calling him Bakayaro so he names himself Back Arrow.

Arrow wants to go beyond the wall and also help the villagers who are being targeted because of him.

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