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How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive Instead of iCloud

Backup iPhone to Google Drive Instead of iCloud

Backing up iPhone data matters a lot as you can recover data if your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen. Data loss can impact your work productivity adversely as you may lose access to important files. 

Apple has exceptional backup services that allow complete backups without direct exposure to data. If your iPhone is full, you can select to backup iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud. This article will tell you how to do that.

Why Backup Data to Google Drive?

Apple provides iCloud to backup iPhone data. But, 5GB of free space available with iCloud is not enough. Thus, Google Drive is highly recommended. Google Drive allocates about 15GB of free space to users to store files and sync data. 

It ensures better data protection against power failure, quick files access, fast recovery, and safeguards against failed hard drives. So, if your iCloud storage is full, backup iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud.

Backup iPhone to Google Drive

Backing up your iPhone data to Google Drive is simple. Photos will back up to Google Photos, Contacts to Google Contacts, and Calendar to Google Calendar. To start your iPhone backup, install and open the Google Drive application. Then, click Menu.

Go to the Settings and next to Backup. Click Start backup. Before you back up, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi network. Note that contacts and calendars from Exchange or Facebook will not back up.

Restore iPhone From Google Backup

After backing up iPhone data, restore it from Google Drive backup. Go to the settings and then click the ‘Accounts & Password’ setting. Tap ‘Add Account’ and ‘Google’. Submit your Google account details. Next, choose the files you want to restore. 

But can deleted photos be recovered on iPhone? The answer is YES. You can recover deleted iPhone photos if you have a backup.  

Backup iPhone to Google Drive via Computer

If you don’t have accessibility to a Wi-Fi network, you can still upload your iPhone data to Google Drive. Wondering how? Simply keep duplicates on your system and upload your data to the Drive without affecting your iPhone functioning. 

Use a responsive, professional iPhone data backup tool to transfer data between computer and iPhone. The data can be uploaded to Drive after transferring iPhone data to a computer through a proficient tool.

If you are planning to install a professional backup app, make sure to download it from a legitimate website only. Use a certified app to maintain the integrity of your data. Beware of malware attacks that some third-party apps bring along, so be careful while installing one. 

When using a professional tool, do not forget to check the manufacturer’s authenticity to avoid data loss.  

Use Google Photos

If you only want to back up your photos, use the Backup & Sync feature of Google Photos. To get started, click ‘hamburger’ in Google Photos to get the menu. Go to Settings and click ‘Backup & Sync’. 

Enable backup and sync, and then select the preferred settings. You can choose to use your iPhone data to back up photos and videos. To change any setting, simply click on each option.

Backup Files and Folders Manually

Google Drive will not prove convenient for backing up files and folders. Instead, use Apple’s Files app after giving the iPhone access to Google Drive. Launch this app and click ‘Browse’. Tap Settings and then click ‘Edit’. Next, click the switch to turn on Google Drive and tap ‘Done’. Sign in with your Google account.

Go to On My iPhone and click ‘Select’ to choose every file and folder. At last, simply tap Select All and then copy them to drive by clicking ‘Copy’. Create a new folder and name it iCloud Backup. Go to this folder and paste all copied files and folders by long-tapping on the background and clicking the Paste button. The files will now upload to Google Drive.

Incomplete Google Backup? What To Do Next?

If Google Backup is somehow not working or stopped in between, you will get the message‘ Backup did not complete’. It happens when some or all of the data is not backed up. It may be due to some network connectivity problem. 

Ensure you’re connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, the issue is temporary, so try again later. If still data doesn’t back up, update the latest Google Drive version or reinstall the app.

The Conclusion

A proper backup enables users to save important data from the iPhone touch. There are so many different backup options for the iPhone, including Google Drive and iCloud. But, since now you understand how Google Drive is better than iCloud, it’s your call to decide which method to select to backup your iPhone.

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