Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th September 2022 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th September 2022 Written Update on

Within the first few seconds of the episode, Ram comments on how beautiful Priya is in her outfit. Sara then turns to Vikrant and Adi, inquiring of them what exactly is going on inside the Kapoor residence.

Adi claims that we are not welcome here. Due to the fact that Ram and Priya’s anniversary falls on the same day, Sandy claims that tensions are high and that the Dusshera festival would not be held. Sara claims that she would not allow Ram to enjoy the anniversary as long as Nandini is around.

Sandy believes that Pihu’s prospects are favourable. Sara insists that a child will not be used. Sandy thinks it’s OK, but I have a suggestion.

Here, Nandini advises Shubham to do what Pihu wishes, posing yet another test for the two of them.

It’s Sandy calling Shubham. Sandy and Sara are playing Truth or Dare when Shubham overhears them talking about how much Pihu enjoys the game and how she always chooses the dare and how much she enjoys dancing. Sandy ends the phone conversation abruptly.

The thought of how much fun it will be now makes Sandy and Sara giggle. We won’t be able to see it, Adi says. That, too, is a possibility, according to Sara.

Nandini implores Shubham to see Pihu’s preferences in the same light as the necessity to earn Ram’s confidence. As Ram pops the cork on the champagne in the shop, the celebration can officially begin.

Wow is what Pihu exclaims as she sees Ram staring at Priya. When Priya goes to pick up her dropped phone, Ram enters the room. They’re squished when a cage topples over. How swoonworthy, according to Pihu.

In a state of terror, Ram and Priya watch helplessly as Ram has a panic attack. Priya has requested that the helpers bring something in.

According to my coworkers, I am now addressing the issue. Pihu claims, “I went to the movies with Ram, and the girl and the boy kissed.

Ram gets a reprimand from Priya for not selecting kid-friendly films for Pihu. Pihu interrupts them and warns, “You guys are not posing, therefore I will inform judge about your fights.”

Both Priya and Ram put their differences aside to strike a pose for Pihu. Pihu snaps photos and transmits them to Nandini. Nandini notices, and she seems pleased while chatting.

Regarding Vedika, Nandini inquires of Shubham. She must be on her way, according to Shubham. The cage is raised by the workers. While the employees apologise, Priya scolds them.

Ram makes an effort to control Priya. Vedika calls Ram and tells him to meet with the client since Adi didn’t show up and the customer is now furious. As Ram explains it, he is now spending time with his daughter and hence cannot go. Vedika acknowledges this, but adds, “The customer is upset, and only you can manage them.” Indeed, Ram thinks so. If you arrive on time, Pihu says it’s OK if you leave. Ram feels relieved and makes a commitment, which makes him happy.

At night, Pihu is pleased with the decorations and gives Nandini the nickname “NK” since she thinks she’s too young to be Dadi. There are also soods that visit.

For their truth, daring, and dance, Shubham explains, they had a strategy. As a result, Pihu becomes ecstatic.

Pihu would be delayed for another half an hour, as reported by Nandini to Ram. So Pihu wants a little bit more time? For the time being, as Meera suggests, let’s adorn Ravaan.

To adorn Ravaan, Pihu uses her skills as an artist. Sandy and Sara offer Pihu a surprise vacation ticket for her, Priya, and Ram, and ask her to keep the surprise a secret until midnight.

When Pihu is pleased, everyone benefits. In this case, Vedika takes Ram on a longer path on purpose so that he won’t make it to the party in time.

Ram learns of the delay and considers calling Adi for a quick solution, but then he recalls that Adi wasn’t able to attend the meeting, which cut into Ram’s time with Pihu.

Pihu is unhappy after hearing the news from Nandini. Priya advises going on an exciting journey. Even though Pihu first opposed the plan, he eventually gave in after seeing how pleased everyone else was. Priya is anticipating the arrival of her boyfriend, Ram.

Season concludes.

As a recap, Ram and Priya enjoy a dance. They’ve got Pihu’s support. Pihu expresses her best wishes for their anniversary at a later time.

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