Goodreads Choice Awards 2019

Best Books of 2019. Good reads awards 2019.

Best Books of 2019. Good reads awards 2019.

Source: Good Reads
Every year Goodreads took voting where their loyal readers make there vote in various categories: like “Best Fiction” “Mystery & Thriller””Historical Fiction””Fantasy” “Romance” “Science Fiction” “Horror” “Humour” “Non-Fiction” “Memoir & Autobiography” “History and Biography” “Science & Technology” “Food & Cookbooks” “Graphic Novels & Comics” “Poetry” “Graphic Novels and Comics” “Debut Novel” “Young Adult Fiction” “Young Adult Fantasy” ” Middle age and Children’s” “Picture Books” 

List of  Best Fiction

List of  Mystery & Thriller

List of  Historical Fiction

List of Fantasy” 

List of  Romance

List of  Science Fiction

List of  “Horror”

List of  “Humour”

List of  “Non-Fiction”

List of   “Memoir & Autobiography” 

List of   “History and Biography” 

List of  “Science & Technology”

List of   “Food & Cookbooks”

List of  “Graphic Novels & Comics” 

List of  “Poetry”

List of  “Graphic Novels and Comics”

List of   “Debut Novel” 

List of  “Young Adult Fiction”

List of   “Young Adult Fantasy” 

List of  ” Middle age and Children’s” 

List of  “Picture Books”