Best Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale 2023

Dungeon decks to play in Rush Royale

The most recent modification that was made to Rush Royale was the elimination of the classic CO-OP game mode and its substitution with the Dungeons mode.

Despite the fact that the two have a great deal of similarities, Dungeons has not been met with a very positive response up to this far. This is due, in part, to the fact that players are unable to play the game regularly in order to fast accumulate gold.

The maximum number of times you may play Dungeons in Rush Royale is still capped at a certain amount, despite the fact that they remain an excellent method to earn money that can be used to improve your cards.

As you make your way further into the Dungeons, the challenges will get more difficult, but the prizes will become more numerous. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the top decks that you need to be using in the Dungeons game mode of Rush Royale.

Rush Royale Dungeon Deck Tier List

In the Rush Royale version of the classic CO-OP game, you’ll still want to have one player concentrate on being the damage dealer while the ally performs the support role. This is the optimal strategy. To a large extent, the support role is reliant on the Shaman card, which, when played, raises the merging level of a card that is randomly chosen from your allies’ deck.

Best Dungeon DPS Decks

Blade Dancer, Knight Statue, Scrapper, Portal Keeper, and Chemist with Gadget are the five classes that you may choose from.

Knight Statue with Gadget, Engineer, Harlequin, Portal Keeper, and Scrapper.

The Inquisitor, the Portal Keeper, the Knight Statue, the Scrapper, and the Chemist with Gadget are required for this quest.

A Sharpshooter, Chemist, Knight Statue, Portal Keeper, and Scrapper with Gadget are all required for this mission.

Inquisitor, Sharpshooter, Knight Statue, Chemist, and Scrapper with Gadget are the four classes that you may choose from.

Best Dungeon Support Decks

Engineer, Shaman, Harlequin, Mime, and Summoner with Gadget are the classes you may choose from.

Alongside the Trickster you will find the Reaper, the Shaman, Harlequin, and Mime.

Trickster, Harlequin, Reaper, and Mime are some of the other characters in this deck.