Best Earphone Under 500: There are many types of earphones in the market these days. It is often believed that good sound quality earphones cost from 1000 to 2500 rupees. But today we will tell you the list of Best Earphones which are quite economical. The list of headphones that we have brought for you is the best earphone brand present in the market.

Best Earphone Under 500: The list of headphones that we have brought for you are the best earphone brand present in the market. You can easily buy these earphones priced below Rs 500 from online shopping platforms Flipkart and Amazon.Our Humbaa Staff Researched Some Specific list of  Best Earphone Under 500 For You,So Read at the end.

List of Best Headphones under 500

1)JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones

2)BoAt BassHeads 162

3)Infinity (JBL) Zip 20

4)Philips SHE1515BK / 94

5)ZapTech SGS Series

6)Mi Earphones Basic

7)Oraimo Halo

8)BoAt BassHeads 142

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones
In addition to the Infiniti brand, JBL also offers affordable headphones under its main brand. The company’s JBL C50HI in-ear headphones can be purchased from Amazon India for Rs 449. This headphone also has a mic to talk to and it supports Google Assistant4


BoAt BassHeads 162

The second earphone in our list of the five best earphones is also boAt. BoAt
BassHeads 162 earphones come with HD sound quality. This earphone with extra-base gives you crystal clear sound quality. This earphone also comes with a braided cable which does not let it get tangled and increases its durability. It can be purchased at Amazon India for Rs 499.

Infinity (JBL) Zip 20

JBL is the company’s replacement in wired earphones and sound technology. The company has introduced the Infinity brand for affordable pricing products. For music lovers of this brand, you can buy Headphone Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 from Amazon India. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs 499. In this voice-enabled headphone, the company has given L shape 3.5mm audio jack for durability.

Philips SHE1515BK / 94

Philips’ wired earphone SHE1515BK / 94 comes at number three on the list of Best Budget Earphones. A calling mic is also provided in this earphone. These earphones that come with the best sound quality can be purchased from Amazon India for Rs 438 and from Flipkart for Rs 389.

ZapTech SGS Series

This Zapp tech headphone gives a great music experience at an affordable price. The company claims that in these headphones it has given dual drivers that produce 3D base sound. This headphone can be purchased online from Amazon India for Rs 495.

Mi Earphones Basic

This earphone from Chinese company Xiaomi, which makes smartphones, comes with better sound quality and calling mic. This earphone with good build quality can be purchased at Amazon India, Xiaomi’s online store, and Flipkart for Rs 399.

Realme Buds
Bus, the earphone of former sub-brand Real from smartphone maker Oppa, is also on our list. These great calling and HD sound quality earphones can be purchased from Amazon, Flipkart, and Reality stores for Rs 499.

Oraimo Halo

Hong Kong-based company’s earphones can be a good choice in budget and affordable earphones. This headphone can be purchased online for Rs 199. The wire of this headphone is Kevlar fiber which makes it quite durable.

BoAt BassHeads 142

This model of wired earphone maker company boat can be purchased at Amazon India and Flipkart for Rs 499. The mic is also given to talking on the phone in this earphone. The specialty of this earphone is that it has a Braided Cable so that the earphones do not get tangled and disconnected. On these earphones, you also get a year warranty with great sound quality.

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