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6 Best GIF Apps for iPhone to Find and Create Memes

Best GIF apps for iphone to find and create meme
Best GIF apps for iphone to find and create meme

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format. If you are an enthusiast then, just Click on this link to dig deep in the world of GIF. So, if you are searching, the best GIF apps for iPhone then #Humbaa will definitely help you.

So, as we are living in the era of generation Z, we all are surrounded by social media, mainly teenager breathing social media.

Popular social media apps like Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, Parler app which recently in news created controversies. Like GIF’s Instagram Captions are also very popular on social media.

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So, GIF is very popular on the various social media platform. We use GIF’s to express our emotions clearly with fun.

From Twitter to iMessage, whats app, signal, telegram we are using GIF. But we constantly searching the best GIF Apps for iPhone. So, let’s check it out.

If you are searching that how to create MEME then this post will help you.


Giphy on Humbaa
Giphy on Humbaa

If you want to send the GIF fast, then after installing GIPHY in your iPhone, it automatically integrates to imessages. So, you can instantly share the GIF’s with your friends using your iPhone. GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

GIPHY is a treasure for meme lovers too, a huge collection of treading meme’s you can use to share on social platforms. Some popular Youtuber’s are also using the meme, GIF’s, to make their videos more engaging.

On Giphy you can find Trending GIF’s, Artists, there is a Clip section where you can find clips of many trending funny videos just make you fall in love with.

These 2 to 3-second Giphy clips surely fall in love with. Here are some of the popular clips you can check:

GIPHY on Humbaa
GIPHY on Humbaa
  • Girl, I Guess Pod.
  • Nascar
  • True and the rainbow kingdom
  • UFC
  • Rick and Morty
  • The Drew BarryMore Show

On Giphy there is also a stories section, where you can find the list of best gifs of the week. This is another cool feature or GIPHY.

GIPHY Stickers, you can use these stickers to impress your friends too. Use it in Your Tiktok videos, make your videos more funny and entertaining.

Emoji, here you can find emoji’s specially designed by GIPHY.

Text, in this section of Text, you can find text, in PNG format, this gonna really help you. The following is the list of trending text on GIPHY.

  • Speak up
  • Queer
  • Puppy Joy
  • Frida
  • Huh?!
  • Be Kind
  • Current Mood
  • Be your own boss
  • Show some love
  • Strange But true.

Reaction, in this tab you will discover the killer reactions. You gonaa love this too.

So, GIPHY is a must have app on every single iPhone.

Get GIPHY (Free)

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Tenor is another popular GIF keyboard. Tenor having the huge collection of Trending, Popular user-generated GIF’s. You can send animated GIF’s and videos using your iPhone.

Here, you can find meme, hashtags, trends.

Get GIF keyboard by Tenor(Free)

Gfycat: GIFs, stickers & memes 

Gfycat: GIFs, stickers & memes on Humbaa
Gfycat: GIFs, stickers & memes on Humbaa

Gfycat is a collection of millions of GIF’s and animated stickers to watch and dive deep in this world of GIF’s. Share the popular trending GIF’s, by using the GIF keyboard which allows you to send your favourite GIF’s instantly.

Nearly you can find the best GIF’s for any situation. As you can use Gifs instead of the normal emoji.

You can find latest video clips, trending memes. Text your friends by using the popular stickers, GIF’s and short videos.

You are a game lover then gfycat is treasure for you.

Get Gfycat (Free)


GIFwrapped is another great collection of the best gifs. You can store your favourite GIF’s on iCloud; so it can sync and you can use on various devices.

You can search GIF’s from the internet and you can also download from Twitter too.

Get GIFWrapped (Free, Premium Version)


If you want to host your photos, images then Imgur is the best website. You can use it as Google Photo alternative too but before that, you have to make your profile private.

Imgur is leading and major image hosting website. It mainly focuses and allows user to upload the GIFs, clips, Viral GIFs.

This website is simply awesome. If you are bored or want some stunning media during your video editing then this app really helps you out.

I am using Imgur, it rocks!!! Millions of trending images, gifs are here. You can follow the various groups. From Anime to Cat lovers all goodies here.

Get Imgur (iOS and Android too)


Gboard on Humbaa
Gboard on Humbaa

Googles Gboard. powered by Google. You can search the GIF’s to express your feelings. Search Emoji’s faster, create and send stickers to your friends too.

Gboard having an option of Glide Typing allows you to type faster. Multi-language support.

Get Gboard(Free For iOS and Android)


Reddit on Humbaa
Reddit on Humbaa

Wanna Reddit? extremely popular app. It will dive into anything. Millions of communities here of every imaginable subject.

r/gifs millions of gifs collection here allows you to download and share the gifs to your friends. In fact, Reddit is the “Own universe” of interested communities.

You can check here the list of best sub-reddits too.

Get Reddit (free for ios and android)

What is GIF short for? What exactly is a GIF?

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format.

What exactly is a GIF?

This is the list mentioned above, you can use some more suggestions too:
Reaction GIFs

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