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Alternatives to PayPal for Bloggers and Freelancers: 9 Great Choices

Alternatives to PayPal for Bloggers and Freelancers

In the early days of Freelancing and Blogging, PayPal was the sole option for international payments. For those who found PayPal to be cumbersome, however, there are now a number of PayPal alternatives that ensure smooth payments throughout the country for freelancers and clients.

These are legitimate methods of receiving your money online in a short period of time. The majority of PayPal competitors have websites that seem similar to PayPal, and each offers its own set of capabilities. You no longer have to be concerned about not being able to accept cross-border business because you do not have a PayPal account, since there is a solution for you!

Listed below are some of the most popular money transfer websites for your convenience, so that you do not have to go through the time-consuming process of setting up a PayPal account! The items on the list are not listed in any particular sequence, and you may select whatever meets your needs the best.


One of the most advantageous aspects of utilising Stripe is the lower fees, convenience of usage, and seamless integration with well-known WordPress eCommerce systems like as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Stripes allows you to generate freelancer payments by using any major debit or credit card that is accepted in more than 13 different countries.

Stripe may be used to take one-time payments, as well as recurring payments in certain cases. As a result, as a blogger or freelancer, you may take advantage of this payment method without having to pay a set or monthly cost and operate a genuinely global internet company.

There are no installation fees or monthly fees, and there are no hidden costs. The cost of a transaction processed using Stripe is 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction processed.


Payoneer will not charge you for joining up, but it will reward you with a $25 incentive if you make a $1,000 transaction with them. They charge a variety of fees, which vary depending on the method of payment.

For example, 3 percent of the total transaction value is charged when making direct credit card payments via a payment processor. A cost of $1.50 will be levied for transferring the money to a local bank, and an account fee of 2 percent of the transaction amount will be charged for withdrawing money in another currency from a foreign bank account.

Although creating a Payoneer account is an easier procedure, the negative is that their transaction costs are a bit higher when compared to other payment processors such as Stripe or Paypal.


PayPal’s cheaper rival, TransferWise, is one of the best. As a result of its multi-currency borderless account, you may receive money at a very low cost for your freelancing company.

There are no hidden fees and the price is always the same. Create an account in Transferwise and request payment from your client.

Using only a few clicks, customers may sign up for an account and pay with their credit cards. Your customer will be responsible for paying all platform and transaction costs.


2Checkout, sometimes known as 2CO, has received a large number of positive evaluations and is widely recognised as the finest PayPal alternative. 2CheckOut accepts payments in eight different ways, in 15 different languages, and in 87 different currencies in more than 200 regions across the globe.

Despite the fact that it does not offer direct transactions and instead needs you to use other invoicing software, it accepts credit card payments and also allows you to take money via PayPal without having a PayPal account of your own.

It’s easy to sign up with 2CheckOut, and their customer service is excellent, allowing you to have a more enjoyable shopping experience.


Skrill is a superior alternative to PayPal than Payoneer, plus it’s free. Create an account with Skrill, make payments, and take money out of an ATM using the Skrill prepaid MasterCard.

You may also use your phone to conduct your transactions using an Android and iPhone app.


With Remitly, you may send up to $1000 free of charge and benefit from amazing advertising packages. Payments may be made using a credit card or a debit card by simply going into your account and sending money to your card.

You may also send a fee-free payment, but it might take up to three days. If you’re not in a rush, I recommend it. You may also send money to more than 130 banks in India if you’re in the country.


Instamojo is a Bangalore-based company that attempts to offer digital items and collect payments over the internet. Payments to other Instamojo users may be sent quickly by using the @username or email address.

The same way, by distributing your username to others, you might gain compensation. Instamojo offers a variety of options for entrepreneurs and freelancers operating in today’s world of business. There are no startup costs, and you will only be charged 2 percent plus Rs.3 for each successful transaction, which is a little amount.

Google Pay is a payment service provided by Google.

Is it possible to write an essay without using Google? It’s difficult to put pen to paper! Google Pay is a really simple choice to set up, and it is by far the finest Paypal substitute available! Because it takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and there are no transaction fees, it is my preferred method.

Your customer would just need to have a credit or debit card connected to the Google pay wallet, and in order to complete each transaction, he or she would only need to enter the one-time password or the one-time OTP.

You may quickly transfer payments from your smartphone, and you can do it online or in person, and you can be confident in the security of your payments since they are processed via Google.

The payment processor Dwolla may be a good option if you make regular bank transfers. Dwolla, in comparison to PayPal, does not accept credit cards. Instead, by establishing a direct connection to the bank account, it facilitates the movement of payments.


The most advantageous aspect of eliminating card use is that transaction expenses are kept to a minimum. In truth, Dwolla is a service that allows anybody with a mobile to transfer money at the cheapest cost to anyone else.

Dwolla does not charge for transactions with values less than $10, and it charges a fixed rate of $0.25 for transactions with values more than $10. Consequently, if you are a newcomer and are concerned about transaction fees, Dwolla is the answer.

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