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Best Pictures of the year on this Christmas 2021 Part 1

SelfieImgur Pictures of the
SelfieImgur Pictures of the

SelfieImgur Pictures of the year

Christmas information 2021

Christmas is celebrated as a religious and cultural holiday. Christmas is recognized by Christians and non-Christians in many different ways, including celebrating with family, exchanging gifts, Christian worship, singing Christmas carols, and lighting various candles and lamps.

After the celebration of Mass or Communion on December 24, known as Christmas Eve, people traditionally exchange gifts on December 25. This date is both a religious holiday and a cultural holiday observed worldwide.

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Christmas Eve, December 24:

Christmas Day is celebrated as a family holiday and gift-giving occasion in the West. The Santa Claus legend is also popular among children at this time of year. On Christmas Eve, some families arrange their dinner table to look like a Nativity scene with hay underneath and food representing the baby Jesus and his mother, Mary. The food is often displayed on a tablecloth covering most of the dinner table. A wreath made out of holly leaves usually decorates the center of the table.

SelfieImgur Pictures of the
SelfieImgur Pictures of the

Christmas Day, December 25:

In many countries, it is common to hold Midnight Mass or even early morning mass on Christmas Day morning. It is traditional for everyone to attend church in their finest clothes and then have breakfast together before opening presents in their pajamas.

Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that has been decorated with lights, tinsel, toys, ornaments, and garlands. All over the world, people would cut down a pine tree and bring it home to decorate it as a Christmas tree.

The history of Santa Claus goes back to the 4th century when he was known as St. Nicholas, who gave gifts to poor children after they had been wrong. He was later called Father Christmas or Saint Nick.

One of the exciting things about this season is that everyone gets new socks, underwear, and pajamas for Christmas.

Imgur Pictures of the year 2021

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