Best Top 20 Rabbit Alternatives

Best Rabbit Alternatives.

Before knowing it’s alternatives, let’s know, What is Rabbit? Rabbit is a web app for streaming services was released in 2014. It is also known as So here we go…

Rabbit was an amazing platform where it’s users used to watch movies, videos, organized meetings with friends or family in real-time. People were able to stream contents together. It is sad that Last year in July, all its assets were sold by Kast with all the rights. Later it upgrades more new features in it. Rabbit was shut down on May.

But you people do not worry about it because we are here to provide you best 20 alternatives of which will give you similar and best features like Rabbit had. So, here we go with the Top 20 alternatives…

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1. Watch2gether

Watch2gether Rabbit Alternatives

Watch2gether is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit. You can watch contents or videos with others. Yes, a group of people can enjoy the movie or videos together. You can even chat with others as there is a chat room available. All you need to do is just share the link and invite people to join the chat room. You can use webcam and audio chat too and it makes it more interesting and amazing. It’s supported platforms are Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube and others. You don’t need any kind of login process, you don’t even have to pay for this as it is totally free of charge.

If you are a music lover so this gives you streaming services with music tadka too. It supports Soundcloud so you can listen to your favourite music here. I am definitely sure that You would love to use this amazing platform. It has a great collection of contents which is totally free.

Steps to open Watch2gether

– Just create a room without any kind of payment and log in process.

– Invite your friends or close one by sharing the link on email, facebook etc.

– Just open Watch2gether with full of fun.

2. TogetherTube


TogetherTube is another best alternative to Rabbit. Its maximum features are like Watch2Gether. Here are many contents in videos are available. You can chat with your friends or family and even public in a chat room. For chatting with friends, Just invite your friends by sharing the link. It supports Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud. Thus, listening to music can also be done here. The best part is, it has more features included. There is a voting option, so you can vote for the video and that helps the highest voted video to come next. You can make arrangements like change names etc in your chat room.

It is totally free and without any kind of registration process.

3. Invited


If you are looking for high-quality movies or videos so Invited is the best platform and alternative to Rabbit. You can watch high-quality videos and contents here. The best part is, you can watch Netflix, Crunchyroll and many others here. You can chat and even there is a setting given so that you can control the settings of a chat room where more than 50 people can add. Private rooms are also available here. Emojis and reactions can also be share which makes it more interesting.

4. Netflix Party

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

NetflixParty is just an amazing way to watch Netflix online. You can watch it with your friends or family. It is an extension of Chrome and it is important to have this extension for using or sharing with your favourite ones. The best part is, you can even chat with your friends during watching movies or any kind of videos on Netflix.

you may ask, how does Netflix Party work?

so here is the answer,

– First of all, you have to install Netflix Party.

– After that, simply add Netflix Party to Chrome.

– Open the Netflix video that you want to watch and then create Netflix Party.

– Lastly, Join the Netflix Party and Enjoy!

5. Kosmi


Kosmi is another best digital platform where people can stream videos or movies online. More than 300k users use this platform monthly. There is no need for registration process or sign up. Here also chatroom is present including webcam. You can hang out with friends with this platform.

You can watch many video related contents in Kosmi with many streaming services. You can even play games like poker and many others. The best part is your room can be joined by any people, friends and public. To invite them, just URL can help.

If we talk about the safety of Kosmi, so it is totally safe.

6. Meta stream


Metastream allows you to stream videos and contents with your friends and family. You can watch the videos and chat too at the same time with your friends. Just send them the code to join. The best part is it. The best part is, it supports almost all streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and many others.

There is a webcam and audio chatting support too which makes it way more interesting.

7. Parsec

Game Work and Play Together From Anywhere Parsec 1

Parsec is one of those applications which is used for playing games and streaming videos. It was initially released in 2016. User can run the game on one device and remotely through another device. You can stream videos with your friends by inviting them.

You get webcam and audio support here which makes it way more interesting. It is mainly made for streaming games with friends. So the gamers can have more fun here as they can play games and at the same time chat or comment here. But you can even stream videos and chat at the same time so Parsec is one of the best alternatives of Rabbit.

8. Rave


If you love people to bring around you and watch videos or movies with you so Rave is the best platform and one of the best alternative to Rabbit. It supports Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube and many others. Your friends can join you while watching movies or videos.

You can share videos to your friends by Google drive, Reddit, Vimeo etc and music can be shared by Dropbox. You can use any kind of device. Here are many videos related contents available which will not let you bore, in fact, you can watch with your friends in real-time and chat too.

9. Synatop

Synaptop on Humbaa

Synatop is just similar to Rabbit. It is one of the best platforms to stream videos and movies with friends or family. It has so many features as similar to You can watch movies and listen to music with your friends and family. The best part is, you can even video chat with so many people at the same time. You can edit documents too.

It is a remote desktop platform so that you can share all kinds of contents. You can share save and open files from here. You can even sketch the same canvas with your friends. This is one of the best platforms to enjoy with friends or family. You can even collaborate with your friends for some projects related work as it support save, open files, video chatting and so many other options.

If you have a question that how to watch YouTube videos on synatop?

so here is the answer….

– First of all, you have to sign up by your email address or facebook account.

– Just invite your friends by sending link on emails.

– You will get option of theatre, just open it and choose YouTube videos.

– At the top right, you will get option to invite your contacts by sending a link online.

– Just tap “Play” and watch with your friends.

– Have fun!

10. ShareTube


ShareTube is another web media to stream, share and chat with friends and family in real-time. There is no need for the registration process. When you open this, you will get to watch some videos and you become interested to watch so you can easily join that particular room. It has up to 30k rooms.

There is no need for registration or sign up process. All you need to do is, just enter your name and create your room that’s it, You are all set to stream videos on ShareTube now. But you can watch only YouTube videos here so to watch videos, you just have to enter the URL. You can even group chat with your friends.

11. Together TV

Together TV Humbaa
Together TV

Together TV is all about community channel which is a web-based interface. It is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit as you can stream videos from popular streaming services like Netflix and others. You get two options here, one that you can watch videos from this site or either from your original file.

There is no need for any kind of registration or sign up process. Like other alternatives, you can chat with your friends while streaming videos at the same time. It also has audio support.


MyCircileTV is all about to discover videos with friends and family. It is another good alternative to Rabbit. It supports platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others. You can chat with your friends at the same time while watching videos. But there is no support of webcam and audio chat.

13. Kast

Kast on Humbaa

As I already told, Kast acquired so it becomes more interesting to know about Kast. So let’s get highlighted about Kast.

Kast is another live streaming video platform. You can upload your created videos here and you can even share with your friends or family. It runs on Mac and Windows devices. You can chat with your friends and audio support is also available. It allows you to host parties with more than 90 friends at a time. You can even play games with your friends and chat at the same time.

How to open Kast?

– First of all, visit the site.

– There create your account or simply sign up with google account.

– That’s it. You are all set to stream!

Kast app is also available, so you can download.

14. Airtime

airtime on humbaa
Airtime on Humbaa

Airtime is another good alternative to Rabbit. It is a mobile app present in both Android and iOS and over 1 million people download this app with over 10,000 reviews.

It has many features available like..

– You can stream videos with your Friends or family together.

– You can listen to music and video chat with your friends.

– The most interesting thing while chatting is, you can even reward gifts.

– You can play games with your friends by inviting them.

– You can create rooms.

– You can video chat with your multiple friends and makes it way more interesting.

15. Twoseven

Twoseven on Humbaa

Like other alternatives, Twoseven is a platform which provide you sharing and streaming videos with your close ones like friends and family. It supports popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many others. You can chat with your friends but audio does not support here. It has a Chrome extension too.

It is one of the best alternative of Rabbit.

16. Syncplay

Syncplay Humbaa

No matter, at what distance your friend is living from you, Syncplay allows you to enjoys streaming videos with them together. It can be download for laptop also. Syncplay launched media centre too so that connected users can sync together and have fun.

It supports Windows, macOS and Linux. Mobile supports are not currently available but maybe in future, it will. The best part is, it is totally free of cost. You can stream videos with friends and family and also can chat with them. It is so wonderful!

17. Explorii App

Explorii is one of those apps who believe to connect people together online. Explorii app is a full package of entertainment. Yes, you heard right, in this app, you will get lots of features than any other alternatives. It is all about the connection of foods, songs etc across the World.

You can chat with your friends, you can stream movies and videos with them, there is also the option of video chatting and phone calls too. Thus make it way more interesting to connect with people and enjoy at the same time.

18. Animeparty

In today’s time, Anime contents are very popular and many anime contents are available to keep you entertained. And if you are an anime lover, so this is just for you. It is full of streaming anime contents which makes it way more interesting. Here you get a library from where you can choose and start watching your content. You can even share videos with your friends and family. You can even chat with your friends and family.

19. Caracal Club

Caracal Club on humbaa
Caracal Club

You can run any web browser for this. Caracal Club is another best alternative to Rabbit. Here also you can chat with your friends and make rooms. But unlike others, it does not support audio and video chatting. You can subscribe it for $5 per month. It has many videos to stream and text chatting at the same time.

20. SyncLounge

SyncLounge on Humbaa

SyncLounge is a third party app for streaming videos and its media server option is Plex. It supports both iOS and Android like Roku set-top boxes, Apple TVs and many others.

You can connect to Plex Library, chat with your family and friends, and even you can create rooms. You would have a great experience while watching in SyncLounge.

So, All these are top 20 alternatives of Rabbit. And I’m 100% sure that you would love enjoying these. So what you guys are waiting for for…just download and connect with your friends while enjoying. Have fun!

Thank You!

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