8 Best RDP (Remote Desktop) Clients for Linux in 2024

8 Best RDP (Remote Desktop) Clients for Linux in 2024

Take control from anywhere: Your guide to remote desktop clients

Imagine accessing your work computer or favorite programs from any device, anywhere! Remote desktop clients make this possible.

These handy tools let you connect to another computer over a network, giving you full control as if you were sitting right in front of it.

What can you do with a remote desktop client?

  • Tech Support: Help a friend fix their computer without leaving your couch.
  • Access files & programs: Work on your documents, run software, and manage everything from afar.
  • Remote work: Stay productive and connected to your office desktop, even when miles away.
  • Screen sharing: Collaborate with colleagues or friends by sharing your screen in real-time.
  • …and much more!

Best part? There are free and paid options for Windows, macOS, and Linux, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

This article dives deeper, exploring the top remote desktop clients for each operating system, helping you choose the one that best suits your needs!

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Tame the remote jungle with mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG: Your one-stop shop for managing all your remote connections.

This free, open-source tool lets you:

  • Connect to anything: Use RDP, VNC, SSH, and more to access all your devices.
  • Tabbed interface: Effortlessly switch between connections with a simple click.
  • Organized workspace: Customize your view with panels and tabs for a clear overview.
  • Security first: Manage credentials, set connection restrictions, and stay informed with connection alerts.
  • Power features: Scan ports, transfer files securely, and even launch external tools – all within mRemoteNG.

Simplify your remote life with mRemoteNG!

SupRemo: Simple & Secure Remote Access

SupRemo lets you control computers and servers from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for:

  • Tech Support: Fix issues remotely, from any device (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS).
  • Easy Setup: No installation needed, just download and go!
  • Secure Connections: Encrypted data transfer keeps your info safe.

Business Features (Pro Plans):

  • Custom Branding: Add your company logo for a professional touch.
  • Unlimited Address Book: Easily manage your team’s connections.
  • Affordable Plans: Pay-as-you-go based on your needs.

Get Started for Free!

Download SupRemo now, no email or credit card required. Visit their website for more info.


RustDesk: Secure & Easy Remote Access

RustDesk lets you control your computer from anywhere:

  • Simple & Clean: Easy setup and intuitive interface.
  • Multi-Device Support: Manage multiple remote machines at once.
  • Secure by Design: Latest encryption protects your data.
  • Free & Customizable: Perfect for individuals and small businesses.

Bonus Features:

  • Built-in file transfer
  • Simple server setup
  • One-click RDP connection

Download RustDesk for free and take control!

Avica: Powerful & Secure Remote Access

Avica lets you control your computer remotely, anywhere, anytime:

  • Secure & User-Friendly: Access your IT systems safely.
  • Multitasking Master: Manage multiple connections in stunning 4K.
  • Gamer’s Paradise: Enjoy smooth, high-quality remote gameplay.
  • Print Anything: Print documents from your remote machine to a local printer.
  • Work Smarter: Manage files, view multiple screens, and blackout distractions.

Free for personal use, with Pro and Enterprise plans available.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

FreeRDP: Free, Fast & Flexible Remote Access

FreeRDP lets you control your computer remotely, for free:

  • Fast & Powerful: Enjoy smooth performance on any device.
  • Highly Customizable: Tailor your remote experience to your needs.
  • Works Everywhere: Access computers from Windows, Mac, or Linux.

FreeRDP: Freedom to work your way.

Quasar: Powerful Remote Control for Windows PCs

Quasar lets you manage multiple remote machines on Windows:

  • Easy Connections: RDP, VNC, SSH & more – all in one app.
  • Secure & Fast: Encrypted connections for smooth performance.
  • Advanced Features: File transfer, recording, and more for IT pros.

Free to try!

Royal TS: Take Control Like a Pro (Windows)

Royal TS: Manage all your remote connections with ease:

  • Highly Customizable: Set up connections exactly how you need them.
  • Multi-Protocol Support: Works with RDP, VNC, SSH, and more.
  • Power User Features: Automation, recording, secure team sharing.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep an eye on performance.
  • Manage Everything: VMware, Hyper-V, file transfer, and more.

Perfect for IT professionals.

MobaXterm: Swiss Army Knife for Remote Access (Windows)

MobaXterm: Powerful terminal & remote access for Windows:

  • Lightweight & Versatile: SSH, VNC, RDP, X11 server, file transfer & more.
  • Tabbed Interface: Manage multiple connections at once.
  • Power User Features: Command execution, recording, plugins & add-ons.

Free to try!


Feeling overwhelmed by complex remote desktop tools? Remmina throws a lifeline! It’s the perfect sidekick for anyone who needs to access a remote computer but wants to avoid a tech headache.

Think of it as the comfy sweatpants of remote access tools. Lightweight and user-friendly, Remmina lets you connect to your remote desktop in seconds. No need to spend hours deciphering manuals – just a quick double-click and you’re in!

But Remmina isn’t just about simplicity. It keeps your remote sessions organized with a handy tabbed interface, so you can bounce between connections with ease. Need to share your screen or transfer a file? Remmina’s got your back. Plus, it remembers your preferred view mode, making each session even smoother.

For those who like a little extra control, Remmina offers customization options galore. Tweak your toolbar visibility, configure full-screen behavior, and even take screenshots – all with a few clicks. Feeling adventurous? Expand Remmina’s capabilities with a variety of plugins, adding features like secure password management and enhanced audio support.

So, ditch the frustration and embrace the ease. Remmina is the free remote desktop solution that puts you in control, without the complexity. Download it today and experience the difference!

Zoho Assist

Struggling with Linux IT support? Zoho Assist is your superhero! No complex setup, just zip, connect, and fix. Our remote desktop software lets you access and manage Linux machines effortlessly. Worried about security? Relax, Zoho Assist uses top-notch encryption to keep things safe.

Need a second opinion? Invite extra technicians with a click! Plus, share files up to 5GB, reboot systems, and record sessions for easy review. Zoho Assist – affordable, secure, and jam-packed with features to make your Linux support a breeze.

10 FAQs About Remote Desktop Clients

Remote desktop clients are becoming increasingly popular for work and personal use. Here are some commonly asked questions to help you understand them better:

1. How does a remote desktop client work?

Think of it like controlling another computer from afar. You connect from your client device (laptop, phone, tablet) to a host computer (the one you want to access) using software. The host displays its screen on your client, and your keyboard/mouse actions control it.

2. Isn’t that the same as remote desktop software?

Not quite. Remote desktop software refers to the software installed on the host computer to enable access. Remote desktop clients are the software applications you use on your client device to connect to the host.

3. What are the benefits of using a remote desktop client?

There are many benefits, especially for remote work:

  • Work remotely: Access your office computer from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Simplify IT tasks: IT teams can manage updates, patches, and fixes remotely.
  • Reduced costs: Save on hardware and travel expenses.
  • Improved performance and security: Quickly troubleshoot issues and optimize device health.
  • Increased productivity: Work seamlessly from any location.

4. What are some features to look for in a remote desktop client?

Features vary, but some common ones include:

  • Easy connection setup
  • Tabbed interface for managing multiple connections
  • Secure data transfer
  • File transfer capabilities
  • Screen sharing

5. Are there free remote desktop clients available?

Yes! Several free options offer basic functionalities. However, paid versions often provide more features and advanced security.

6. Is it safe to use a remote desktop client?

Security depends on the client you choose. Look for one with strong encryption and authentication features.

7. What devices can I use a remote desktop client on?

Many clients work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

8. Do I need any special hardware to use a remote desktop client?

No, just an internet connection and compatible software on both devices.

9. What are some popular remote desktop client options?

Popular choices include Microsoft Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Zoho Assist, and Chrome Remote Desktop.

10. Which remote desktop client is right for me?

Consider your needs: free vs. paid, features required, platform compatibility. Research and compare options to find the best fit.


Remote desktop clients are a valuable tool for remote work, IT management, and personal use. By understanding how they work and their benefits, you can choose the right option to connect and control computers from anywhere with ease.

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