250+ Best YouTube Channel Names For Education 2022

By | August 21, 2022

Best YouTube Channel Names

Have you given any thought to the possibility of beginning your very own instructional channel on YouTube? If you answered “yes,” then you should keep reading.

If the videos you upload to YouTube are both educational and entertaining, you have a vast audience waiting for them.

However, having a fantastic idea for both the concept and the substance of your work is just one side of the issue. To attract people to watch your video amid the billions of others that are already on YouTube, you need to find a way to make it stand out from the crowd.

The name you give your channel is the first step in building a brand on YouTube. It is important that the name you choose for your YouTube channel accurately conveys the nature of the videos you upload and the experience your viewers may anticipate getting from watching them.

If the name of your YouTube channel contains relevant keywords, this may help it rank higher in relevant search results, which in turn may bring you more viewers.

This article features over 200 distinct educational channels that can be found on YouTube. You are free to use these channel names anyway you see fit. First things first, let’s go through the basics of what a YouTube education channel is and why you should consider creating one for yourself.

What is a YouTube Education Channel?

According to what the term “education channel” suggests, a YouTube education channel is intended for users who create video content with the intention of educating others about a certain topic or subject. These sorts of channels may potentially cover a wide range of topics, including mathematics, psychology, physics, and even foreign languages.

On the other hand, these channels are most successful in the educational industry. This category includes activities such as getting help from a tutor, learning a new language, and finishing a project for school.

When creating any type of instructional video, regardless of the subject matter, this is the single most important item to keep in mind at all times.

Why Should You Create a YouTube Channel for Education?

There are a lot of individuals that consider YouTube to be the second most popular search engine in the world, just after Google. They make use of it in order to get solutions to a variety of problems. As a result of its potential to assist users with a variety of challenges, YouTube is seeing a growth in the level of popularity enjoyed by instructional video clips.

Many members of today’s student population would rather learn by viewing videos than reading textbooks. According to study conducted by Pearson Education, 59 percent of members of Generation Z would rather learn through YouTube videos than from traditional textbooks.

Creating a channel on YouTube is a smart decision that may help you reach this new audience of learners in a way that is both efficient and entertaining.

YouTube has opened the door for content creators to make money off of their work. If your instructional channel has a significant following, you may be able to monetize it via YouTube’s Partner Program.

Videos from YouTube might potentially be used as a pedagogical resource in classroom settings. In order to facilitate greater communication between teachers and students, they need instructional material that is not only fascinating but also factually sound.

It’s possible that both your credibility as an instructor and as a YouTuber will increase as a result of this. In order to educate a larger number of people, these videos might potentially be included into online classes.

It’s also feasible that you won’t have to show up on camera at all (if that’s something you like to avoid). To be able to make instructional video for your YouTube channel, you do not need a sophisticated infrastructure.

Recording and uploading presentations to YouTube may be accomplished via the use of screencasting software such as Camtasia, Loom, or PowerPoint. Producing instructional content is made much easier by tools like as Audacity and others that do voiceover work.

Advertising your channel may also be done via the use of whiteboard animations. Whiteboard animations, which normally last between one and three minutes, make use of animations as well as drawings that are shown on white screens.

Because they are easy to build and fun to watch, they are an excellent choice for students in elementary and secondary schools.

The following methods may be used to the production of instructional films and their subsequent dissemination to your audience.

You’ll be able to create high-quality instructional content for YouTube if you have a genuine interest in the subject matter that you’re imparting to others, regardless of the educational approach that you use.

Tips for Naming your Youtube Channel

Follow YouTube Community Guidelines

Make sure that you have familiarised yourself with YouTube’s community guidelines and standards before settling on a moniker for your channel. By adhering to the Community Guidelines, users have a better chance of avoiding problems like as spam, impersonating other writers, and using language that is inappropriate.

Avoiding using a name that violates these guidelines is the only way to protect yourself from potentially severe consequences, such as a monetary penalty or expulsion from the website.

Choose a Name that Represents Your Brand Identity & Values

It is important that the values you want your channel to represent are reflected in its name. It determines the types of viewers to whom your content is appealing and the level of interest that is piqued by the videos you upload.

In addition, if you want people to associate your name with the product or service, you should make sure to mention it in any promotional materials that are created.

Make it Short, Unique, and Catchy

When choosing a name for your YouTube channel, you should make sure that it is succinct and stands out from the crowd. Long titles are difficult to remember for search engines like Google and other search engines, which makes it more difficult for people to locate them when they are searching for them.

In addition, the name of your channel should be unique so that viewers who are seeking for information on the topics that you cover will have an easier time finding your videos.

Create Keywords in Your Channel Name

According to SEO experts, creating a keyword-rich channel name can help boost your ranking in search results and drive more traffic to your YouTube videos. So ensure you include keywords related to your niche in your brand name to increase your visibility in search results.

Choose a Name Related to Your Niche

The name of your lesson should tell visitors what they may expect from the topics you’re going to cover. As a result, it’s critical that you choose a name that accurately defines your work.

If your videos are about mathematics, for example, the term “math” in your channel name will give visitors a hint as to what you have to offer.

How to Come Up With a YouTube Channel Name: A Short Exercise

It would be fantastic if you could come up with a name for your business that reflected the fundamental values of the organisation as well as its unique brand identity.

Participating in this exercise can assist you in thinking of a good name for your YouTube channel:

Write down three words that best define your target market in order to obtain a deeper understanding of that market.

Write down a few additional words that clarify these notions in addition to the identity of your brand and the ideals it upholds.

The next thing to do is to generate a list of potential names by combining the words from the first phase with the values from the second step.

Choose a name for your business that is catchy to your ideal customers and appropriately conveys your organization’s guiding principles as well as its one-of-a-kind personality.

Best YouTube Channel Names For Education

. Passionate about Plants

. Market Cadence

. Finance with an edge

. Days To

. Make with Wayne

. What’s Going On With Money?

. Young & Black in STEM

. Girl Boss Mentors

. nd Grade Stories

. Ripples in Space

. Unscripted – The B Edit

. Noisy Narratives


. AccentOutLoud

. Band Room

. Sales Funnel Oasis

. Teachable Moments

. Read The World

. We Write Weird Shit

. Woodworking Radio

. History Rewind

Good youtube names

. The Jolly Maths Train

. Kevin Loves Spelling

. The Math Dude Show

. Mathemagician

. A Nerd’s World for Learning Mathematics

. The Professor’s Place

. AI Sparking Soul

. Talking AI With Deborah Strauss and Friends

. The Tech Evangelist

. I Digress with Anne

. Theoretically Speaking

. Talk of the th

. Master Copywriter Show

. ReDIScover

. Journey Through Robots

. History Of Ancient America For Teens

. All Things Robotics

. Native Tongues


. Oddball Science

. Fun with Forces

. Science Explorer

. Tekperts

. Kind Science

. Teaching at Home: STEM

. Reel Film Marketing.

. Take it to The Arts

. Art to Action

. ROBOT Worship

. Dazzle & Dork

. D Print Time

. Coffee & History

. In The Content Garden

Cool youtube names

. Dental Mindset

. Journey with The Way

. SaaSketball

. Adam’s Digital Factory

. Forshaw Money Academy

. Beards, Books, and Badassery

. Marketing School for Startups

. BB Marketing – Beyond The Sale

. Teton Talks

. Classical Breakdown


. Mixtape for Dummies

. Digital Advocacy

. New Age Freethinkers

. Let’s Talk eCommerce

. Heart of The Songwriter

. Scale Up Academy

. Colors Of Digital

. The Tea with Evah

. Market Dominance by Dentsu Aegis

. Unravelling The Muse with Koko to & Toshi

. The Marketing Ninja Show

. Social Business Academy

. Programming For Passion

. The Epic Podcast

. One Woman’s Journey to Success

. Portfolio of Possibilities

. Selling You, Not Your Product

. Self-Help School

. On The Path

. Geography and History Shuffle

. Journey To The Center Of It All

. Embrace Your Ears!

. TechGen Talks

. Nerds of the Square Circle

. Faith-Driven Education

. What the Geog!

. Code for the Modern Man

. Mapmakerz – Map-Mapping Tips

. Wild Brave Soul: Finding Yourself Through Nature

. Learn Out Loud

. Biz Hackers Radio

. Startup Lessons Learned

. I Love Comics with Comics the Educator

. The Marketing Breakfast Show

. Coding Nomads Show

. Live From the Disrupted Classroom

. The Nerdcast

. Passion To Profession

. Inside The Team

. Beyond That Normal

. Hacking Life

. Your Marketing MBA

. Unapologetically Passionate

Best name for youtube channel for gaming

. Marketing Charts

. Game Devotee Flawed

. The TechTalk Show

. The Learning Curve with Bennett Barton

. #LiveLifeNoFilter: Unfiltered Conversation

. Language Learning Made Fun!

. How We Did It: Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs

. Making Sense of the Business World

. The New Capitalist

. Build it – Sell it – Profit from it

. Code Monkey Talks

. Coaches Off The Bench

. Remote Experts

. Take a Wander with The Naturelads

. The Expert Series

. Office Hours with Dan and Bo Bennett

. The Geeky Traveler Show

. The Connecting Grid

. The Business Explorers

. The Library of Audio Books

. The Marketing Grenade

. Moms Can Design IT!

. The Real Estate Show with Mike the Realtor

. Fizzle’s Recommended for Entrepreneurs

. OutOfTheCube.net

. No Such Thing as a Fish with Ben and Liam

. Social Media Playbook

. Wildlife Photography School

. Straightforward Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

. Home Business Bootcamp

. The Ideas That Matter Show

. Power-Up Your Game Dev Career

. Game Dev Technical Mastery

. WordPress Theme Club

. The Things You Need To Know About Vacuuming

. Why We Love Vacuuming

. Life Hacker with Brett Moffitt

. Online Income Secrets

. The Healthy Conversation

. Poker Sharks

. The Mindset Uplift Show

. The Butch Show with Jeff & Jules

. Life Beyond Work: Peak Performers Show

. READ.Write.Repeat

. Eating Disorder Fighters

. Nutrition & Motivation Network

. One-on-One Nutrition

. Unwinding with Study Abroad

. Think Different Nation

. nd Chance Education

. Teacher’s Writing Corner

. NFT Island Discussions

. Reading and Writing Resource Hub

. Keep Calm and DIY

. Decentralized Content Creators Network

. The Messenger Project

. The Speakership Academy

. Crypto Teacher’s Lounge

. Be Your Own Boss

. The Money Medic

. The Money For Your Hustle Podcast

. Accidental Creatives Podcast

. Virtual Staff Finder

. Crypto Teacher: Teaching NFTs and Crypto to Everyone

. The Technology Connection

. The Business of Food

. Entrepreneurship LIVE

. The Real Estate Investing University

. The Mel Gibson Show

. The Business of You

. Marketing for the Rest of Us

. The Business of Show with Arnie Kuenn

. Lightbulb Moments with Joel Comm & Sally Hogshead

. Business Success Made Easy

. Master Your Photography

. LIT Reviewers

. Red Pill Pro-life

. Dropshipping Knowledge

. Zenmommy

. Office Hours by ExcelUK

Cute youtube names

. Marketing for Executives

. Teens in the Classroom

. Technically Correct

. ReproTalk

. No-code Entrepreneur Show

. Marketing For Businesses That Care

. Yoga Business Success

. The Dumpster Lifestyle with Ryan Biddulph

. A Life Coach’s Life

. The Freedom Journal

. The Money Squirrel Show with Rob

. Fotography Academy

. Wiser Than Yesterday

. Texas Outdoor Show

. Life in the Rabbit Hole

. Harsh Somal – Statistics and Mathematics Coach

. Zen & Wellness with Kylie

. Fertility Forward

. Medical School Perspectives

. Money LIVE! with Jason Hartman

. Behind The Resume

. Not Your Average Premed

. A Conversation With Jeff Goins

. Car Talk Podcast

. The Side Hustle Show – Working Side Jobs Your Way

. Every Single Dollar Show

. The Elsie Show with Elsie Escobar

. She Inspires Me

. The Bad Crypto Podcast

. Amazing Marketing Show

. Communications Skills Unleashed with Lucinda Bridgeman

. The Coaching Loop

. The $ MBA

. Dropshiptalks

. Man School: Redefining The Man

. Higher Order Thinking

. Theoretically Inclined

. I’m a professional photographer, So What?

. Let’s Talk Dropshipping

. Mathematalk

. Zen and the Art of Practionism

. Excel Addict

. Learn Programming with me

. Office Mechanics

. The Ben Hassine Show

. Safe and Sound with Jeanie Freemanman

. New Media Voices

. Creating Your Future with Joe Rubino

. The Blogging Edge

. In the Arena with Men’s Health

. Zen in the Status Quo

. TechScienceTV

. Gen Z Biologist

. Game Developers on the Verge

. Unscripted Mathematicians

. Math Diner

. Wholesale to Bill

. DataOpsU with Glen Hiemstra

. Computers in Plain English – from Average Joe to Geeky Jo(e)y

. The Great Online Income Experiment

. Tackling Executive Burnout with Jennifer Seibold

. The Office Hours Show

. The Marketing Scoop

. Game Dev Diary

. Define Your Brand with Jennifer Seibold

. The Mark Hodges Show

. Raising Money for Schools with David Crane

. Make Something Games

. Game Dev Realm

. We Make D


. Deep Neural Notebooks

. Naked Conversations with Dave Clark

. Design By Machine

. Heart of AgroBusiness

. Data Science Insider

. What Do Ya Know Good? DIY Show

. Gamers Getting Game Dev Job

. Science for Teens

. So, What Are You Still Selling?

. Online Profit Mastery

Starting and Scaling Your Educational YouTube Channel

After you have settled on a name for your channel and selected some keywords to focus on, it is time to set up your channel on YouTube.

When it comes to managing an educational channel on YouTube, you have the choice of treating it as either a fun hobby or a full-time business venture for yourself and your audience.

The following is a list of suggestions that will assist you in getting your channel up and running and attracting the appropriate audience.

Create a Memorable Channel Logo

Users’ very first impression of your channel will be represented by the YouTube logo. When it comes to developing a colour scheme, this is a fantastic place to get started.

You have the option of selecting an image that complements the general aesthetic of your content or that makes use of colour schemes that are readily recognisable by the target audience.

Choose a Thumbnail That Looks Great at Thumbnail Size

If a viewer is just going to spend a few seconds on your channel, you need to give them a reason to click on your thumbnail so that they don’t waste their time.

If you are streaming a video in 1080p resolution on YouTube, the thumbnails will be scaled down to suit the screen, so viewers won’t be able to see a close-up of your face or brand.

You can quickly modify your thumbnail for each new post by creating a number of thumbnail sizes in Canva and saving them as a template. This will allow you to use the same thumbnail for all of your posts.

Start With a Single Topic

Before you begin producing videos for your channel, you need to initially settle on the subject matter that you want to instruct others in.

To achieve success in your niche, two of the most crucial things you can do are to be consistent with the message you’re attempting to convey and to target the right audience.

If you want to make instructional movies about marketing, a good place to start would be with a wide topic such as “marketing counsel” or “internet marketing.” However, rather than beginning with “online marketing for restaurants,” it is recommended that one start with “internet marketing tips for restaurants.”

Establishing a series, such as “How to Use Pinterest for Your Business,” may be done in a number of different ways. One of these techniques is described below.

Your videos’ search engine rankings on YouTube and Google will improve if you have a dedicated following and a significant increase in the amount of time users spend watching your videos.

If you do this, your content will be easier to find in search results, which will lead to an increase in the number of subscribers and the amount of engagement.

Make an Introductory Video

An introduction video is a short video in which you explain yourself and the information that you want to deliver on your channel in a manner that is easy to comprehend and can be seen in a matter of a few minutes or less. This kind of video may also be referred to as a teaser video.

You only have one shot at convincing people to subscribe to your channel, so you need to make sure that the content is interesting and engaging enough to keep them coming back for more.

You have a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself to the audience and tell them about your job within the first few minutes of the presentation.

Keep Your Videos Short

Given that the average viewer only pays attention for one minute at a time, the maximum length of your films should not be more than five minutes.

If you do that, maintaining their attention and assisting them in recalling more information will be much simpler. If you are going to be giving a lengthy lecture on a certain topic, then extended videos are the perfect medium for you to use.

However, try to keep your material as succinct and straightforward as possible. It will help you stand out from the competition in a market that is competitive by keeping viewers interested and engaged in what you have to offer.

Break Up the Content into Smaller Segments

When a lengthy piece of text is broken up into more manageable bits, it is much easier for readers to take in the information being presented.

What should you do if, for example, you are developing a tutorial on how to use a picture editing tool such as Photoshop?

You could want to include, in addition to the instruction that lasts for four minutes, a second portion that delves even more into the topic that you covered in the first part of the presentation.

Lastly, you should create a third episode of the tutorial series that demonstrates how to use Photoshop to assemble an image collage.

This design makes it simpler for visitors to get the information they’re looking for due to the fact that it is broken up into smaller parts.

By using this strategy, you will be able to strengthen your connection with your audience members by encouraging them to watch more of your videos and to subscribe to your channel.

Be Consistent

The more often you upload content to your YouTube channel, the greater the likelihood that you will attract a following of devoted followers who anxiously anticipate the next video in your series.

It is best to develop a regular publishing schedule and to stay to it stringently so that your subscribers have the chance to get to know both you and your company.

You shouldn’t merely generate a lot of content in the hopes that some of it will resonate with your audience; rather, you should focus on making sure that the content you produce is both beneficial and interesting to the people who follow you.


If you want to use YouTube for educational purposes, you should come up with a catchy channel name that will pique the interest of your target audience and help you gain a steady stream of subscribers and viewers. There is no other idea that is a better idea than setting up a YouTube channel for educational reasons.

It is difficult to choose a favourite from the options that have been presented so far. Begin with the one that appeals to you the most. Everyone should be using YouTube!

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