Home gadget BIGiDESIGN Ti Mini Pen - miniature is in the quest.

BIGiDESIGN Ti Mini Pen – miniature is in the quest.

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BIGiDESIGN Ti Mini Pen on Humbaa

hello I'm cute little mini pen love me please....
hello I’m cute little mini pen love me please….

Hello people out there:) thinking to travel the world? dont just think let’s start travelling.

Bing Image  1
Bing Image 1

I am big fan of “Bear Grylls“, always passionate about exploring jungles. And I am a techie too, so always find utility gadgets, which is compact but really useful during the extreme condition.

I love exploring so much and after that, I love to write a few words about it, that how I feel and how’s my experience for that I keep one note always with me. ( You cannot compare writing and typing on at the same time, writing is a feel and typing too but both are different.)

And this BIGiDESIGN Ti Mini Pen helped me during my adventure, as it is also useful on daily use. It’s sleek and compact design impressed me.

Bing Image 2
Bing Image 2

Due to its slim design and soft nature, it easily hides anywhere. In my pocket, also on my bag as you can see in the below pic.

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cute pen adjust iteself anywhere.
cute pen adjust iteself anywhere.

I found this Pen on BIGiDESIGN.



It’s really light in weight made by titanium.

Mini Pen is available in three styles, as shown above from left to right: Machined Raw, Stonewashed, and Black.

its about 4 inches about.
its about 4 inches about.

Really strong by nature , yet lightweight metal that is used in products from implantable medical devices to the SR-71 Blackbird spyplane.  It’s a twist-style pen, and accepts D1-style refills, (BIGiDESIGN even keeps a growing list of compatible refills)

Bing Image 3
Bing Image 3

So it’s really satisfying and pro-type gadget for me I want to suggest you also go for it and #happywritingdiaries

For more query please comment below and for more cool gadgets keep up with Humbaa.com

You can Buy this product from – BIGiDESIGN

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Hetal Gajare (Manali), is Professional Tech and Book Blogger. Since 3 years. She is strong command over Anime and Technology. Post written by Miss. Hetal Gajare is informative and lucid. She is the "CFO of Humbaa.com"


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