How to recover BitLocker recovery key.

If Your Trusted Platform Module (TPM) enabled; laptop/desktop has a motherboard replaced due to a No Power on Self-Test (POST) issue and you have BitLocker enabled within the Operating system, you will be required to enter their BitLocker Recovery key when booting to the Operating system.

  • After you sign in with your BitLocker Recovery Key, you will need to navigate to the BitLocker manager. (Control Panel > System and Security > Bit Locker Drive Encryption)
  • From the Manage Bitlocker window, choose to Suspend protection
BitLocker prompting for recovery
BitLocker prompting for recovery
  • Confirm the decision to suspend BitLocker, if prompted.
  • A message should appear stating that Bit locker protection has been suspended.
  • Turn the system on and go into the BIOS and enable the TPM and activate it.
  • Boot back into Windows 10 (you may be prompted for the Recovery key once more).
  • Go back to the BitLocker manager console and ensure that BitLocker is turned back on.

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