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Black Clover Episode 163 Synopsis, Recap and Preview


Last time on Black Clover Episode 162

Dante of Dark Triad attacked Black Bull hideout in the Clover Kingdom in order to meet Yami, The captain of Black Bull. Since Yami went to attend the captains meeting, Dante attacked the members Asta, Vanessa, Gauche, Grey and Henry of Black Bull. Everyone of Black Bull, even with their powers combined were no match for Dante who was possessed by a Devil. When Dante stabbed gauche, Asta went berserk and manifested a new mode which forced Dante to tap into more devil powers.

Black Clover Episode 163 Synopsis

Part 1 – Grey’s Flashback

A flashback of grey is shown where before she joined Black Bull. Before joining the Black Bull grey lived with her step mother and two step sisters where grey was assigned to do every chores and her step mother very much discriminated between her own daughters and grey about how ugly grey was. Grey believed that once she receives her Grimoire, she would gain a little value and importance in the house.

After receiving her Grimoire it took her five years to learn a spell and the her two step sisters told Grey to show some spell as its been five years since she received her Grimoire. The spell which Grey learnt was transformation magic which allows one to transform completely in another person, Grey demonstrated her transformation magic by transforming into one of her step sister which made that step sister angry and she started yelling on Grey to undo this magic as she considered Grey ugly but Grey told her that she recently learnt this spell and she didn’t know how to undo the transformation magic.

Grey with her stepsistes
Grey with her step-sisters

Grey got nervous and ran from the house and wondered of she can live alone, there she encountered three bandits who tried to loot Grey but Gauche appeared and saved Grey. Then Grey reminisces about how her life changed after meeting Gauche and she was welcomed in Black Bull where she got all the love. This reminiscing gave a new magic power which disintegrated the sword which stabbed Gauche and also sealed Gauche’s wound.

Part 2 – Dante vs Yami

After seeing how Grey healed Gauche, Dante tried to capture Grey because the magic she was using was Arcane Stage magic but was interrupted by Yami’s dark cloaked slash and a battle started between Yami and Dante.

Yami and Dante
Yami and Dante

Dante used his Gravity Magic : Presence of Demon King which increases the gravity several times but for Yami, it didn’t affect him much. To counter this Yami used his new spell Dark Magic : Black Moon which erased Dante’s magic in limited area in which they were battling.

Yami using Dark Moon
Yami using Dark Moon

So Dante attacked Yami with a sword materialised with his magic but Yami blocked Dante’s attack with his Dark Magic : Dimension Slash

Yami about to unleash Dimension Slash
Yami about to unleash Dimension Slash
Yami unleashed Dimension Slash
Yami unleashed Dimension Slash

Dante and Yami engaged in attack and Yami said that Dante is fast as Dante was about to stab Yami, Yami unleashed his new move Dark Cloaked Iai Slash which cut through Dante and Dante bled.

Yami unleashed Iai Slash
Yami unleashed Iai Slash
Dante got cut by Iai Slash
Dante got cut by Iai Slash

Part 3 – Luck’s Battle

Vanica Started her assault on Heart Kingdom and all her subordinates defeated the Spirit Guardians of Heart Kingdom who were the strongest in Heart Kingdom. Seeing this Loropechika panicked that her kingdom is now doomed. Loropechika told Noelle to call back Luck and Leopold who went to stop the Spade Kingdom rampage, as since the Spirit Guardians were defeated, they may also be defeated but Noelle told Loropechika that they will manage

Luck encountered one of the Dark Triad’s subordinate who was about to kill a woman and a child. Luck saved that woman and child and with his speed enhanced by lightning magic, he attacked that subordinate but the subordinate through his magic ability, softened his body and told luck that he could harden or soften his body at will to defend and his body automatically switches to preferable mode for defence.

Luck attacked him with his Lightning Magic : Thunderbolt Destruction which also didn’t do any damage. The subordinate told Luck that he is way into Stage Zero and Luck is First stage at most.

Luck remembered he once asked Gaja who also uses lightning magic about how to use Gaja’s magic, True Lightning Magic which produces a real lightning bolt. Gaja explained that despite him being a Spirit Guardian, it took him two years to learn this magic and since he is expert at discharging so it works for him and told Luck that since he is expert as equip spells and he forms arrays near his hand and feet, so he should use this to his advantage and make his own ultimate spell.

Luck then got an idea to use a new spell. He expanded his spell but the subordinate was confident that it won’t damage him. Then Luck unleashed his new ultimate spell True Lightning Magic : Ceranos which was absurdly fast and pierced him which defeated the subordinate and so the episode ended

Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date and Preview

Black Clover Episode 164 is scheduled to release on Tuesday 16 February.

Episode Preview shows Charmy arriving at Black Bull hideout and Asta waking up who was knocked out by Dante. Dante could also be seen in the preview talking about something major.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is an Anime series based on manga series of same name by author Yūki Tabata. The anime series premiered on October 3, 2017 and as of today has aired 163 episodes. At first Black Clover had a Rocky start and was having tough time making a name in the vast Anime industry but gradually it because one of the favourite anime among the anime lovers with its top class animation and story line.

Black Clover anime is set up in magical word where people using magic achieve miraculous feats and the top class magic users becomes a Magic Knight. Everyone at certain age receives a magic book, Grimoire in which magic spells are written. The more magic power someone possess the more stronger spells they can use. Majority of People recieve a Grimoire which has three clovers on the cover and in rare case anyone who possess large amount of magic power recieve a Grimoire with four leaf Clover and there are also five leaf Clover Grimoire in which a devil resides.

The story is a about a boy Asta who has abandoned and left at the door of a curch with another boy Yuno in a village in the boonies in the forsaken realm strived to become Wizard King, the strongest magic knight in the whole kingdom. Yuno was born with natural talent and blessed with immense magic power rivalling the royals and Yuno recieved a four leaf Clover Grimoire but Asta didn’t even have an ounce of magic power but through his hard work and efforts he trained his body and he received the five leaf Clover Grimoire which gave him Anti-Magic ability, its a ability know one has in entire world also Asta showed the world that even peasants can become Magic knight with hard work. Later they both made to the separate magic knight squad and are still striving to become Wizard King.l while continuing their rivalry.

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