Black Clover Episode 165 Review and Recap and Episode 166 Release Date

Previously on Black Clover Episode 164

Dante revealed his plan about using Dark Magic and World Tree Magic to create a magic channel called Tree of Qliphoth which will open the gate between the Devils and Humanity. Meanwhile, in the Heart Kingdom, Charmy and Leopold defeated tho Dark Disciples and Vanica of the Dark Triad invaded Queen’s base where Loropechika, Mimosa, Noelle and Nero were watching the kingdom which was in a total mess due to Vanica’s assault.

Black Clover Episode 165: Water Crusade Synopsis

Episodes Start with a scene in the Spade Kingdom castle on which Dark Triad currently rules. Two soldiers in the castle were discussing about a spy from the Clover Kingdom which might be in the castle and indeed someone was there who was inside Dante’s room looking on some documents of Tree of Qliphoth. This man was someone from Black Bull magic knight squad of the Clover Kingdom.

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Meanwhile in Heart Kingdom, Vanica who came to battle Loropechika told everyone to not to rejoice on defeating the Dark Disciples as the Dark Disciples won’t die even after being killed due to curse put on them by Megicula, the devil possessing Vanica.

The dark disciple which was earlier defeated by Mimosa came back to life and together with Vanica prepared to attack. Loropechika transformed into her Queen’s attire and Noelle transformed into her Valkyrie Armor and together with Mimosa prepared to attack Vanica.

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Mimosa was battling the Dark Disciple and Noelle together with Loropechika was battling Vanica. After exchanging some blows, Vanica said that it’s more fun to battle Loropechika rather than going to Clover Kingdom and dragging the users of Dark Magic and World Tree Magic. Listening to this, Loropechika wondered about what Vanica said about Dark Magic and World Tree Magic, so she used her enormous knowledge inherited from previous queens which were stored in her brain and found about Tree of Qliphoth.

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After learning the horrible schemes of Dark Triad, Loropechika told Noelle that if Dark Triad is allowed to have its way then the whole world would be doomed and crawling with devils and killing 90% of humanity and so the Dark Triad must be stopped.

Noelle remembered how she, Mimosa, Nero trained with Loropechika to defeat Vanica. Loropechika and Undine supported Noelle with their Mana Zone plus Mana Method water spirit magic Ludic Sanctuary which created a large Water vortex powers which boosted the overall battle power of Noelle and enhancing Noelle’s Armor which gave a mermaid form to Noelle’s armour. This water vortex had the ability to cut the power of Vanica’s Devil Blood Magic in half

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This mermaid Armor and water vortex speeded up Noelle’s movement several folds which enabled her to keep up with Vanica’s movement who increased her Devil powers to 50% and beyond 50% every single per cent rise in this power was too much but Noelle was able to keep up because of the Mermaid Armor.

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The main motive of Loropechika and Noelle was to make Vanica use her devil powers to the full extent and have her increase how much blood she sheds form her blood magic which would ultimately make her use up her mana and when Vanica would have used up her mana then their Trump Card, arcane stage mage, Nero would use her magic to seal Vanica.

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And as they had planned, Vanica used her Devil powers to the full extent which was 70% and as planned Nero rushed towards Vanica. Nero used her Mana Method Sealing Magic – Eternal Prison on Vanica and sealed her.

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Black Clover Episode 166 Release Date and Preview

Black Clover Episode 166 is scheduled to release on Tuesday March 2 in Japan.

This upcoming episode is titled ‘Captain Yami Sukehiro’ and the preview shows Yami covered in blood while battling Dante.

About Black Clover


Black Clover is an Anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Yūki Tabata. The anime series premiered on October 3, 2017, and as of today has aired 163 episodes. At first, Black Clover had a Rocky start and was having a tough time making a name in the vast Anime industry but gradually it because of one of the favourite anime among anime lovers with its top-class animation and storyline.

Black Clover anime is set up in magical word where people using magic achieve miraculous feats and the top class magic users becomes Magic Knight. Everyone at a certain age receives a magic book, Grimoire in which magic spells are written. The more magic power someone possesses the stronger spells they can use. The majority of People receive a Grimoire which has three clovers on the cover and in the rare case, anyone who possesses a large amount of magic power receives a Grimoire with four-leaf Clover and there are also five-leaf Clover Grimoire in which a devil resides.

The story is about a boy Asta who has abandoned and left at the door of a church with another boy Yuno in a village in the boonies in the forsaken realm strived to become Wizard King, the strongest magic knight in the whole kingdom. Yuno was born with natural talent and blessed with immense magic power rivalling the royals and Yuno received a four-leaf Clover Grimoire but Asta didn’t even have an ounce of magic power but through his hard work and efforts he trained his body and he received the five-leaf Clover Grimoire which gave him Anti-Magic ability, its an ability no one has in the entire world also Asta showed the world that even peasants can become Magic knight with hard work. Later they both made to the separate magic knight squad and are still striving to become Wizard King. l while continuing their rivalry.