Black Clover Episode 166 Review and Recap and Episode 167 Release Date

By | March 2, 2021

Previously on Black Clover Episode 165

Noelle and Loropechika fought together against Vanica of the Dark Triad. Noelle unleashed a new form in which her Armor took mermaid form and together with Nero, they managed to seal Vanica.

Black Clover Episode 166 Captain Yami Sukehiro Synopsis

Part 1 – Megicula vs Everyone

Episode starts with a scene from previous episode where Nero sealed Vanica and Megicula but all the effort got wasted as the seal couldn’t hold the Megicula’s Power. Megicula took over Vanica’s body and instantly attacked Nero, Loropechika, Undine and Noelle.

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Everyone Nero, Loropechika, Noelle were badly hurt and were soaked in blood. Megicula even cursed the ater spirit Undine and she was at verge of dying. The situation there was much worse and everyone was in peril.

Megicula who took control of Vanica’s body was about to kill Loropechika but was interrupted by Noelle who gathered her all remaining strength and stopped Megicula. Noelle was already pretty badly hurt and this attack completely eroded her magic power

Screenshot 20210302 222659 01 min
Screenshot 20210302 222709 01 min

Part 2 – Yami vs Dante

Dante and Yami were battling each other but no one was gaining upper hand because everytime Yami cut Dante, Dante healed himself with his body magic

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Dante increased his magic output to 80% to battle Yami. After seeing Dante’s massive increase in power level even Yami got the chills and Finral thought to help Yami but he felt that if he did anything then Dante would kill him in an instant.

So the battle started and gradually Dante was gaining the upper hand by using his enhanced Singularity magic but Yami managed to block it with his Dark Moon magic but dodging the Singularity and rocks at same time was hard and eventually Dante crushed Yami with a giant rock enhanced with gravity and Everyone who was seeing their battle got worried that it might be over for Yami

Screenshot 20210302 222756 01 min

Yami stood back again and attacked Dante with a new attack Death Thrust in which he further condensed the already condensed mana zone. This attack destroyed the body of Dante almost completely and the battle seemed to be over but Dante healed his body instantly with his body magic.

Dante’s body magic combined with 80% devil power was on another level and just looking at him Yami admitted that he can’t defeat Dante just on his own and told Asta to get up and help him to win this battle with devil.

Screenshot 20210302 223110 01 min
Screenshot 20210302 223116 01 min 1

Asta who was lying on the ground after getting hurt was struggling to get up and was frustrated at himself because his captain was fighting and he was just lying down and watching. And when Yami asked him to help, Asta gathered all his strength and since it was his captain who was putting his faith in Asta, he pushed his body to the limits and stood beside Yami.

Screenshot 20210302 223212 01 min

A new battle was about to start between Yami and Asta vs Dante and the episode ended.

Screenshot 20210302 223248 01 min

Black Clover Episode 167 Black Oath Release Date and Preview

Black Clover Episode 167 is scheduled to release on Tuesday March 9 in Japan.

This upcoming episode is titled ‘Black Oath‘.

About Black Clover


Black Clover is an Anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Yūki Tabata. The anime series premiered on October 3, 2017, and as of today has aired 163 episodes. At first, Black Clover had a Rocky start and was having a tough time making a name in the vast Anime industry but gradually it because of one of the favourite anime among anime lovers with its top-class animation and storyline.

Black Clover anime is set up in magical word where people using magic achieve miraculous feats and the top class magic users becomes Magic Knight. Everyone at a certain age receives a magic book, Grimoire in which magic spells are written. The more magic power someone possesses the stronger spells they can use. The majority of People receive a Grimoire which has three clovers on the cover and in the rare case, anyone who possesses a large amount of magic power receives a Grimoire with four-leaf Clover and there are also five-leaf Clover Grimoire in which a devil resides.

The story is about a boy Asta who has abandoned and left at the door of a church with another boy Yuno in a village in the boonies in the forsaken realm strived to become Wizard King, the strongest magic knight in the whole kingdom. Yuno was born with natural talent and blessed with immense magic power rivalling the royals and Yuno received a four-leaf Clover Grimoire but Asta didn’t even have an ounce of magic power but through his hard work and efforts he trained his body and he received the five-leaf Clover Grimoire which gave him Anti-Magic ability, its an ability no one has in the entire world also Asta showed the world that even peasants can become Magic knight with hard work. Later they both made to the separate magic knight squad and are still striving to become Wizard King. l while continuing their rivalry.

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