Black Clover, a few weeks back entered the Spade Kingdom arc which is the most terrific arc of the Black Clover anime series. Almost every episode of this arc is an explosive one.

Is black Clover anime ending?

Fans were shocked by recent news of Black clover ending in March. As of now, there are no plans continuing the anime series after the spade kingdom arc.

Black Clover TV Anime will be ending on March 30th.

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The plot of spade kingdom arc as of Episode 162

Dark Triad who are possessed by the devil planned a coup and took over the kingdom and have made the people of the kingdom their slaves.

Spade Kingdom Arc Poster
Spade Kingdom Arc Poster

The Clover Kingdom allied itself with Heart Kingdom whose queen has been cursed by one of the devils possessing Dark Triad and clover Kingdom sent few of their warriors to train in the Heart Kingdom where they learnt to use natural magic available to enhance their magic power and abilities.

Black Clover World Map.
Black Clover World Map.

Warriors sent to the Heart Kingdom started their assault on spade kingdom by liberating the nearby villages and towns of spade kingdom from the control of the Dark Triad.

In Heart kingdom and Spade Kingdom a rank is assigned to every warrior through a magic stage system. Magical power and skills are ranked on a ten-level scale, referred to as Magic Stages, Stage Zero is the highest and Stage Nine is the lowest. This method of Magic Stages signifies that a single high-level mage is worth more on the battlefield than many low-level mages.

Another arcane stage magic which defies standard convention is considered to be superior of all stages.

Asta And Yami of BlackBull
Asta And Yami of BlackBull

Dark Triad also started their assault on clover kingdom to capture arcane stage mages for their own kingdom. As of now little is known about what they want to do by capturing the arcane stage mages.

About Black Clover

Asta And Yuno
Asta And Yuno

Asta and Yuno born in a village in the boonies in the forsaken realm strived to become Wizard King, the strongest magic knight in the whole kingdom.

Yuno was born with natural talent and blessed with immense magic power rivalling the royals but Asta didn’t even have an ounce of magic power but through his hard work and efforts he trained his body and after being possessed by the devil he got Anti-Magic ability and he showed the world that even peasants can become Magic knight.

Later they both made it to the separate magic knight squad and are still striving to become Wizard King.

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