Blue Light Glasses Easy On Eyes.

Blue Light glasses by totalleecase

As a content writer, or any programmer or a coder who spends a lot of time on-screen faces some eye issues. There is some technique available there like 20-20-20 rule can help to prevent this problem. As we are living in Generation Z, so we spend hours on our Smartphones, tablets, TV and laptops.

According to the medical news today “The rule says that for every 20 minutes spent looking at a screen, a person should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds”.

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Following the rule is a great way to remember to take frequent breaks. This should reduce eye strain caused by looking at digital screens for too long.”

Blue Light Glasses Easy On Eyes. img2
Blue Light Glasses Easy On Eyes.

But after researching about, I found this Blue Light Filtering Glasses.
These blue light glasses filter out the harsh blue light emitted by phones, computers, and tablets that can cause eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort.

According to the latest research the average person spends 7 hours in front of a screen which can cause eye irritation, headaches and even trouble sleeping. Protect yourself in style with our blue light blocking glasses.

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Polycarbonate Frame

These glasses made with a sturdy and lightweight Polycarbonate frame, and virtually clear, blue light blocking lenses. The great part is that these lenses also filter out UV rays.

What’s in the box?

Blue Light Glasses Easy On Eyes.
Blue Light Glasses Easy On Eyes.

In addition to the blue light glasses, you’ll also receive a microfiber cleaning cloth, a blue light testing strip and blue light flashlight.

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