Boat company founder Aman Gupta Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki

By | March 5, 2023

Aman Gupta is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of Boat, a popular audio and consumer electronics brand in India. He has made a name for himself in the business world with his innovative ideas and strong leadership skills. In this article, we will take a closer look at Aman Gupta’s age, height, bio, net worth, and wiki.

Aman Gupta Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki
Aman Gupta Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki


40 years

Aman Gupta Net worth: He is a well-known Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of BAT. To many, he represents the shark from Shark Tank India.

Aman Gupta Profile.

NameAman Gupta
Age40 years
BirthplaceNew Delhi, India

Height: There is no information available regarding Aman Gupta’s height.


Aman Gupta was born and raised in India. He is a self-made entrepreneur who started his journey by working as a salesman in a local electronics store. He gained valuable experience and knowledge about consumer electronics during this time and used it to start his own company, Boat.

Boat was founded in 2016 by Aman Gupta and his co-founder Sameer Mehta. The company started as an online-only brand selling affordable and trendy audio equipment. However, due to its popularity and success, Boat has now become one of the leading audio and consumer electronics brands in India, with a wide range of products available in various categories, including headphones, speakers, earphones, smartwatches, and more.

Under Aman Gupta’s leadership, Boat has experienced tremendous growth in a short amount of time. The brand has won several awards for its innovative products and has become a household name in India. Aman Gupta’s business acumen and strategic planning have been instrumental in the success of Boat, and he continues to lead the company to new heights.

Net Worth:

Aman Gupta’s net worth is not publicly known. However, it is safe to say that he has achieved significant financial success through the success of his company, Boat.


Aman Gupta’s wiki page is not available at this time. However, he is a well-known entrepreneur in India and has been featured in various publications and media outlets.

In conclusion, Aman Gupta is a successful entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the consumer electronics industry in India. His leadership and innovative ideas have led to the success of his company, Boat, and have cemented his place in the business world. While his age and height may not be publicly known, his accomplishments and contributions to the industry speak volumes.