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Booba Cartoon – Best No.1 Cartoon for your Kids.

Booba Cartoon
Booba Cartoon

Which cartoon is the best cartoon?

A white Hairy feature and big blue eyes are non-other than but our sweet character Booba( In Hebrew, it means Doll).

Booba Cartoon is a popular CG-animated kid’s cartoon, created by 3D Sparrow which is a small Russian Animated Studio. His creature is hobgoblin who is always ready to explore the world along with his friends.

He looks like an old man but his behaviour and cuteness reflects 5 years old child who just doesn’t talk but, attracts the audience by his innocence and sweetness. Booba Cartoon is a super cute cartoon.

Before giving more details on Booba cartoon, it is important to know the importance of cartoons…

So here we go…

When a baby becomes 3 to 5 years old, he/she do not roam the world. They usually go to school and come back again, Go to the park, play with Little friends and sometimes visit somewhere for a holiday with the family. But they don’t aware of the real world, it’s emotions and characters of the world. They just create an imaginary world in their mind.

Booba Cartoons on Humbaa.com
Booba Cartoons on Humbaa.com

But with the help of Cartoons, they learn about this world, it’s emotions, problems and typical characters. Cartoons are not just to amuse kids, In fact, this animated shows gives your child to think more, it creates awareness of the current events, it helps them to sway their opinions and also helps them to learn different characters of this world. Just the difference is that they learn everything in cartoonist point of view which is superb interesting for them.

Many cartoons on different topics are available there like comedy, action, games, science fiction, politics, fairy tales, different creatures, animals, barbies, cute characters like Booba and many more. Cartoons help your child in many ways.

Some benefits of Cartoons are…

– It helps your kid to learn about many things and different characters.

– It helps your kid to get more awareness about the world and it’s day to day life.

– As Cartoons are the favourite shows of your kid, It also helps to improve language development.

– Your kid starts instant learning via Cartoons. It plays an important and interesting role in learning.

– The creativity level will increase automatically. Imagination power develops more.

– It helps to reduce stress.

– It helps to add laughter and goodness into their life.

and many more…

Loola the Rat and Booba Cartoon
Loola the Rat and Booba Cartoon

We all learn by our sense and it is very important for mental and physical growth, so if your kid can learn by his sense via Cartoons so what else is required.

Cartoons are like vision to understand the topics of the world for the kids. It also creates awareness about the colours and their effects.

All colours have their different meanings for example, some colours show peaceful life, some shows active life, some shows a stressful life and so on.

If we are talking about colours so, cartoons are one of the best show who uses colours and its effects. Thus, makes it more attractive for children.

Different cartoons have different characters and different suspects. Not all Cartoons are good for education and learning purposes. For example, Some cartoons have witches, jinni, negative powers, ghosts etc.

They can create negative thinking for your child. There are also some cartoons available were no parents available and no education-related subjects are there.

So, You Parents have all the rights to choose the best cartoons for your kid to improve his/her learning knowledge and Booba Cartoonis one of them.

Now you have a better knowledge of the importance of Cartoons, So let’s get highlighted the details and importance of Booba Cartoon.

Booba is a funny and curious cute little creature who explores the world around him with his loving friends. It is a family show which is full of fun, joy and lots of adventures.

This digital animated show is available in two platforms YouTube and Netflix. Booba’s height is only 70 centimetres.

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Characters Of Booba Cartoon and Booba videos

Like Booba, this animated show has many different lovely characters which play an important role along with Booba and They are:

Loola the Rat

Loola the rat on Humbaa.com
Loola The Rat – Humbaa.com

In Season 1, Episode 21, You will watch how Booba and Loola the Rat met for the first time. Here, Booba and Loola first met in the Concert Hall. Booba see every instrument in a mysterious way and He is having fun with all the instruments, but suddenly he finds a beautiful conductor’s baton and somehow the stick fell and Loola the rat take it.

Here, how their friendship starts. They, Both fight for the stick, they run, fall and at the end, Loola fall into the piano and this makes Booba sad but later Booba get to see Loola and they become friends.

Later, they do many adventures and fun together. This is how a friend is!

How does this episode show the importance of Friendship? Booba Cartoon Moral Values.

By this episode, your kid will learn the real meaning of friendship and kindness. Here, in this episode, Booba and Loola fought so much for the conductor’s baton but when Booba notice that Loola is missing, he was worried about Loola and when he finally finds Loola, they just hugged each other. So, your kids will realise, that no matter how much they fought together but there is always love and care inside. The spark of kindness is a must for living a loving life.

Googa the Parrot

Googa The Parrot on Humbaa.com
Googa The Parrot

Season 1st, Episode – 21, shows the first meeting of Booba with Googa the Parrot in the kitchen which is superb Interesting. Googa steals his grapes and this makes him angry. But Booba tries hard to get his food back. As I already said, Everything is a mystery for him so he doesn’t even know what balloon is! He sucks it and later finds it’s used. After so much of Rat-A-Tat (Pakdam Pakdai), Booba got freeze and Googa helped him out and you know who took advantage of this.. non-other that but our cute Loola. Loola takes all the grapes and runs away.

What can your kid learn from this Episode?

In the end, after so much of rat-a-tat when Booba got freeze then Googa forget about the food and helped him out. Your kid will learn humanity and kindness. And these two things are essential for a lovely life.

Dooda the worm

dooda the worm on humbaa.com
Dooda the worm

Season 1st Episode – 31, In this 3 – 5 minutes of video you will see the cute little fight between Booba and Dooda the cute worm. They met for the first time on the farm.

Booba was catching butterfly and suddenly he saw a gate, inside which there were lots of apples. He was trying hard to get into it and in between all these, he met with Dooda the worm.

They both started pulling the same apple and they both failed to win. Later they start eating the same apple fruit. After so many efforts, Booba became able to go inside and grab the apples.

What is the learning part from this episode?

1st. After so much effort of pulling apple to their side, they failed. And indirectly they started sharing the same apple so that, they both become able to feed themselves. This teaches the importance of sharing things together.

2nd. Booba was super excited to go into the apple room and somehow, it was very difficult to get into it. But Booba did not give up and tried hard so, after so much effort, He went inside and filled his empty stomach. All these efforts happen in the cartoonist sense but, this shows the importance of hard work. Your kid will understand the fact, that with hard work and courage nothing is impossible.

Soosa the Hedgehog

Soosa The Hedgehog o Humbaa.com
Soosa The Hedgehog

Season 2nd (Part-2) Episode- 10, In this 3-5 minutes of Episode, You will see that Booba has a time machine in his Almira. He just went through it and reached into past, there he met with Soosa the Hedgehog and they became friends at their first meeting. They help each other to get bananas and they also tried many ideas to climb on the top of the tree.

What does this episode teach?

The Booba and Soosa became friends in their first meeting. Booba was hungry and thus Soosa tried to feed him. They both saw bananas in the top of the tree and they just tried hard to get that. They did so many efforts and finally, they got it. This episode teaches the creativity and ideas to apply when something appears tough to achieve.

Two more characters are there, Mooma the Cat and Scooba the Octopus. These two creatures also met Booba accidentally and become friends.

This 5 to 10-minute episodes creates laughter among children. Booba always teams up with this cute creature (His Friends) and explore the world with full of love, joy and adventures. He went to many places and explore them for example Aircraft, Museum, Farm, Hall and many others. Now let’s go more deeply and let’s talk about its starting episodes.

Season 1, Episode-1

This first episode of Booba Cartoon is named by “Kitchen”. Here in this episode Booba just enters the room and he saw the fridge which is full of delicious foods and his most favourite cheese was on the top floor.

He was totally amazed to see all those but mostly for cheese. Just one thing stroke his mind and that is to grab the cheese so he tried hard to get. He jumped, made ideas but he couldn’t grab the cheese. Finally, he did a mistake which causes fire and he runs away.

It is very interesting to watch this Episode and all this activity will make you laugh.

Season 2, Episode – 2

This newly 2nd episode is named by “Bathroom”. In this episode, Booba explores the bathroom. First of all, there was darkness later he switched on the light and become amazed by seeing the huge bathroom.

He was happy and started singing and dancing. After that, he fought with the crocodile and rescued his life. This episode is full of fun and laughter.

More to know About Booba Cartoon

He met with all his friends (Loola the Rat, Googa the Parrot, Dooda the Worm, Scooba the Octopus, Soosa the Hedgehog) in just it’s the first season which makes more amazing to watch because he gangs up with them and explore different places. Booba and other characters don’t speak but you will understand by their emotions, expressions and activities which creates more interest in this.

Booba Cartoon has 3 Seasons i. e., Season 1, Season 2 ( Part 1) and Season 2 ( Part 2). You can stream this amazing cartoon on Netflix or YouTube. This is very popular among kids with 3.28 m subscriptions till 2020 on YouTube.

This cartoon show was first posted on Russian Web Forum that is pikabu. ru . This show gets millions of views per month on YouTube. As it was posted on Youtube since 2014 so it crossed billions of users. It is very popular in Russia. It also cast in De Agostini’s and DEA junior in Italy. The YouTube channel also started many videos related to Booba. This show has it’s some mobile applications too like Talking Booba 2, My Talking Booba and other one is Booba Candy Adventure.


1. Which animal is Booba?

Booba is a strange creature called Hobgoblin. He looks like an old man with 70 centimetres height but his character reflects a 5-year-old child.

2. What is the cartoon Booba?

Booba is a digital animated show stream on Netflix and Youtube. This show is all about this curious sweet character Booba who explores the world with his lovely friends.

3. What does Booba mean?

In Habrew Booba means Doll.

4. Who created Booba?

3D Sparrow which is a Small Russian Animated Studio created Booba. This show is all about to explore the world with Booba.

Thank You!

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