Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.

By | August 23, 2020

I am practicing meditation from last few years. What I’ve learned from it, “Don’t be sad, stop day-dreaming of the future. Live in present, that is only the truth. Take a deep breath and calm yourself. I always keep looking here and there for something new in meditation and I had used so many apps earlier for meditation, but after using Calm App I felt so much satisfaction(Calm).

Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.
Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.

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Calm is the most popular meditating app, you can see its reviews on Play store. It is most popular due its easy to use features and it’s most powerful designing I have seen. As you downloaded the app you can start to feel motivated because of its features are designed that way.

Lets get into its features:

Why we prefer to prefer meditating app??

Many ads, while meditating! The bad move could change your mood. Calm App doesn’t contain any ads while you listening to music or meditating.


The main purpose of downloading these apps is, Meditation. They have given kinds and varieties of themes, which creates the perfect ambience after you close your eyes. They are about 10 to 20 minutes short and for beginners which purposely design to give adjustment according to our need. Indirectly it help us to over from our issues.

Which kind of meditations are there and do we adjust according to it?

This app gives us access according to our need of the present time, like Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, for Beginners, Stress, Work, Self-care, Inner peace, Focus, Emotions, Guidance, Relationships, Personal Growth, Kids and, if you need help while meditation like “How to do meditate?” then, Calm app provides you an instructor or you can say guide, who will guide you.

They also added an off-line option, so if you are offline then also you can access a few themes that are pretty cool!

These narrators are absolutely amazing at their work they will guide you like water. you won’t feel any difference between narrator and music theme.

Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.
Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.

But, if you are regular at meditating then you can choose the section known as “Less guidance” where you can find less talk and more towards your goal so and yes, these themes will ask you like,

“Play bell for 2 minutes, Play bell for 10 minutes to Play bell for 8 hours”.

You dont need any external person or guidance for meditation, you can learn and apply it by yourself only. It would easily help you to track how meditation works and their results.

2.Sleep stories:

Many people prefer reading a book or stories for themselves and parents love to give this habit to their children its like “bedtime, reading time”, by including this feature( as I told you the narrators are too good). Its just like someone is reading for and sitting just next to you, if you love to read or listen to the story at bed time then you definately gonaa love it. And also they have different differnt genres, so you can chose according to your taste. Yes, they also had added non-fiction genre so you can learn.

3. Calm Masterclass

Its some what like pod-cast, the quality of this podcast is excellent and full of positive talk and gratitude for example, Embracing stillness, discovering Happiness, Social Media & Screen Addiction etc.

After mediation if we listen positive and innovative talks , it helps to conquer our subconscious mind.

4.Calm Body

Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.
Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.

Its for grace and mindfulness of positivity and happy site of life, and yes its also includes some yoga and healthfulness for the kick start of your day.

Meditation for kids

Its basically developed for letting people understand how their kids feel. Its help in parenting and helps to understand the behavior of your child.

Breathing Exercise.

Now the world widely knows how our breath helps us to concentrate and how much it hard to do. It helps us to be in the moment and that’s why the narrator plays their vital role over here for guiding for beginners its one best guiding app.

Thats it, lets see few more important detail:

What is free on calm?

Calm app is not free, but we can use the trial version provided by them like Timed meditation options (under ‘Less Guidance’ in the Meditate menu), Day 1 of all our multi-day meditation program (these programs are around 7 days and 21 days.

How much is a calm subscription?

Its really cheap if we compare it , quality wise

Calm app worth the money?

Yes. Only if you gonna use it on regularly as they gave the vast varieties so absolutely it’s worth the money.

Humbaa is always here to suggest only that what is best for you.

Download Calm app right from this link:

[appbox googleplay]

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Be Happy.

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