Can someone see you viewed their Instagram story if you blocked them?

How to know if someone is stalking you on Instagram?

As we are living in the era of generation Z, We are surrounded by tons of social media websites. Social media will not only allows you to stay in touch with our loved ones but also help to contact with the peoples living across the world.

Undoublty social media is part of our life now; without it, we can not imagine our life.

Instagram is a popular social media platform. User can interact with peoples by liking, commenting, posting and also watching their stories. In recent years, Instagram introduced many features like IGTV, Travel, Architecture, Decor, Art, Food, Style, Tv And movies, DIY, Music, Sports, Beauty. And most awaiting the competitor of Tiktok #Reels, as this feature allows you to record a short video like Tiktok. You can also Check these five worthy substitutes for TikTok.
Check the news – Instagram will launch Reels to the U.S in August. Reels vs Tiktok

Before introducing the story feature, Instagram was only allowed people to post photos and videos. But Stories will let you post the photos as well as the videos, user can view you in the current moment.

Before you can post it, Instagram allows there user to add captions, tag peoples and also add various musical tracks from Hollywood to Bollywood. But after adding your stories on Instagram. Instagram will automatically delete your stories in 24 hours.

After the 24 hours, you can see who viewed your profile, by tapping on the eye icon. Here you will get the full list of peoples; who saw your Instagram stories. If you are tracking or stalking someone and don’t want that the user can see you that you had watched the stories.

Can someone see you viewed their Instagram story if you blocked them?

If you want to view the Instagram story of a user, and if you blocked the user after seeing their story, then relax you will not visible in the list of peoples who viewed the stories.

Your profile will instantly disappear after blocking the user. And one more thing, if you “unblock the user” before the 24 hours that is before deleting the story, then your profile will be visible on the user list again.

If you are going to delete your account and deactivate it, your account will remain removed from the list of that Instagram user, until you reactivate it.

So, this is an answer, for Can someone see you viewed their Instagram story if you blocked them?

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