Can you use TurboTax for free?

By | November 4, 2022
Can you use TurboTax for free?

What could possibly be more appealing than filing your taxes without having to spend any money? In the previous eight years, taxpayers in the United States have used TurboTax to submit roughly 100 million tax returns without paying a single dime, which is more than all of the other tax preparation software businesses combined.

During the previous tax season, Intuit TurboTax was responsible for providing 17 million completely free tax filings.

Find out with TurboTax whether you qualify for any of the many different methods to file your taxes for free!

Free tax preparation is available via TurboTax in the form of three different packages: the TurboTax Free Edition, the TurboTax Live Basic Offer, and the Full Service Basic Offer.

Only those with straightforward tax situations should consider taking advantage of these offerings.

W-2 income, a small amount of interest and dividend income, the standard deduction, the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and the interest on student loans are all included in simple tax returns. Here is where you may check to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Free version of TurboTax for filing basic tax returns

With TurboTax Free Edition, we are providing free filing for federal and state taxes for the eighth year in a row, which will assist millions of people in the United States in submitting their taxes for free. Only users with straightforward tax situations are eligible for the free edition of TurboTax; check here to see whether you fall into this category.