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Before moving toward its Chatstep alternatives, it is necessary to know well about ChatStep so let’s get started.

Chatstep was a website for online chatting where you could create your own chatroom or enter into an already prepared chatroom. The supportive platforms were Android and iOS devices.

There were many cool features available which added more interest towards this site. You had to make your own account for using features like photo sharing or chatting personally. There you get the option to put any kind of the name of yours to chat.


Chatstep which was an online place to chat had amazing three features – You could create your own chatroom, You could join another chatroom and You could join into the public chatroom.

Now, it will be more interesting to read if we go some deep into all these three features. So let’s get started…😊

1. Create Chatroom

For creating your own chatroom all you needs to do is, just get register first. If you had set any password so only those users could join your room whom you gave the password. The second thing is, writing description was necessary to attract people to join your room and also you had to set the guidelines. There You got three categories too like “Image”, “friendly” and “fantasy”. Yes like it’s three features, it had three categories too which I will definitely write here in details. So they are…


This image category was totally for Images sharing. People from this featured chatroom were able to share any kind of images as a chat but for this, you had to make your own account.


You can already understand by the means of friendly. This category means friendly chatting on some good topics related to social and other topics.


This category was amazing. Here you could explore chat related your fantasy.

2. Join Chatroom

If you wanted to join any build chatroom so you might know the chatroom name and there were two options to join there. First registered account and Secondly the password which helped to get enter into the room. After joining, just enjoy the chat room.

3. Public Chatroom

Public Chat Room was for everyone. No matter you have registered account or not. You were able to enter this chatroom.

I have written ‘registered account’ many times right? so now let’s get highlighted on this…


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Registration Process

– If you wanted to send media files and create your own room, so registering was necessary.

– You were able to register by email address and password.

– A verification link sent to your email address to log in successfully.

– You also had to answer the captcha.

– That’s it.

Chatstep was very popular overall in the world. It had a simple and easy to understand design to enjoy full chatroom. As I already said, it had amazing features which were superb interesting. But due to some reasons, it is not working now. I know that you all want to know the controversies faced by Chatstep so before moving ahead to its alternatives, it is important to know the reason for not working of Chatstep.

Why Chatstep is not working?

What happened to chatstep?

Chatstep was not strict towards its abusive users who share pornographic pictures of kids and there were many other things too, for which cases filed against Chatstep and the other reason can also be-famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp may be. As people are using such platforms which have way more amazing features and qualities so it can be another reason for no longer active of Chatstep site closed.

But if you are a Chatstep lover and you miss it badly so, it’s time for some relaxation because I’m back with its amazing alternatives which will give you same experience or who knows you will love these alternatives more than that.

So here are all top alternatives to Chatstep…😀

1. E-Chat

E chat logo
E chat

E-Chat is one of the best online chatting sites for people who want to chat with new people. The main part is, You don’t need to pay a single penny to use this. Yes, you can use all its features without a single amount. And there is no need for the registration means no rules and restrictions.

You can create your own chatroom or join on others. People who will have same taste like you, can enter in your chatroom. So meeting with new people and make friendship with them can be done by using this site. Inshort E-Chat is totally free of cost with many good features and this makes it one of the best alternative to Chatstep.

Visit – E-chat

2. ChatIW

Chat IW logo
Chat IW

ChatIW is very popular and has millions of users. It has many advanced features which makes it a great platform for chatting. If we are talking about advanced features so it is necessary to have a look at its advanced features.

Advanced Features Of ChatIW

* You can find your contacts for chatting here.

* You can also arrange discussion and find new friends across the world.

* You can chat with a single person and thus make a good relationship with that particular person.

* Any age and regional friend can be found here.

* To chat with a single or special person, you have to log in first.

* You can send messages, location and medias too.

* Many more😇

So these are the advanced features of this, so let’s move ahead to its more information…

The public chatroom is open for everyone, all you need to do is, just enter your name, age, nickname etc to chat over here.

So all these amazing features of ChatIW makes it way more interesting and one of the best alternative to Chatstep.

Visit – ChatIW

3. Chatzy

ChatZy on Humbaa

If you are searching free platform with amazing features for chatting, so you are in the right place. It is the private chatting platform. You can create your personal chatroom and if you want to invite your friends or family there, so it can be possible by sending them email. I know there are many sites available who needs some software to run smooth but here, you don’t need to install any kind of software. And without registration you can use Chatzy with full of fun.

Chatzy also provide adult chatroom and it makes it way more interesting. Thus overall Chatzy is a good alternative to Chatstep.

4. Bit Chat

Mesh A secure anonymous peer to peer instant messenger min
Bitchat a.k.a

If you guys are searching for a secure platform for chatting so Bit Chat is the one. It has an amazing security system. It gives users end to end encryption. There are many users who use many apps or sites according to its security Because no one wants to insecure and unsafe while using any kind of apps and if we are talking about chatting so it is another thing that no one wants to share with others. Chatting with anyone, expressing feelings with others or group is the thing that should stay with the participants only and there should not be any insecurity and fear. So, Bit Chat gives you full advanced security with end to end encryption. What else you want now…

Thus, Bit Chat (Now is one of the best alternative to Chatstep.

Visit –

5. ShockRooms

Shock Rooms on Humbaa
Shock Rooms

This is one of the easiest way of chatting with good features and appearance. The person whom you want to chat, just send him/her a request and start chatting. ShockRooms is a worldwide platform for making new friends and seriously it is a good platform. There is already many rooms are present and all you need to do is, just send a request and start chatting. I am going to tell you it’s one amazing feature and you guys would love to know i.e., you can also video chat with people across the world and this makes it more amazing to use.

Visit – Shock Rooms

6. Zobe

Zobe on Humbaa

Zobe is the right place to make new and good friends. It has many amazing features itself and also many options for it’s users. And making new friends, chatting with them etc are just free. Yes, you don’t need to pay a single penny as it is a free site with cool features. It has it’s own style “karma” which gives amazing experience. Whenever you will get bore, you can open this site and enjoy ! Zobe is a good alternative to Chatstep.

Visit –

7. ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt on Humbaa

ChatCrypt is another great site for chatting. Here, you can create your own chatroom and if you want to add your contacts like friends and family members so all you need to do is, just send them group id details and they can join then. The Best part is, it gives you the best security. Only participants can read chats and no one else. And this makes it secure and safe which you all want.

Visit –


 Riot im on Humbaa

Hey lovely people! If you guys are searching for official and non-official chat service so you are in right place. This platform is totally free which provide the best features and I already said, you can use this for making new friends and also for Official works. You get options to chat personally with someone else and group chat too. In a group chat, you can arrange meetings and also collaborate for work. So what else you are searching for? Its amazing features makes it super cool to use and also it is one of the best alternatives to Chatstep.

Visit –

9. Cyph

Cyph logo on Humbaa

Cyph is a free platform for chatting with full security. The best part is, you should not have to worry about any kind of hack etc as it provides strict security. You also don’t need any kind of registration and yes, it is very simple to use but very interesting. You can make new friends or you can add your contacts like friends and family to chat with you. Overall Cyph is an easy but amazing site for chatting and one of the good alternative to Chatstep.

Visit –

10. ZChat

Zchat logo On Humbaa

ZChat is a worldwide site which gives you free online chatting with amazing features. You can use this in your mobile and desktop too. You can make new friends here and the best part is, you will get very good communication with people here as this site has natural chatting process. I think you are getting my point, well if not so I am here guyss. Natural process of chatting is allow here that means you can chat with any one and also you can make your dates with girls or boys and any kind of chatting like funny, flirty, work etc. is allow here.

This site is totally user friendly and all you need to do is, just make an account and that’s it start using then. This is totally free so have fun lovely people!

Visit –

Hey guys!!! I hope you all would love to use any of these sites which are alternative to ChatStep. Thank You!

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