Curiosity Subject Lines

Secret email coming to your inbox tomorrow. Don’t open it.

Open This Email For A Surprise Gift!

It’s nerve-racking to open a surprise gift. But

This is the last you’ll hear about our product for a week

COOL new email this morning!

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What’s In Store (for you)?


Hi {First Name}, I’m hosting #{meetupname} this

We’ve got a gift for you.

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! It’s {

It’s a surprise!

Here’s a little something…

It’s Friday!!!

Did you see this?

Hi, _! I had a small brainfart today—can you

Manicube: “

Curiosity Subject Lines
Curiosity Subject Lines

I opened the Mystery email from Digital Marketer!

Okay, who’s ready for a surprise? – Mary Fernandez

I got you a surprise gift! Unwrap it now

We have a surprise gift for you!

Surprise! Here’s a gift for you…

We have a gift for you! {}

Hello Friend. Can You Help Me?

I just bought a $1000 worth of Bitcoin. And I’ll

????????? ?????? ?????????????????

Build the most luxurious mancave ever, and win a mini fridge!

Did you hear? There’s Free Coffee All Day.

Surprise, surprise!

Happy Sunday!

Squirrel = Cutest Animal Ever?

{unwrap} to discover your surprise

PS – there is a surprise gift for you!

Hi {!FNAME}, we’ve got {#} gifts for you

Hey y’all, do you like surprise boxes? Check out this

Get a surprise gift from us

Let’s talk about something NOT work-related _

Surprise gift!

I put together a surprise for you!

You will NOT want to miss this.


The presentation from our last Box will inspire you in these 5 ways…

Surprise, we’re having a party! Expand

We have a gift for you…

Hey, my friend! You must watch this funny video…

[[user name]] thought you might like to know…

? a surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

Surprise! We’ve Got A Surprise For You.

There’s a surprise in your email today…

I can’t believe you didn’t open this email.

Surprise! We’re giving away a free e-book by email

Want Credit Card Skimmers to Stay Out of your Wallet? Send This Email

Goodies for you

Surprise! Listen to a mean crows call.

Who has a day off work next week?

Friday. Here we go.

Open and find out…

Happy Friday! I made this for you.

I was sitting on my front porch, and THIS just happened!

That thing you were talking about at the party last night

BossLady: “? a surprise gift for you! {unwrap

Check out the latest edition of Chubbies emails!

Do you hover over your emails instead of doing them?

We found something that might be a good idea for your business.

Forget the surprise gift…

There’s a gift waiting for you at the link below!

I’m really excited to tell you about…

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

Just saying “Hi” to the person who introduced me..

Can you find the two differences?

Hey, I printed this out so I could remember our last meeting

Let’s talk about the “Christmas Spirit” lol

? a surprise gift for you!

You (yes, you!) get a surprise gift in your inbox today

Want to see your friends say “What the what the what?

Surprise! A present for you

Do you like surprise gifts?

Happy Friday <-Surprising Fact in a relevant tone, like something related to

Surprise! You’re invited to our annual holiday party

Hi Interested, hope you don’t mind my emailing you out of


We teamed up with Instagram’s @dashapedia for an awesome giveaway

Who opens a present from their mom like this?

You know what it is

It’s a surprise – Unwrap your gift

This won?t last long – grab the limited edition shoes before its gone

A surprise gift for you!

Surprise! We sent you an email!

We’ve got some gifts for you!


Hey, buddy! Wanna know what’s inside?

We have a special surprise gift for you…

Do you love surprises?

We have a surprise for you

Hey there! I have a surprise for you…

The ultimate list of donut shops in the Twin Cities!

Your friends are talking about Curiosity Subject Lines

Manicube – {$100 CASH for your thoughts!}

Are you ready to give your email subscribers a gift?

Great news! There’s more to your email than meets the eye…

Hey {name}, ​

What will you do with a month of superfoods?

Sunday afternoon surprise message!

WANTED by 10,000+ subscribers

Hi Dan,

What do you think- Is this a real or fake card?

Did you see…?

Why you should stay in and binge-watch your favorite series this summer.

We’re celebrating the holiday season here at X company and thought you’d like

Don’t miss sight!

Surprise! I have a gift for you! {unwrap}

Can you guess what this surprise gift is for?

Your mystery gift is here!

I’m sending you a surprise gift!

Chubbies Brand Ambassador seeks:

Happy Holidays! Here’s a surprise gift

We’ve got a surprise gift for you!

Surprise! This is a gift!

Enjoy over $5k of value!

{[.jpg] I bet you’ll love it.}

Quick Tip: How to Repair a Zipper

Your friends don’t know what this is yet, but they will. It

Check out my new mystery link!

New pattern to share with you soon!

Surprise! This Email Will Be Worth Your While

Friendly Subject Lines

The first step to a better inbox: unsubscribe from bad emails

Surprise Gift

Mary’s List. Every week.
Ranking of Top 100 Webs

Did you enjoy our last email? Do you want to see what we

I’ve Got A Secret

You’ll love this surprise gift from me 🙂

Be Surprised Today!

Make your job even easier!

The biggest surprise of the year is finally here

My friend and his wife today, hope you enjoy their video

Look what I found …

I know you thought I forgot about you, but I don’t know how

? a surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

Check out this awesome surprise for you! {unwrap}


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Hey! Curiosity Craving? Unlock this mystery and let’s…

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Just want to say “Hi”

{{user first name}}… I hope this isn’t too forward, but

Did you read that whole thing?

Check out what’s in my corner!

My team gave me towels for Christmas

This Is What Happens When You Unwrap This Email

Hey, we see you read this wonderfully-creative email subject line.

Surprise! Don’t Be Scared, Open This Email

This is a surprise gift for you!

Surprise! We’re throwing you a party!

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{I want you to meet someone}

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Meet the Magician who can guess your phone number

It’s your lucky day, I found this…

Your career search can be hard. Here’s a gift to get you started

Because all your friends are doing it…

Wondering what I’m up to…

Manicube: “

Open This Email to Get a Surprising Gift

Surprise Gift For You

Check out this surprise gift for you!

Surprise Gift: You’re going to learn a cool way to

Check out what my boss gave me!

Want to download the ThriveGlobal Money Magnet Kit for free? Just enter


…on sale now just for you

A surprise for you

Thanks for being a friend!

Have You Seen Sheep Dance?

Hey! The sky is blue!

Did you know that Curiosity Subject Lines are “the best subject lines ever

Mary Fernandez:

Surprising gift for your inbox!

Hello! Open this email if you are interested in a surprise gift.

Hi! This is not a paid email 🙂

Congrats! You won’t believe what’s in this

Did you really mean to unsubscribe?

Do You Remember When Announced Their Launch?

You’ve got mail!

How Coffee Saved The World

Let’s connect…

First, a quick question…

Surprise! I’m coming to San Francisco…

Do you remember that day…

Happy International Hand Signal Day!

Unwrap the surprise in this email.

I’m sending this surprise gift just in time for the holidays! {un

Whatever you do, don’t open this email until it’

Have you heard of the Manicube?

I keep all of your lovely emails and want to give you a special gift

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Received any gifts you don’t like?

Some friends over at Improbable Medium wrote this post you might love:

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What’s in my gift for you.

something that matters?

Let Me Explain What Mary Fernandez Was Trying To Tell You…

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Surprise Gift!

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Hi!  Do you like surprises?

Are you surprised by the way they wrap gifts?

It’s a surprise!

Mystery is an opportunity…

Happy holiday all!

Still doing the daily grind?

A friend borrowed $20 from me. I haven’t seen her in 2

a surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

Surprise! A new subscription, straight to your inbox.{open}

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Subject Line: The secret to better conversations

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Take this quiz to see if you’re a Millennial

I’ve got a gift for you!

You’ll LOVE what I’m sending you!

We have a surprise for you?

It’s been a while…

I’m celebrating my birthday with a special present for you!

? a surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

It’s Here! Surprise Gift for Mobile Marketer

What’s the purpose of this email? ¯_(ツ)

Open this email and get a surprise.

Life Hack: The Trick To Eating Ice-Cream Every Single Day!

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You’ll love this…

Check out the #1 article on word-of-mouth marketing

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Thanks for being a friend! Here’s a sneak peek to my

We have a surprise for you!

Here’s a gift for you!

Full of surprises

Mailing list optin from Mary Fernandez

Check out the big news this week! {unwrap}

Some people put gifs in their subject lines.

Surprise Gift

Have you seen [my value proposition]?

We have a surprise for you…

I might do this for you…

You’re awesome on the inside

Did You Miss the GIFS?!

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly newsletter!

Hey 🙂

We have a gift for you…

Mystery gift for you! {unwrap}

Thank you for your support of the Curiosity Subject Lines!

Unwrap this email to find out who the mystery person is!


Are you an entrepreneur?

Hi, see what we created for you…

Can you help me understand PayPal’s fees?

I have something interesting to show you…

It’s time for your gift!

We want to thank you for all of your support

This is going to get a little weird.

Did you know?

Open the Mystery Email

?? …a surprise gift for you! …

We’re sending you a surprise gift.Wait there must be some

It’s time to unwrap your surprise

Hey there! You’re about to learn something amazing… [UNWRAP

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7 out of 10 Millennials want jobs in this industry…

? Nice Post?

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Surprise!!! Happy Birthday!

Hey, so I was gonna buy this for myself but I thought you

Check out my new “man cave” [pics]

“You’re invited to the Manicube Launch Party we

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Below is a list of my favorite Snapchatters…

Check out these 21 Unusual Facts About Binge Watching!

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Mystery Solved – send me a pic of your 10 favorite buildings!

do you know how many weeks of the year?

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Check out our top 12 SaaS tools for marketers.


Your profits will surprise you this month!

We have a special gift for you! A surprise…

We’re at it again. The best surprise ever

We’ve got something in the mail for you…

We made a fun little surprise video for you this week. I hope you

Surprise: you will never look at a donkey the same way again!

Thanks for your questions! Here are the answers

I have a gift for you

Allbirds are the world’s most comfortable shoes and flats, made with natural

Thanks for being so AWESOME!

Mystery Email!

Are your emails boring? Help make them more interesting.

You need to read this email from …

I’m going to send you a free gift…

Hello {first name}!

What is the best coffee shop in xxxx? (Google Doc with reviews

How would you like a surprise?

Surprise! It is time for our surprise…

Something for you to open over the weekend.

I’ve been up to some crazy stuff

I just did something special for you:

What’s your biggest mystery?

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? A surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

“{smile} {smile} a surprise gift for you

Surprise Gift Idea ? We gave you a hint…

Hi {Name}, I made you a surprise. It’s waiting

A present surprise you! Every day when you open your email..

Check out my new man cave!

Not ready for another Xmas? Here’s one less thing to

This will change your life

Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend.

The results of the survey are in!

What’s in the box?

Hope this makes your day

What’s inside?

I bet you didn’t know, but…

You’ve got good energy!

What my email subject lines taught me

Surprise! Need a gift idea? Start with our 25 Best Selling Gifts

Surprise. Unwrap to find out why I sent this email…

What made you open this email?

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? Hey there readers, here’s a little gift to you

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Okay, I know it’s Tuesday but we DO have something for

Yes, we’ll send the gift…

The Second Best Present…

Hi (reader’s first name)!

Check out my new coffee shop!

Check out my new “man cave” [PICS]

Your friends at Curiosity Subject Lines

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The biggest mistake most people make with email marketing

Surprise Gift for You! Woohoo!?

We wrapped your email for you.

Open this email and get a surprise

Your friends are getting gifts from us? We’re happy you got a gift

Hey {First name}!

You’ve seen a lot of interesting movies in your life. What

Hey friend, X

Stay tuned!

Sit back and enjoy a story from your neighborhood barber

Check out my new “man cave” pics

Surprise! {unwrap}.

Subject: Today’s subject line…

Unexpected {Open}

You won’t believe what happened next…

Avocado Toast Lube? Yep, it’s a Thing!

The perfect gift for the curmudgeon in your life!

Wonder what’s inside?

{{title}}, {{photo}}

We’ve wrapped up a few extra swag bags, here they are


Want the best book summaries of all time?

Do you eat this or that?

A surprise gift for you! {unwrap}

Surprise! You’ve got something in your email…

Here’s a surprise gift for you!

Thanks for reading my email. I was curious to know if you open

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What your office phone says about you

We’re having an office party.

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