Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 5 scheduled Release Date, Time and Recap and Preview

By | February 4, 2021
Senku and Tsukasa

Last time on Dr Stone Season 2 Date Episode 3 ‘ Call from the Dead’

Taiju and Yuzuriha were paying a visit to Senku’s grave where they saw the nearby ground was recently dug and then Taiju dug the ground and found a speaker/receiver and called Senku.

Senku told Taiju to bring someone from Tsukasa’s army and told Taiju to keep quiet even though anything sounds crazy. Taiju and Yuzuriha with very effort convinced the guard, Nikki, who was appointed to keep watch on Tainju, to listen to what senku has to say.

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Meanwhile, Gen arrives at the village and fakes his voice as of Lilian, an American singer and in her voice tells Nikki that America has recovered from petrification and help is on is way to Japan but the Nikki notices that something was off about Lilian’s voice so asked for questions to Senku and Gen to verify whether this Lilian is real but they weren’t able to answer one of the questions but managed to convinced the guard by playing a recording of Lilian’s song and since the guard was a super fan of Lilian and Senku made a deal with the Nikki that if she joins Team Science then Senku will protect this recording with his life and hence Team Science managed to make an ally inside Tsukasa’s empire.


Synopsis of Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 ‘Full Assault’:

The episode starts with Nikki pointing out the risk that if they kept playing the same record repeatedly, Ukyo, one of the major subordinates of Tsukasa will eventually see through it due to his exceptional hearing ability.


On the other hand, Chrome and Magma were being chased by Ukyo and since Ukyo was using a bow and arrow to shoot Chrome and Magma and was simultaneously changing his location so that his location isn’t pinpointed.

Chrome decides to Surrender by raising the white flag and makes himself purposely caught. Ukyo took Chrome to Tsukasa Empire base where he declares that he is a scientist from the village meanwhile Magma escapes and told the villagers that chrome was caught.

Chrome To Tsukasa Empire
Chrome To Tsukasa Empire

Then Senku told the villagers that he is going to shift the Kingdom of Science with the villagers where they will get a shot to rescue Chrome and instead if they keep on waiting, eventually Tsukasa and his men will attack the village.

Kinro points out that carrying all the Science Stuff is impossible but Senku with a smile said that it won’t be a problem as he is going to make an automobile by making steam engine and the villagers started helping Senku with the engine and car.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa tries to threaten Chrome to join Tsukasa Empire by hanging him on a stick on a waterfall but Chrome firmly rejects and thus is dropped in the waterfall but Tsukasa immediately signals Ukyo and Ukyo shoots an arrow towards falling chrome and the arrow piercing Chrome’s cloth gets stuck to a tree saving Chrome.

Tsukasa said that Chrome was holding to his conviction even in the situation when his life was hanging by a thread.

Tsukasa asks Ukyo about what chrome was doing in this area and this made chrome nervous that if he tells he was doing something near Senku’s grave then the cellphone would be discovered and the whole plan will fail but Ukyo lies to Tsukasa that chrome was scouting the Miracle cave, probably trying to get some Nitric Acid.

Ukyo’s lying to Tsukasa made chrome wonder about what Ukyo is really after and is he trying to start a revolution in the Tsukasa Empire.

On the other hand, Senku managed to make Steam Engine for the automobile which they are going to use for transport.

Steam Engine Made By Senku.
Steam Engine Made By Senku

Release date and time of Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Steam Gorilla’:

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Steam Gorilla’ is scheduled to release on 11 February 2021