Dr Stone Season 2 Stone Wars Episode 6 review

Previously on Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 5

Senku and team science made an automobile and named it Steam Gorilla to aid in shifting the stuffs from the village. They later armored the Steam Gorilla to successfully rescue Chrome. Meanwhile at the Tsukasa Empire, it was revealed that traps were placed in front area of Chrome’s prison to capture Senku, so Chrome decided to escape by himself.

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Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 6 synopsis

Episode starts with Senku explaining about how the Steam Gorilla is one use method to rescue Chrome and if people at Tsukasa Empire already knew about this then the mission to rescue Chrome would be all for naught.

Meanwhile at Tsukasa Empire where Chrome was being held captive, Tsukasa was giving the task to manage the prison and traps around the prison to a new capable and skilled member Yo. Yo is one of the most capable member in the Tsukasa Empire, in the previous world he was a police officer with martial arts skills.

Yo Dr stone

Chrome was thinking of how to escape the prison using science but even after too much pondering he couldn’t get an idea so he decided to look on things like Senku and came to a conclusion that foremost he should collect anything around. So he asked the guard to take him to take a dump. While guards were relaxing, Chrome was collecting the available leaves and twigs as anything can be useful to a science user.

Leaves and twigs

Yo arrived at the prison and told every guard that he’s the new appointed leader of this area and like the three people Tsukasa, Hyoga and ukyo who were at the pinnacle of humanity at the time, he’s the fourth in the empire. A scene of previous life of Yo is shown in which he apprehended two high profile officials exchanging bribes and caused a large scale commotion, this resulted him being fired from his post. He said that previous life was full of corruption and was too complex but this life is very simple and straightforward and he likes it being this way.

Chrome was thinking of using the leaves and twigs he collected to use in his escape but didn’t got an idea so being frustrated he slept. At night when everyone was sleeping, someone secretly put a battery inside Chrome’s prison. Chrome after waking up immediately hid the battery and wondered maybe Taiju and Yuzuriha were the ones who delivered the battery.

Battery being delivered

At first Chrome tried to use the battery to create a spark and burn the ropes binding the bamboo but everyone saw the fire and the plan was a flop. Yo asked chrome about how he created a fire, this made Chrome tp worry that if Yo was to found about the battery then it’d be a huge trouble but to Chrome’s surprise, Yo came to a conclusion that Chrome created the fire by rubbing the twigs lying in the prison.

screenshot 20210219 150255 min 012075937763817583712

Next Chrome decided to make sodium hydroxide by creating a spark inside seawater but there wasn’t any seawater around so he decided to make the saltwater by his sweat and started doing various exercises like crazy and made a good amount of sweat and then he created sodium hydroxide and poured on the ropes and the ropes were broken.

Then Chrome escaped but Yo was coming after him at full speed. Chrome reached at the edge of the rocks and the next step was the waterfall. Chrome decided to trick Yo by vomiting too much blood and spitting the blood on Yo and he told Yo that he is infected with pneumonia. This made Yo crazy and taking the advantage of the situation Chrome hit Yo at his balls and finally managed to escape to where Senku and the villagers were staying.

Everyone was surprised by Chrome sudden arrival and asked him about how he escaped from the bamboo prison, to this Chrome explained about the sodium hydroxide but Senku told him that what made was Sodium hydrochlorite and not sodium hydroxide and this is what Senku and villagers were also making to break the cellulose in the weeds to make paper to Armor the Steam Gorilla.

screenshot 20210219 150659 min 011681937845844687244

Ruri asked chrome that why he was bleeding and suddenly Chrome vomitted more blood. This made every villager worry about may chrome had caught pneumonia but Senku was quick to notice that this isn’t blood he vomitted. Senku asked Chrome that did he used this red water to fool his pursuers, to this Chrome replied that chewing red shisho and sorrel together turns into red water which looks like blood.

screenshot 20210219 145008 01 min2780083531285552250

Meanwhile Yo was frustrated about how he got fooled and realised that the red liquid which Chrome vomitted earlier wasn’t blood and it was just umeboshi and the episode ended.

screenshot 20210219 145507 01 min5531948778365776794

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 7 is scheduled to release on February 25 at 10:30 pm (JST).

This upcoming Episode is titled ‘Secret Mission

About Dr Stone

Dr Stone is an anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Riichiro Inagaki. The first season of anime series premiered on July 5, 2019 in Japan.

Set up in Post-apocalyptic world where all the humans were petrified when a light engulfed the whole world. Every single human present on the Earth was Petrified.

But there was a genius who didn’t lose consciousness and counted every second since the petrification and revived himself only to find the whole Human civilization in ruins. After some research Senku found that Nitric Acid was the reason which was able to undo the petrification.

Senku revived his friend Taiju and their classmate Yuzuriha and with his friends Senku declared that he won’t let the advancement and discoveries of Humankind to go to waste and will revive the Humanity by undoing the petrification and sets on a journey to gather strong allies.

Since Senku and his friends weren’t so strong to protect them from wild animals so, they also revived a Martial artist Tsukasa who shall be a essential factor to rebuild the human civilization but Tsukasa after learning the truth of Petrification decided that he won’t helo Senku in rebuilding Human civilization as Humans in past with the power of science did many horrible things like modern warfare and the new humanity didn’t need those corrupted humans.

This led to formation of two factions, one Science team which was trying to rebuild the whole Human civilization by reviving the remaining humans and second, Tsukasa Empire which was against the Idea of Science Kingdom infact they were even against the whole Science and the inventions. Tsukasa threatened to kill Senku if he didn’t listen to him and this started the stone wars, a war in stone age between the science kingdom and anti-science kingdom.

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