Dr Stone Season 2 Stone Wars Episode 7 review and Episode 8 Release Date

Previously on Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 6

Tsukasa gave the charge of handling Chrome’s prison to a new capable man, Yo in the empire and Later Chrome escaped from the prison by fooling Yo and other guards and reached the base where Senku and villagers were preparing to attack Tsukasa Empire to save Chrome.

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 7 synopsis

When Chrome said that someone helped him in prison by providing a battery and this person must have been Taiju or Yuzuriha. Then Senku said that it can’t be either of them as Taiju is a meathead who can’t do such sneaking and for Yuzuriha, she is on a important secret mission. Then Chrome said that this doesn’t even matter as someone saved him.

Senku showed the Armored Steam Gorilla to Chrome and explained the plan to raid Tsukasa Empire and capture the miracle cave.

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At the Tsukasa Empire, Taiju and Yuzuriha were convincing the members by letting them hear Lilian’s song and her voice which was in real Gen’s voice. Later Ukyo heard the song and came to the site. Seeing Ukyo everyone got anxious as he may reveal the plan to Tsukasa and everything done till now would have been for naught but fortunately Ukyo himself volunteered to join Senku’s side as both wanted to have no bloodshed.

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Senku guaranteed that their only motive is to capture the Miracle Cave and the no bloodshed was their ideal but since now Ukyo has joined them, the no bloodshed is a requirement rather than just a ideal.

Ukyo said that despite being Tsukasa’s right hand man, he is a biggest coward and doesn’t want anyone to die and since since Tsukasa is destroying the statues which could have been saved, this made Ukyo very sad and when he saw that Yuzuriha was on a secret mission to put back the destroyed statutes, he saw hope and now this is the reason he’s joining Senku’s group.

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Everyone was very happy because a very important hae joined them and the preparations to recapture the miracle cave begins. The main plan is to threaten the guards of miracle cave and any modern person who sees a tank will be frightened and loose morale. Also according to a research, a human impulse lasts no more than 20 seconds and in this 20 seconds a human relies only on his instincts. This 20 seconds will decide the fate of humanity because after 20 seconds the guards will retaliate and the only option left will be fighting and if fighting happens then there definitely would be blood which no one wants and so The Final Battle begins.

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Also, the guard who was assigned with Yo to oversee the Chrome’s prison came to apologise to Tsukasa and told him that Yo died by falling in the waterfall. So Tsukasa came to the grave site to pay respect to Yo’s soul where accidentally he found the phone and the episode ended

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Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date and Time

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 8 is scheduled to release on March 4 at 10:30 pm (JST).

This upcoming Episode is titled ‘Final Battle

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About Dr Stone

Dr Stone is an anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Riichiro Inagaki. The first season of anime series premiered on July 5, 2019 in Japan.

Set up in Post-apocalyptic world where all the humans were petrified when a light engulfed the whole world. Every single human present on the Earth was Petrified.

But there was a genius who didn’t lose consciousness and counted every second since the petrification and revived himself only to find the whole Human civilization in ruins. After some research Senku found that Nitric Acid was the reason which was able to undo the petrification.

Senku revived his friend Taiju and their classmate Yuzuriha and with his friends Senku declared that he won’t let the advancement and discoveries of Humankind to go to waste and will revive the Humanity by undoing the petrification and sets on a journey to gather strong allies.

Since Senku and his friends weren’t so strong to protect them from wild animals so, they also revived a Martial artist Tsukasa who shall be a essential factor to rebuild the human civilization but Tsukasa after learning the truth of Petrification decided that he won’t helo Senku in rebuilding Human civilization as Humans in past with the power of science did many horrible things like modern warfare and the new humanity didn’t need those corrupted humans.

This led to formation of two factions, one Science team which was trying to rebuild the whole Human civilization by reviving the remaining humans and second, Tsukasa Empire which was against the Idea of Science Kingdom infact they were even against the whole Science and the inventions. Tsukasa threatened to kill Senku if he didn’t listen to him and this started the stone wars, a war in stone age between the science kingdom and anti-science kingdom.