Dr Stone Season 2 Stone Wars Episode 8 review and Episode 9 Release Date

By | March 5, 2021

Previously on Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 7

Chrome escaped from prison and Senku managed to convince Ukyo join the science kingdom on the condition of no killing and their plan to use Steam Gorilla to capture the Miracle cave began.

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 8 synopsis

Part 1 – Acquiring the Miracle Cave

Senku explained to everyone that according to a research, a human impulse lasts only for 20 seconds and in case of unprecedented situations, a human purely acts based on their instincts.

So the plan was to use the armored Steam Gorilla and it’s bluff cannon to confuse the guards of miracle cave and in the first 20 seconds when everyone is panicking then that 20 seconds would be the deciding factor and plan would have to be executed in that 20 seconds

Screenshot 20210305 190857 01

The operation began and the guards after seeing a tank and a blast fired from bluff cannon which was made up of glass jar with iron powder on it, full of full of sulphuric acid and surrounding part of glass filled with Alcohol and Coal ash, it produced a fake explosion and everyone went into frenzy.

Screenshot 20210305 183219 01 min
Screenshot 20210305 183959 01 min

Steam Gorilla charged in front regardless of the bamboo pitfall traps as the tires of wood made the tank to charge and others like Kohaku, Magma, Kinro, Taiju were knocking out the panicked soldiers while Ukyo, Nikki and other soldiers of Tsukasa army who changed side were stopping the guards from reporting the matter to Tsukasa.

Screenshot 20210305 184140 01 min
Screenshot 20210305 184124 01 min

Even when tank was down the alternate plan was to use a curved board made from copper to generate a sonic blast and by using all this scientific methods, the science managed to acquire the miracle cave

Screenshot 20210305 184234 01 min
Screenshot 20210305 184251 01 min

Part 2 – Tsukasa and Hyoga vs Warriors of Science

While everyone was celebrating the successful execution of the plan, Senku was preparing to make gunpowder because as soon as the news reaches Tsukasa, he’ll retaliate and then it’d be lost case for Kingdom of Science

Screenshot 20210305 184325 01 min

And so the unfortunate happened and Tsukasa with Hyoga arrived at the scene after discovering the phone. They injured Ukyo and threatened to kill Everyone but also offered to spare everyone in exchange of Senku’s life but no one agreed to this offer and so the Battle between Tsukasa Empire vs Kingdom of Science began and the episode ended

Screenshot 20210305 184458 01 min

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 9 is scheduled to release on March 11 at 10:30 pm (JST).

This upcoming Episode is titled ‘To Destroy and To Save

About Dr Stone

Dr Stone is an anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Riichiro Inagaki. The first season of anime series premiered on July 5, 2019 in Japan.

Set up in Post-apocalyptic world where all the humans were petrified when a light engulfed the whole world. Every single human present on the Earth was Petrified.

But there was a genius who didn’t lose consciousness and counted every second since the petrification and revived himself only to find the whole Human civilization in ruins. After some research Senku found that Nitric Acid was the reason which was able to undo the petrification.

Senku revived his friend Taiju and their classmate Yuzuriha and with his friends Senku declared that he won’t let the advancement and discoveries of Humankind to go to waste and will revive the Humanity by undoing the petrification and sets on a journey to gather strong allies.

Since Senku and his friends weren’t so strong to protect them from wild animals so, they also revived a Martial artist Tsukasa who shall be a essential factor to rebuild the human civilization but Tsukasa after learning the truth of Petrification decided that he won’t helo Senku in rebuilding Human civilization as Humans in past with the power of science did many horrible things like modern warfare and the new humanity didn’t need those corrupted humans.

This led to formation of two factions, one Science team which was trying to rebuild the whole Human civilization by reviving the remaining humans and second, Tsukasa Empire which was against the Idea of Science Kingdom infact they were even against the whole Science and the inventions. Tsukasa threatened to kill Senku if he didn’t listen to him and this started the stone wars, a war in stone age between the science kingdom and anti-science kingdom.

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