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Duolingo APK

Duolingo is a language learning app and website, founded by Luis Von Ahn, Severin Hacker.

It provides you with languages courses and tests to improve your writing and learning skill.

It was publicly launched in 19th June 2012. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobiles.

Till now (2020) This language learning website has crossed 300 millions of users around the world. You can get all features unlocked in Duolingo Mod Apk, which we will see at the end of this topic.

Duolingo on Humbaa.com
Duolingo on Humbaa.com

First of all, it is very essential to answer an important question, Why this app is so important today?

Here is the answer,

In today’s time everywhere in the world Students used to learn their Mother Tongue and English languages in schools. They become good at their Mother tongue language but the English language is not learned fluently by everyone. Only a few people are there who afforded good schools and they became strong on it.

As we all know, English is the international language including some other languages. And you have to become good on it to get international or national level jobs.

Yes, Wherever you go for the interview, you will get questions in English only and you have to answer them confidently without any kind of hesitation. This is because, Good companies, brands deal internationally. You should have a good command on your skills, your knowledge and your knowledge of language so that you can achieve success in any kind of field.

The other thing is, this dazzling world require dazzle people only and you can become more and more amazing by learning multiple languages. It attracts people across the world. If you are friendly and you want to make friends from overall the world so your command on languages is a must. It also includes travelling, If you love travelling then you would love to visit different countries too, But what if people don’t understand your language there or you are not able to make them understand. Ahmmm all your interest will become a ruin and you can’t even enjoy! There your knowledge and creativity can not work rather than your language.

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Let us talk about, Why it is important to learn English languages for parents?

Parents have the responsibility to guide their children and it becomes more important when your child started his/her schooling career. What if there is a PTM(Parents-Teachers Meeting) and your kid’s teacher is explaining and questioning his/her behavior in English, What will you do then?

Your child is constantly watching two of you and in front of him/her, you will not be able to answer those questions. The best teacher of kids are non-other than their Parents only and to make your kid proud, commanding on languages is as important as your work.

All we talked about, in English Language only But with this, many other languages are also important and amazing to learn. So let us talk about, Why many other languages are so important to learn?

Learning other languages helps to learn the different country’s cultures. You can become better at your communication skills as it is the key to improve your communication. You can get many advanced jobs across the world and you become more secure related to jobs. Nervousness and Hesistation can permanently go if you have good command on multiple languages.

You will have more chances and opportunities than other people in many fields.

Learning multiple languages will always help you to earn money and it will help you to become more confident than others.

You will never have to worry about jobs and interviews as you will have good communication skills in any languages. Besides that, you can even start your coaching classes to teach students other languages according to their demand. Now, you have much knowledge about the benefits of Multiple Languages.

So, here we go…

All details On Duolingo App

As I already said, Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform, it is also the most downloaded app for education. It provides 95 different languages courses to get command in 38 languages.

Some of the languages are English(American), Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified characters), Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Greek, German, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and many more other languages.

But its some of features and course are locked but the solution is the Mod apk file which we will discuss in the end but let us first highlight the details of Duolingo.


Amazon Web Services uses many services of Duolingo as Duolingo provides single page web application for the devices like smartphones and computers on Android, Windows mobile and iOS. 80% traffics generate from phone users and 20% from computer users.

Features of Duolingo

The structure of Duolingo is similar to video games and thus, it attracts users in millions. There are two more features, in-game currency and lingots. These two features can be used for rewards such as to increase the bonus level and customization of characters. But users can not find these features on-site as it is only available on the phone app.

There are many methods to get more concentration in learning like, you can record your voice, listen to the pronunciation, read the sentences, in fact, you can match the images towards and also form phrases. All these make the learning process more interesting.

Users can even compete with their friends or other users to see their commands of languages across the world. This can be possible on Public leaderboard. Yes, it makes it more competitive and increases the interest of learning.

Duolingo provides you badges when you complete a competition or particular objectives, It fills more confidence and improves your skills. If we are talking about skills, It’s a level system having a numerical system and XP which represents your skills and improve it.

Duolingo For Schools

“Duolingo For Schools” is one of the best features for students and teachers. It provides user grammar-translation to which all students can understand the phrases, words and simple to complex sentences and their differences. The main part of this feature is a teacher can even track their students. Duolingo classes are more effective to learn a particular language than from the classroom.

Awards of Duolingo

Duolingo was the first-ever educational application which awarded the iPhone app of the year for Apple in 2013.

It was the most downloaded app for the educational app in 2013- 2014. One more Achievement in 2014 was done by Duolingo as it was awarded the best education startup.

Later in 2015, It becomes a winner for the play and learning category. Thus, You should not have any doubt about its safety and security. Its mod version is also available here which we will provide you.

Amongst “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”, Duolingo ranked 44 for Fast Companies in 2018 for teaching new languages across the World. It also won Best Workplace of Inc. magazine in 2018.

This is the proof, that Duolingo is such a big platform for multiple languages learning. The CEO of Duolingo promises the users to take them into a level between advanced users and early intermediates.

This is a fact, Using Duolingo is not a wasting of time, you will definitely learn languages according to your choice. You will get more and more knowledge via tests and your learning and writing skills will definitely improve.

Besides that, your communication skills will improve a lot. And if you are using Duolingo MOD APK so you will have more features to learn.

Duolingo Plus

In Duolingo, there are many languages available which you can learn without a single penny but some are locked. Moreover, You will notice ads or commercials anytime. The hearts, tests, quizzes and many others are in limited. You can only download the lessons online. There will be no monthly streak repair which means you can’t skip a day of practice. But there is another option to run it smoothly and this is it’s Premium Account – Duolingo Plus.

This plus membership will provide you adds free lessons, you can learn each and every language without any kind of restrictions as all the languages are unlocked. Unlimited Hearts, Unlimited Tests, Progressive Quizzes to make you more confident will available here. In fact, you will get one Streak Repair per month.

You can even download your lessons for offline practice in your mobile app. But all these benefits can be gain by payment. Yes, as this is the premium membership of Duolingo so it has many advantages but for these advantages, you have to pay $9.99 per month.

But what if, you can get all these advantages without a single penny. Yes, you all are lucky people! Duolingo Mod Apk is the answer to all your questions.

So let us talk about The MOD version of this which is free of charge and full of advantages.

So here the wait is over…

Duolingo MOD APK

All the premium benefits, you will get here in Duolingo MOD APK and you know you don’t need any kind of payment for this. Yes, you heard right! Without a single penny, you can learn multiple languages with all unlocked features from it’s Mod version.

Like Duolingo Plus, this Mod version provides you :

-Add Free Lessons

– Unlimited Hearts

– Unlimited Tests

-Progressive Quizes

-a streak repair per month and many more.

In fact, all the languages are unlocked and you can even download lessons for offline view.

There is only one difference between Duolingo Plus and Duolingo MOD APK is, All the Duolingo Plus benefits which you get by payment method, here in Duolingo MOD APK file, you can have all these advantages in just free of charge. So, You lucky people what else you are waiting for. Below this, we are providing you it’s MOD version. Download, Learn and Improve your languages in free of charge.

You might have a question , that How to install Duolingo MOD APK On Your Android Device?

Here are some easy steps to follow:

– If you already have a Duolingo app, so first of all you need to uninstall that app.

– Click on the above download link and enable Unknown Sources from the setting of your Android.

– Just simply click on the Duolingo MOD APK and then install.

– Open the app and get started

– Have fun to learn the languages!

Thank You!

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