4 Easy Ways To Get Instant COD Points

4 Easy Ways To Get Instant COD Points
4 Easy Ways To Get Instant COD Points

This post will provide four simple strategies to get immediate COD points. I’ve never met a gamer who hadn’t played COD. Yes, it has had its ups and downs over the years, but it remains one of the best games out there, doesn’t it?

So, if you want to go shopping in-game, you’ll need COD points. That is what you will get in the following several minutes. Let’s get started now!

1. Purchase COD points or accounts.

There couldn’t be a simpler, quicker, or faster method to earn COD points. Purchase them directly. Yes, it costs money, but everything on the globe that you want to accomplish is simpler, quicker, and faster, right?

The issue now is: where can you purchase COD points? I personally utilize Eldorado. It’s a website where we may purchase gaming goods for a wide range of games. It offers more than simply COD points, including accounts, in-game stuff, and products that will help you improve your performance.

You can even obtain COD accounts with pre-loaded points if you’re willing to change your account.

I began using Eldorado because of its openness and escrow mechanism. So it’s a peer-to-peer platform. Independent merchants sell to customers like you and me.

You may see each seller’s total orders, comments, and other information.

This allows you to readily identify merchants who are trustworthy and have sold more than newer sellers.

Furthermore, Eldorado serves as an escrow. It retains your cash until you get your things! This guarantees that the vendor cannot just run off with your money until you confirm receipt of your things.

Yes, you may use a variety of alternative platforms, but use caution. Scroll to the bottom of this article for more safety advice.

2. Season/Battle Pass

Here’s how you can acquire free COD points. COD Battle Pass has two levels: free and premium. You proceed through the stages by playing the game. If you buy the premium tier, you will get the features of the free + paid tier. If you have not paid, you will only get the free tier perks.

As a result, you get less COD points than if you purchased the points directly. Instead, you get cash and other in-game advantages like as things and cards.

These bonuses often include weapon skins, costumes, calling cards, and so forth. It should be noted that each Battle pass is not guaranteed to contain COD points.

3. In-game Events

The fact that COD is one of the best-selling games of all time is due in part to its novelty. Every few weeks, the team publishes new material. In-game events are one example of this kind of material.

These might be challenges or events that appear intermittently during the game. Completing these delivers a variety of incentives, including COD points.

Again, it is not certain that these events or challenges will appear, but when they do, they will quickly earn you COD points.

4. Accounts for exchange.

Okay, this is a pretty simple, primitive, and efficient approach to rapidly get COD points. Exchanging your account with another’s. There is no money involved (or perhaps a little amount).

So, if you have premium items/costumes/skins on your account that you’re willing to part with, and someone else has a COD point account, isn’t that a barter right there?

Of course, finding the appropriate partner will take some effort, but once you do, you will immediately get COD points.

I promised to provide safety advice, so here they are.

Buying COD points or accounts is undoubtedly the quickest option to get COD points. However, it has inherent hazards. Following the suggestions provided above should make things easier for you:

Choose your store wisely: the business is rife with frauds. I’d lost a lot of money before I discovered Eldorado. Do your own investigation to ensure that the COD point retailer is authentic.
Do not log in with your COD credentials. Most reputable stores would not ask for your COD login information. You may still need to register an account for the transaction, but you won’t have to give your COD password.

Prefer cryptocurrency payments: Paying with fiat shows a great deal about you. It is always preferable to pay using cryptocurrency, if accessible, regardless of the platform.

Nothing comes “free”: You may come across websites that promise you free COD points in return for completing evaluations, surveys, or sharing links. In 99% of situations, they are false and may result in you being hacked.

Use Escrow: When buying from third parties, only use platforms that support escrow. This means that the website must function as an intermediary between the buyer and the vendor. This assures that neither side may swindle the other.

Final words.

That’s all, people. If I had to narrow it down, I’d say the quickest way is to purchase them directly or via accounts.

While Battle Pass provides COD points, it requires grinding. However, it is one of the most genuine methods to get those points.

In-game events also provide COD points quite quickly, but their unpredictability makes them a less attractive choice.

Go ahead and purchase COD points or get them another way, and then share this with your other COD friends?