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10 Best Einthusan Alternatives To Watch Tamil Movies [100% Legal] USA

einthusan alternatives
einthusan alternatives

Einthusan Alternatives Updated 2021

Bollywood movie fans are everywhere in the world but there are various language movies also present in India whose fan following is just amazing. Today I am talking about Tamil and Telugu movies which have come up with amazing contents and stories.

Disclaimer: This article is for the knowledgeable purpose only, Humbaa.com never advocated to use the copyrighted content neither we support to download the copyright-protected content.

You can easily find Tamil and Telugu film lovers in every corner of the world. In short people from all over the world love to watch Tamil movies. And I found many people asking me, “Where to get Tamil & Telugu movies in best quality? “I gave them it answers and now it’s your turn to have my answer with details.

So, guys if you are also searching the best platform for Tamil movies (South Asian movies) with good quality so you are in the right post. Yes, you read correctly! At the end of this post, you will have details about many platforms and you can easily find your best.

No matter you are child or a mature man but you definitely love to watch movies for sure. Movies have become the best way to get the entertainment high and also it teach about many concepts of life. And if I talk about Tamil movies so personally these movies are favourite. It has action, drama, thriller, comedy, romance and many more or I can say Tamil movies are full package movies.

So, without any further delay let’s give you the answer…

Einthusan is the answer or the best platform where you can watch South Asian movies in best quality and with less subscription amount. Einthusan is one of the best websites which allows you to stream Hindi, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali etc. movies online. Einthusan Hindi movies have a huge collection of Hindi language movies and it will never let you bore. Similarly, if you are South Asian movies lover so this is also not just right but the best place to watch Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies in high qualities.

The best thing about Einthusan is, it gives you to stream or watch every kind of movies in just free of cost. But if you guys want to stream amazing movies without any ad disturbances so you can also go for the subscription method.


I personally like this funda that it gives both free and subscription-based methods. Now it’s all up to you according to your choices. Maybe you would like to go for subscription experience so let me clear one thing that you will be charged just once not more. Ok!

Is Einthusan Banned In India Including Other Countries?

Well, the answer is Yes. But I will also clear the reason behind this. So the reason is, Einthusan is accused of hosting copyrighted contents. This website stated that their library consist of more than 4000 contents which are legally licensed but still this statement may be false and thus results that Einthusan is banned in India and in many other countries too.

Why Is The Einthusan Not Working?

Einthusan has been blocked in many places due to its illegality contents and there are many people who always ask that ‘Einthusan Not Working‘ and the only reason is, It has been blocked by mainly many countries and regions. But no need to be sad because as I have first written that at the end of this article you guys will get all the details about many platforms who provide South Asian movies for you.

Thus, I am back with the top 10 best alternatives to Einthusan which will not let you miss Einthusan for you. And All these Alternatives which I am going to explain today are 100% legal so there will be no issue while enjoying it.

Let’s move towards the amazing top 10 alternatives of Einthusan…

Latest URL Or Latest Domain Address of Einthusan.

Always remember that, before accessing Einthusan website, we just need to use the best VPN recommend by Humbaa Staff, or you can use TOR browser or orbot.

Latest Einthusan Url – https://einthusan.tv/

The Top 10 Best Alternatives To Einthusan [100% Legal]

1. Hungama

2. Hotstar

3. Voot

4. YouTube

5. Amazon Prime Video

6. SonyLiv

7. YuppTV

8. BigFlix

9. YuppFlix

10. Airtel Xtreme

12.MX Player



As I have already said that there are many countries who have been blocked Einthusan and people are not able to access it. If I talk about India then people have asked many queries that they are facing error every time whenever they try to open Einthusan. But you don’t have to worry about anything because today I am writing this post to give you the top 10 alternatives of Einthusan.

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All these are totally 100% legal so you will not gonna face any issue while enjoying. All these platforms which are the alternatives to Einthusan will never let you down and also your entertainment level will be the highest.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the top 10 best alternatives to Einthusan….

1. Hungama

If you are in love with Indian language movies like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. So I must say that Hungama Movies is one of the best places for you. Hungama Movies was launched in 1999 by Hiren Ved, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kacholia and Neeraj Roy. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai.

It is one of the famous platforms for Bollywood Asian Entertainment. It provides you with a treasure of Hindi, Tamil Telugu, Malayalam etc. movies. It has simple amazing features that will not let you confuse anymore. You can easily search for your favourite movies and chill with popcorn and a cold drink.

This platform has it’s subscription method so you have to pay but I must say it’s worth it. But without paying any cost, you can watch a movie for just 10 minutes only. It also provides one month (30 days) trial but it is available for its application users only. If I talk about its features so they are just amazing and very similar to Einthusan. You can stream regional movies online and also have an option to download it to watch it offline anytime. Hungama is one of the best alternatives to Einthusan.

Visit – Hungama

2. Hotstar

Hotstar is also known as Disney+Hotstar and Disney Plus Hotstar. It is an OTT platform and available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, etc. languages. It was launched in 11th February 2015 as Hotstar and 3rd April 2020 as Disney+Hotstar. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Hotstar is very similar to Einthusan as it provides movies in regional languages too. It has a huge collection of many movies and TV shows which will keep your entertainment high. Hotstar has amazing features and they are very simple to search and stream. The best thing is, you can use it on your mobile and tablet too. The best part of Disney+Hotstar which I personally like is, there are many TV shows and movies available for free that you don’t have to pay any money.

But to watch massive collection of movies you have to pay for its subscription. It has two subscription accounts, one is for VIP one and the other is for Premium one. You can stream online and also have an option to download your movies and TV shows. Thus, Hotstar is very popular and one of the best alternative to Einthusan.

Visit – Hotstar

3. Voot

Voot is an Indian subscription platform for streaming videos. It was launched in March 2016 and it’s headquartered is present in Mumbai, India. It is available in Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Bengali and in many other languages.

It is fulfilled with the treasure of huge contents which is present in Indian regional languages including English also. It has many amazing TV shows and movies to watch which will not let you bore.

The best thing which I personally like about Voot is, it provides many TV shows and Movies in just free of cost and if you want to watch Voot originals then you have to pay for it.

If I talk about its features so man it is damn easy! All you need to do is, just search for your favourite show or movie and that’s it. You can also find your favourites in the category provide by Voot.

To use it for free, you just have to download it first from your google play or you can also open its site and then just a login process will be there to do.

That’s it you are all set to use it for free. Voot is really too good and super easy to use, watch and enjoy and this makes it one of the best alternative to Einthusan.

Visit – Voot

4. YouTube

YouTube is an American online sharing platform for videos. It was founded in 14th February, 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.

You all are aware of YouTube. It is one of the most popular video streaming platform which people mostly use. YouTube has millions of contents which are legal to use.

You can easily find many movies in any language. It has regional language movies like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi etc. too with including many other language movies like Korean movies, English movies, Japenese movies, Chinese movies, etc.

In short YouTube is a treasure of almost every kind of videos regarding knowledge purpose, art and craft, Beauty hacks, study, jobs, and millions of movies and TV shows.

YouTube is the video-sharing platform where you can upload, view, watch, comment, like, subscribe to videos. It is super easy to use and simple to watch your favourite contents.

All you need to do is, just type your movie name in the search bar and you will get many contents related to that. There are dubbed movies also available which is way more interesting.

And if I talk about its payment method so guys it is totally free of cost. Yes, you read correctly. But there are some movies which are available in lock condition and you have to pay to watch them but mostly every content is free to watch. In short, YouTube is a total dhamal package of all contents. Thus, YouTube is one of the best alternatives to Einthusan.

Visit – Youtube

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also known as Prime Video and it is a very popular streaming platform for movies and TV shows. Prime Video was launched on 7th September 2006.

Amazon Prime Video has a massive collection of movies and TV shows of all types. It has a huge collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc movies as well. It has amazing features and this platform is in a good categorized form.

All you need to do is, just type the movie name on the search bar and you will get all the results of that particular movie and also many related movies according to your search type.

It provides various genres movies and TV shows like Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Action, Animation, Science Fiction, Adventurous and so many more. You will never miss Einthusan if you choose Amazon Prime Video as it’s alternative.

The best part of the Prime Video is, It gives you the free trial too and then you can go for subscription method which will be not so costly.

In short Amazon Prime video is full dhamaka platform to swing your mood from off to on. And This makes Prime Video one of the best alternative to Einthusan.

Visit – Amazon Prime Video

6. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a video-on-demand service which is basically for Indian Entertainment. It is owned by Sony Pictures Network India. SonyLiv was found in 22nd January 2013 and it’s headquartered is in Mumbai, India.

SonyLiv provides a huge collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. movies and it has a good collection of TV shows also. There are various genres contents are available like Comedy, Horror, Adventurous, Action, Drama etc. and SonyLiv will swing your mood from off to on.

It is very easy to use with amazing features. Like other streaming services, here also you just have to search for your favourite movie and you will get it with another good collection of related movies.

The best part of SonyLiv is, there are many movies also available which you can stream in just free of cost.

Thus, SonyLiv is one of the best platform and a good alternative to Einthusan.

Visit – Sonyliv

7. YuppTV

YuppTV is another best platform to watch South Indian movies online. It has massive collections of many movies and TV shows with amazing genres. It is very simple to use and easy to watch. The best thing about YuppTV is, it has live Tv channels too.

The one thing which I am going to tell you will amaze you for sure. YuppTV allows it’s users 90 days free trial. Yes, you read it correct! 90 days which means 3 months for free. It’s just amazing!

Well, YuppTV has many good features too and in a good categorized form, so you will not face any difficulty to search for your favourite movie to stream. So, what you guys are waiting for? just watch your favourite movies or shows from YuppTV with your favourite popcorn.

Visit – YuppTV

8. BigFlix

If you are looking for a way more amazing platform to watch movies so you are in right place. BigFlix is another best platform to watch movies and a good alternative to Einthusan. It is owned by Reliance Big Entertainment and it is totally legal to use like other alternatives.

BigFlix has a massive collection of many regional language movies like Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies and so many more. So any regional language movie lovers can grab this and enjoy.

If I talk about its features so it is damn good. You know features should be always like people can use it easily and can have advantages too and BigFlix is also considered in those platforms who has amazing features which are easy to use.

The thing is, you will never be bored with BigFlix.

BigFlix also gives you a free trial so that you can make sure to use it permanently. Later you have to go for a subscription method. So, it is one of the great alternatives to Einthusan.

Visit – Bigflix

9. YuppFlix

Guys if you are searching for a great platform as an alternative to Einthusan so YuppFlix is the one. Yes, YuppFlix is a treasure of South Indian movies like Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies etc. including Hindi movies too.

YuppFlix also gives you good collections and amazing features. It gives you a three-day free trial and later if you feel enjoying it then you can go for its subscription method. Thus, YuppFlix is considered as a good alternative to Einthusan.

Visit – YupppFlix

10. Airtel Xtreme

Airtel Xtreme is also one of the most popular streaming services which are offered by mon other than Airtel. If you have an airtel connection, you can smoothly use this but it gives you limited collection in free of cost. If you want more collections so you can go for its premium subscription.

Airtel Xtreme provides you with various regional language movies like Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies etc. including Hindi movies too. It is another best platform to choose as an alternative to Einthusan.

Thus, these are the top 10 best alternatives to Einthusan. I hope you guys have known about all the details of its alternatives. Now let’s move towards more derails of Einthusan…

Visit – Airtel Xtreme

Einthusan App

I know you guys are crazy about Einthusan to watch South Indian movies online but currently there is no app available. It is obvious that you guys may search for Einthusan in your Google Play store but you get the only mirror of this app.

This is because Einthusan is offline right now due to its personal reasons. But you people are really curious to have an experience like you did in Einthusan so, I will recommend you to choose the alternative given above instead of using any mirror apps which is available in Google Play.

The reason for which I am not recommending to choose mirror apps is, It can create a security risk and your data can also track by the service providers. Thus go for a legal and best alternative which have similar features as Einthusan has, is a way better option to select any mirror apps.

Einthusan Tamil Movies

Einthusan is a popular platform for hosting South Indian language movies like Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies and so many others.

People love to watch movies from this streaming service. It gives you a great experience and you feel super entertain while watching your favourite Tamil movie from non-other than Einthusan.

It is not just limited in South Indian movies but it has also a great collection of Hindi movies too. You can search many genres movies which will swing your mood like an instant.

Einthusan Login

Einthusan has two ways to watch movies online. One way is for free and the another way is by payment method.

If you choose to watch movies for free then you don’t need to go away from the log in the process but, in free of cost, you will face ads disturbances.

But if you choose to watch movies via payment methods or by taking subscription then you can keep enjoying without any ads disturbances.

This is the only difference between them. But maybe you get more advantages to subscription-based.

To go for log in process, you have to add your payment details, Email and password too. That’s it after logging in process, you are all set to enjoy your favourite movies without any irritation of ads.

Einthusan Downloader

While searching for Einthusan website in google, it is obvious that you get many websites who seems like they are real Einthusan website but let me clear this thing, there are many websites who are false and creating fake Einthusan website for you. So don’t believe in all.

Einthusan Kodi Addon

Einthusan Kodi Addon is a software for code cutters which makes it more easy to watch movies in Einthusan.

Is Einthusan Legal?

Sorry guys! this question is very confusing and tricky at a same time. It is a fact that Einthusan is banned in many countries including India too.

But Einthusan states that they are totally legal and have 4000+ licensed contents which is legal but still it has been banned in manu countries. This makes it confusing.

Therefore, no clear answer can be found for this.

Einthusan: A Great Destination For South Asian Movies

Einthusan is very popular to stream for the South Asian Movies. It has huge massive collections of many Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc. movies in it’s library and this attracts people towards it.

But due to some reasons, Einthusan is blocked in many countries including India. But no need to worry about anything because the list of top 10 alternatives you can use instead of Einthusan which I provide above.

FAQs Of Einthusan

1.Which streaming service is best?

There are many popular streaming services available like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, etc. and if you compare all these then you will notice that each one has some of its own speciality, different features and genres.

Thus, it is difficult to choose one for best.

2. How to watch free movies?

Many websites are available which allow you to watch movies for free and if you guys want it as an alternative to Einthusan then you can choose from the above-mentioned alternatives.

3. How to install Einthusan on Kodi?

Einthusan Kodi Addon is available in reasons Kodi repository and you can install Einthusan on Kodi by using Einthusan Kodi Addon and after doing this, you can enjoy movies for free.

4. Is Einthusan free?

Streaming movies on Einthusan has two ways: one is for free where you will fave ads disturbances and other by payment method where there will be no issue of ads popup.

5. How do I connect (install) my Einthusan to my Samsung TV?

You can easily connect Einthusan to your Samsung smart TV by using the default browser on your smart TV.

6. Can I download movies from Einthusan?

Yes, you can download movies from Einthusan. All you need to do is, just visit Einthusan website and search for your favourite movie which you want to download then just copy that URL.

You can also download Einthusan original video which can be saved by the default setting of Y2mate. And if you want to save any MP3 and MP4 file so you just need to click on the “Download” button. That’s it.

7. What does Einthusan mean?

Einthusan is a streaming platform which is very famous for its collections of South Asian movies.

8. Does Roku have Einthusan?

No, Roku has not Einthusan platform and thus you can not stream Einthusan on Roku TV.

9. Can I cast from Einthusan?

Einthusan mobile app can be Chromecast now.

10. Is Einthusan pirated?

Einthusan is banned in India including many other countries too. But Einthusan stated that it is 100% legal and it has more than 4000 licensed content. Thus, no clear answer is there.

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